Paul Bettany Is Playing The Vision for a Long Time Coming

Is The Vision going to be the breakaway star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? According to Paul Bettany, we are going to see a lot more of the sympathetic android hero in future Marvel films. It is really not much of a secret that Captain America 3: Civil War is going to be a continuation of the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron. The Avengers’ film serves as the debut of The Vision, although a great deal about how the character is featured in the film is being kept under wraps. Fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know that Bettany has admitted his deal to play The Vision is going to cover several films so look for the red-faced android to consistently play a supporting role in hero films.

One thing that does have to be pointed out about The Vision is the character has a long and storied history in Marvel Comics. He was consistently featured as a lead in Avengers comics. The sad truth about The Vision is he never was a major star. Even when teamed with The Scarlet Witch, his paramour, The Vision was never able to really spark comic book sales.

The android simply was competing with too many A-level characters.

A film appearance, however, could be the start of something really huge. A fantastic performance could lead fans to clamor for more. Not only could The Vision help keep The Avengers franchise alive, he could have his only solo series.

Mehcad Brooks: A Modern Jimmy Olsen


Mehcad Brooks is the new Jimmy Olsen. He is not going to play Jimmy in the Superman movies. Rather, he is going to play the role in the upcoming Supergirl series on CBS.

Brooks achieved acting fame from his roles on Desperate Housewives and True Blood. He could bring a more modern edge to the character. In the good old days, Jimmy Olsen was pretty much a nerd. His bumbling provided a little comedy and, as “Superman’s Pal,” the character was someone whom teenagers in the audience could identify with.

Nerdy characters are a bit passe and a more dynamic, action-oriented Jimmy Olsen is the proper contemporary approach. Audiences aren’t going to care too much about a bumbler. And how could someone who bumbles all the time keep a job in a busy newsroom.

Now you know why D.C. likes to update some of its older characters. Granted, in the comics, Jimmy Olsen has not changed too much. His role in the books is not really all that important. In the television series, the character has to be a bit more action oriented and help move the plot along.

Zeca Oliveira showed us that Olsen won’t be working for the Daily Planet, either. He has moved onto the company CatCo, which is where Supergirl’s alter ego works.

SNL Roasts Brady and Patriots


The New England Patriots are gearing up for the Super Bowl next week with media day and all of the controversy surrounding deflate gate seemingly on the back burner. They did not get questioned as much as people had expected during the highly anticipated media day, but Tom Brady still came off pretty much the same way that he did in the interview he gave last Thursday when he wore a smug grin and looked genuinely goofy and incredibly guilty when he said he had nothing to do with deflate gate. It was obvious to everyone that watched the interview that he was lying and it didn’t help with all the former pro quarterbacks coming forward and stating that he was obviously lying. Brady and Belichick got absolutely roasted on Saturday Night Live this week, when they portrayed Tom Brady exactly as he came off in the interview; like he tried way too hard to come off like he didn’t know anything. Sometimes your face and your mouth just do not say the same thing, with some people being decent at it and some people being flat out terrible at it. Take a guess at which category Tom Brady falls into. According to Barbouti, his face stated that he was lying and he looked like a guilty kid that had just gotten away with stealing candy from a convenience store and was getting questioned about it by his mom.

Reynolds Thrilled with Deadpool’s Smaller Budget

Ryan Reynolds is getting a second chance at superhero stardom. The start of principle photography on the Deadpool movie starts in a few weeks. Reynolds is thrilled to take on the role, a role featured in a film much smaller in scope than his previous run as Green Lantern.

Despite the big budget, Green Lantern was a flop and, worse yet, dull. The lower-budgeted Deadpool project has the potential to be a sleeper hit targeting a younger demographic with lots more action and dark humor.

Reynolds has pointed out bigger budgeted films are not always better. With less money to spend on Deadpool, everyone involved with the project has to be a bit more creative and put the necessary effort to make the project stand out.

Granted, Deadpool is not going to be a micro-budgeted indie film. Millions of dollars is going into making the film although costs are being cut. One cost-saving measure entails shooting the film in Vancouver.

The character of Deadpool is a wise-cracking mercenary who is not shy about killing. Patterned after Deathstroke the Terminator and Wolverine, Deadpool pokes fun at these brooding killing machines. Fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez know that the personality of Deadpool is a lot like Spider-Man as well. More on Gutierrez is available at The weird wisecracking humor often seems out of place when Deadpool goes on a rampage. Consider that part of the charm of the “mercanary with an attitude”.

Deadpool hits movie theaters in December of 2016.

Is a More Serious Iron Man Headed to Civil War?

The decision on the part of the executives at Marvel to give Robert Downey Jr. creative control over his Iron Man role just might have been what made Captain America: Civil War possible.

Downey, reportedly, was not interested in taking the same approach with the same character time and time again. He wanted to do something different. In Civil War, he is not going to turn “old shell head” into a villain, but the character might end up being a lot more serious and at serious odds with a rogue Captain America.

The comic book version of Civil War featured heroes at odds with one another over new government policies regarding the secret identity of heroes. Not to give away too much of the plot, but something really bad happens at the beginning and the public sours on heroes.

Has Robert Downey, Jr. soured on playing Iron Man? With no fourth installment of the film series in the works, fans could reasonably conclude this.

As much as we would like our favorite stars to continue on and on in the roles that made them legends, this is not always the case. As Brian Torchin knows, the movie industry is a business and actors do have to look after their future and their best interests. More is available on Torchin at Downey likely wants to avoid retreading the same performance time and time again because this could do more harm to his long-term career than good.

The History of the Antique Wine Company


Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is one of the largest companies working with extremely rare and vintage wines. Williams started the company after beginning his career as an insurance agent. However, he wanted a career that could also serve as a hobby as well as something he could be passionate about. While entertaining business clients during his time working for a bank, he developed a taste and interest in fine wines. After examining the market and finding his niche, he developed his own company that would sell and market these fine wines to individual consumers. Williams remains enthusiastic about wine and is often called the “Sherlock Holmes” of wine for his talent at tracking down sequestered, vintage bottles.


The Antique Wine Company currently boasts clients in over 63 countries as well as holding over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines in it’s cellars. While AWC is first and foremost a wine merchant, they also market their company by branching out into other divisions of the wine business. Several years ago, they began crafting and unveiling luxury wine cabinets. This series of wine cabinets are a great way for new wine connoisseurs to begin their fine wine collection as they are all filled with some of the best vintage bottles money can buy. They are also a great way for established collectors to easily add bottles to their current collection. The Chateaux cabinets themselves are specially handcrafted by some of the most luxurious materials available including ripple sycamore and Bombay rosewood. These cabinets are currently being sold and auctioned for upwards of £1m. They also include vintage memorabilia accounting for part of the cost.


Stephen Williams has also branched the Antique Wine Company out in another interesting way, by establishing a wine academy sponsored by the company. The AWC Wine Academy exists to teach casual wine drinkers how to truly appreciate the drinks. They are outfitted with custom tasting tables to make an event a special, memorable experience! Williams created the academy to make wine tasting and enjoyment more accessible to everyday people. He also wanted to make wine tasting and education a less “stuffy” experience by marketing to young professionals. At AWC Wine Academy, students learn from some of the most established wine educators there are. These educators include Tim Atkin and Clive Barlow, both Masters of Wine.

The Antique Wine Company was born out of a love and passion for wine by Williams. As such, it remains very important for him to bring this interest to others who may not currently see the beauty in it.


Beneful by Nestle Purina Petcare

Beneful is among the many different forms of dog meal brands manufactured by Nestle Purina Petcare, which comprises of wet dog meal, dry food as well as snacks. By 2002, this brand was ranked the 4th most well known dog meal product, generating over $1.5 billion in yearly revenues. Based on the SWOT assessment by Marketline, Beneful is among the most remarkable line of products per revenue for Nestle Purina.

The Beneful product of dog meal was launched in the market back in 2001. It was advertised on a nutritional basis. As per the company’s spokesperson, the name “Beneful” refers to “full of goodness”. A $34 million Beneful TV marketing campaign, which aired that particular year, was the biggest in the history of Nestle Purina. A Beneful “Healthy Harvest” brand that is an option made purposely for vegetarians using soy rather than meat was included in the product fraternity in June 2005. The Beneful “Prepared Meals” line was launched in March 2006 in 8 flavors. It was put on the market in containers that furthermore work as food bowls for dogs. By 2006 Beneful was manufacturing amenities in St. Joseph, Missouri to match the level of production with that of demand. Modifications were done to a number of Beneful brands in 2010 that caused it to appear more like food for humans.

In the year 2011 Beneful television adverts began broadcasting in Austria, which featured sounds just dogs could be able to hear so as to bring out a reaction from pets. Beneful stated that it was actually the first moment advertising was created that aimed pets straightforwardly. In 2013, most dog owners claimed on to own dogs that got sick after eating Beneful. Assessments by Food and Drug Administration discovered no single contaminant in the brand. Veterinarians stated that sorrowful pet owners frequently erroneously attribute hazy, non-specific signs to food. Claims of food poisoning from Beneful continued on social media websites. Beneful stated that the problem was led by “social media disinformation,” and that information is documented on Wikipedia.

Beneful hosted yearly contests for funded dog park restorations that drew 1,000 dog park plan submissions in 2013 for the $500,000 renovation.

Additionally, sources say that Nestle Purina has been looking for an agency to handle inventive tasks for its Beneful dog meal brand, and it has been discovered that they have narrowed down to 2 agency finalists.

The total expenses towards Beneful dog meal brand in the 3rd quarter of 2013 was $40.7 million, as per to Kantar media.

Uncomfirmed Leaks Bode Bad News for Justice League Part I

What is the deal with all the less-than-helpful leaks coming out of Warner Bros. regarding D.C. Comics movies? Recently, major spoilers were leaked out regarding the upcoming Suicide Squad film. Now, word has it there are major issues with the Justice League movie screenplay. Namely, the tone of the script is too “insider” and geared towards the readers of D.C. Comics. Mainstream fans might be bewildered at the plot and find the film hard to follow.

Other complaints about the film is that the running time is way too long. This would infer the film is going to be convoluted.

Let’s infer something else here. All of these rumors are probably false. First and foremost, Justice League Part I is not going to be released until the summer of 2017. The film has not even entered pre-production yet. Batman v. Superman has not entered post-production yet. Sure, there is probably a script for the Justice League film written. There may even be several. The current script, as written, means nothing. Scripts get revised all the time. Sometimes, they are deemed a collaborative work in progress since the producer, director, studio, and even cast could demand changes.

We also have no idea whether or not the notion a leak has occurred really, well, occurred. No one seems to be able to prove the leak and, honestly, do you really think anyone who has access to this script would let details slip out this early?

Hopefully, all these “leaks” surrounding the D.C. films will not leave a dark cloud hanging over them. Fans like Haidar Barbouti will eventually know for sure if the films are any good once they come out.

Red Hood Coming to ‘Gotham’


Super heroes have had a pretty major impact on the movie screen in recent years, but one television show linked to a super hero, but not about him, is performing pretty well. “Gotham” has taken some fans by storm by offering an early look at the city before Batman came around. The series has introduced a number of familiar names, and it looks like one more is set to join the cast.

According to Screen Rant, Red Hood is coming to “Gotham” sometime this season. Of course, there are a few versions of the comic book character that could make an appearance, and there is nothing more than speculation on which version will make the trip. The series has proven time and again that it is not afraid to play a little loose with details, so it is unclear as far as what to expect for the remainder of the first season.

All things considered, “Gotham” has kept things on a relative low key. Since the series is about the pre-Batman era, a lot of the mythology is up for grabs. Some characters have been winners and some have been less than stellar, but the series has managed a nice interpretation of the city and the characters that dwell there. The series leaves D.C comics pros asking whether or not the series keeps true to the Batman mythos but fans like, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez, have been enjoying this departure from traditional Batman stories. While adding yet another villain to the mix might seem like the show is overloading, it really is offering a good mix of performances and personalities.

Vijay Eswaran And The Strength Of Inner Silence

According to PR Newswire, it has been ten amazing years since Vijay Eswaran put out his very interesting book called the “Sphere of Silence” out for public consumption. When he released this book, he was giving a great gift to the world. He had shown them that it is possible to get more in touch with yourself if you are just giving yourself a little bit of time to have some inner peace.

The book talks about the connection between spirituality and business. He makes a convincing case that taking some time to relax and listen to one’s self can be very helpful to one’s ability to do well in life.

The book talks about the number of distractions that there are in this world. He says that everyone is so transfixed on the distractions that we all have readily available that they are not listening to what their body and heart are telling them. If they would just listen to these things, then a lot of the problems in this world could be solved.

A lot of the thoughts that Eswaran has in his book are based on some Hindu principles that he had learned about ever since he was a young child. He says that these principles are the things that have propelled him to success in the world of business. He believes that by listening to what is going on within oneself that one can reach their full potential.

It is Eswaran’s assertion that the largest problems that we have in this world (such as overpopulation and global warming) can only be solved by listening to our inner personalities. It is incredibly difficult to imagine how we could continue to tackle some of the important problems that are a part of our world if we are not listening to what our hearts and minds have to say.