The Kabbalah Centre Seeks to Enlighten Many with a New Spiritual Outlook on Life

The ancient teachings of Kabbalah are reported to have been known about since Biblical times as Adam is said to have passed this teaching on to Abraham and later on to Moses and other leading figures in Judaism. Kabbalah is a teaching that is said to be discussed in the Old Testament with the stories of Moses often interpreted by teachers of this form of religion as being coded messages about his journey into the scriptures that form the basis of this religious belief.

Throughout history Jewish teachers have come together to learn as much as possible about Kabbalah, but they have also hidden many of their findings and the Zohar series of scriptures away from the members of their faith. Many Rabbi’s have refused to teach anybody who is not a male over the age of 40 as these scriptures were seen as so difficult and complex that they would be too much for many to understand.

The Kabbalah Centre takes a different approach to the teaching of this form of spirituality by opening up the teachings to as many different people as possible regardless of gender, age, or creed. The teachings held in the Zohar have been translated and adapted for the modern world by a series of teachers starting in the late 19th century that has led to the establishment of the Kabbalah Centre after the main work to create the group was completed by the late Rabbi Philip Berg.

Unlike many members of the Jewish faith, the teachers of the Kabbalah Centre believe the right to explore the inner workings of the universe and find the light of universal wisdom should be open to all. The teachings provided by the Kabbalah Centre teachers are designed to be seen in a way that is open to all students of any faith and can be adapted to fit into the belief system of any religion; the universal wisdom held in Kabbalah is said to be the root from which all major religions have grown, in the view of the Kabbalah Centre teachings.

Choosing to Begin Using Securus Services

Being able to utilize a great quality Prison Communication Service can be exactly what you need if you have a loved one behind bars. Your loved one definitely needs better communication from you and your family because of the fact that they can often lose hope when no one is visiting them on a regular basis. The problem that a lot of families often face is the fact that it is just too inconvenient for them to make a trip to the prison where it may not even be located near their home. This is why it is a good idea for you to utilize a video visitation service like Securus because of the different technology that has been put into this amazing option.


I have been using Securus for a long time and have recommended it to so many different families that I can’t even keep count anymore. This is a great company to utilize because of the fact that they are a video visitation service that you can make you so right from the Comforts of home if you own a laptop or computer. Securus has also recently launched a multi-state campaign to Simply raise the awareness of the use of video visitation services for prison families all across the country.


Being a prison family can be a difficult option and choice for a lot of people and this is why it is important for you to consider using a video visitation service like Securus to completely transform your life. You want to be able to keep in touch with your loved one regularly, but you also do not have the time or money to make lengthy trips to the prison where they are currently located. This is why Securus can come in handy and why so many prison families like myself have been using the services each and every day.


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Adam Goldenberg Entrepreneurial Background and the Success at JustFab

The CEO and Cofounder of TechStyle, formally JustFab has been featured as one of the top 3 CEO’s you need to know in LA. According to an excerpt published in Built in LA in January 2014, Goldenberg predicted that 2014 was going to be huge for his company. The positive feeling stems from his 1999 experience, when he built and sold Gamer’s Alliance startup to Intermix Media after 2 short years. Before JustFab came into being in 2010, Goldenberg established a highly successful online incubator called Intelligent Beautiful. Many of Goldenberg’s predictions about JustFab have come to fruition as evidenced in the developments witnessed since 2013.

Case in point, the company managed to raise $55 million in capital and acquired ShoeDazzle, a shoe discovery outfit in 2013. This move was quickly followed by the establishment of Fabletics Activewear. Goldenberg told Built in LA that JustFab’s big break largely stems from its positive customer feedback. When asked about the company’s hiring practices, Adam Goldenberg said JustFab was focused on mentoring and building high performers, by transforming the ‘B’ team into an ‘A’ team. As part of its strategy to maintain customers, the company is also focused on producing and selling high quality products.

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TechStyle’s data-driven fashion
3 LA CEOs you need to know now: Adam Goldenberg, JustFab

JustFab, under the guidance of its CEO continues to raise funds and enter into strategic partnerships to fund its growth. According to Pandomedia, Inc website, the company raised over $80 million capital in 2014. The round was led by various partners, including Technology Crossover Ventures, Shining Capital, Matrix Partners and a new entrant, Passport Special Opportunity Fund. This round of funding raised the company’s capitalization to $250 million. However, sources close to the company revealed a valuation of $1 billion. In future Goldenberg hopes to grow the company into a $5 billion entity.

About Adam Goldenberg
Adam Goldenberg is a seasoned entrepreneur and an internet advertising and marketing pro. According to a Crunchbase overview, Goldenberg began his entrepreneurial adventure at a tender age of 16, when he established Gamer’s Alliance, Inc in 1997. The venture was later sold to Intermix Media in 1999. Goldenberg soon became the COO of Intermix media at age 20, having joined the company as VP of Strategic Planning. Intermix was purchased by News Corp in 2005 in a deal worth $650 million. With vast business experience, Adam Goldenberg later teamed with Don Ressler to establish a string of successful entities, including Intelligent Beauty and JustFab.

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Investment Banking Institution-Laidlaw & Company

Relmada Therapeutics, we have to serve as a company that is involved in the development as well as manufacture of clinical-stage drugs that are mainly used for the purpose of chronic illness treatment. Recently our management team made an announcement that was purposely meant to make amendments of the complaints we had previously made. The motion that our organization filed was against Laidlaw& Company for the breach of fiduciary duty as well as the disclosure of confidential information that it owned our firm when it was acting as our investment bank. Relmada’s management team filed the case in the District Court for the District of Nevada.
Our management team learned that the Nevada Court had previously issued an injunction associated as well as a temporary restraining order to the Laidlaw & Company management team that included Mathew Eitner and James Ahern. The order delivered by the court was as a result of the distribution of false and misleading materials that lead to damaging of our institution. Our management team wishes to be compensated by Laidlaw for the costs it made us suffer and also the investment firm must be prevented from harming to our organization in the future.
Laidlaw &Company (UK Ltd) is one of the leading investment companies that has been operating in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. The firm can be described as a fully serviced as well as a brokerage firm that has a primary mandate of providing personalized advice as well as skillful execution to both private and institutions and high-net-worth individuals’ investors. Laidlaw offers a broad range of services and products that include acquisition financing, initial public offering, placement of debt, placement of equity, mezzanine capital with institution investors, and the arrangement of national exchange listing. Mathew Eitner is the Chief Executive Officer while his co-leader James Ahern serves as the Partner and Head of Capital Markets.

The White Shark Media is Transforming Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is the leading American Digital Marketing Agency. White Media supplies custom made online marketing solutions for medium and small-sized businesses. The firm has been recognized among the fast expanding North American digital bureaus. The company’s growth results from its exceptional customer service presented through designed cost-effective Search Marketing campaigns. This boutique group has assisted numerous firms all over America to expand their enterprises through the use of proprietary marketing tools and online marketing tactics. The company’s winning formula has been the combination of precise detailing of the customer marketing efforts. The Company has ensured complete customer accountability through its competitive intelligence, keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software, and Google Analytics integration.


White Shark Media Hosts the Google Premier Event that Inspired the Miami SMB Community

White Shark Media recently hosted the Google Premier Connect event. The event was graced by Patrick Tam (Google strategic partner staff) among other American entrepreneurs. The Premier Connect is a joint effort from Google established to educate entrepreneurs on the significance of taking up small chances to expand businesses. Patrick Tam presented the speech where he offered expert guidelines on how to increase revenue using White Shark Media’s Andrew Lolk AdWords. The attendees were offered the chance to acquire free White Shark Media websites at the end of the gala.


The White Shark Media was developed to Deliver first-class Customer Experience

The Company was founded by three entrepreneurs from Denmark who had an extensive knowledge of both online and offline marketing. Their primary objective was to deliver outstanding products and services necessary to take over the growing American SMB market. The Combination of both Domestic and International presence with professional team turned as the winning formula for the three entrepreneurs. Clients benefit from the Company’s proven concepts rather than experimental models.


White Shark Media is a member of the American Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners

The company’s fast expansion was honored in 2012 by Google who allocated a support team to leverage White Shark Media’s intensive growth and customer requirements. The close relationship with Google led to the Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership word in 2014. Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners are selected after meeting the stringent training requirements and eligibility. Very few companies have been privileged for such an honor. Microsoft has also acknowledged the company’s small businesses marketing campaigns success. The company is in a separate partnership with the Bing Ads Authorized program.


Brian Bonar Stands Out as a Voice for Business Administration

When it comes to management and financial investing, Brian Bonar is a growing name in such a field.

The San Diego resident has gradually built up his names by associating with numerous of companies over the years. Though his education came from the engineering field, Bonar has developed strong business acumen in his dealings and employment with a variety of companies. He has been employed with such companies as IBM, QMS, and Adaetec over the years before striking out on his own.

Currently, he leads the professional employment firm Trucept Inc. Bonar also is serving as the CEO and chairman for Dalrada Financial. His specialty in the business field are business acquisitions and mergers.

Trucept Inc. has emerged as a strong professional employer organization (PEO) for the nation. As a PEO, Trucept helps businesses deal with management costs, human services, and payroll administration. Businesses turn to Trucept as a form of outsource to handle administrative duties.

Trucept tends to tailor their aims toward certain target businesses such as those in the financial services field and technology companies. Their experience are particularly helpful to start-up firms who need some expertise to get their business goals rolling at the outset.

The company has three offices across the U.S. in Tampa, Houston, and the San Diego area. This allows the company to help businesses in Florida, the Midwest, and the West Coast. Since 2011, Bonar has helped run and grow the PEO.

Dalrada Financial focuses on a number of business management areas such as employee benefits, insurance, and financial services. In working with mostly small to medium-sized businesses, Dalrada offers help in a number of areas such as tax strategy and deferred payments.

In handling such administrative duties, Dalrada allows businesses to focus on their products and services while letting the company handle the worries of managing payroll and employee benefits. Dalrada has steadily grown since Bonar arrived at the firm in 1999.

Aside from the business world, Bonar also dabbles in the world of high-end restaurants. He has helped develop some of the top restaurants in the San Diego such as Bellamy’s. He also is developing a restaurant at the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

According to Whitepages, In his spare time, Brian Bonar also enjoys several hobbies including boating and golf.

Markus Rothkranz: The Best Way To Cleanse

In his recent video, Markus Rothkranz explains how the human body reacts so negatively to foods that are not healthy. Because of this, it is important to cleanse and heal the body from toxins that cause the body stress. When you are healing, it is best to eat uncooked, raw plant foods. Otherwise, the body goes into attack mode and will not be able to cleanse itself.

When cleansing and sticking to raw plants foods or a juicing cleanse, it is important to note that the body will be releasing built up toxins all at once, and it is likely to cause a back up in the system. In order to prohibit this from happening, use enemas to help the toxins move out of the body faster so they do not build up.

Enemas are natural and made of water, so they are just helping the body open itself up and release toxins. This is better than taking a stool softener, because those work from the top, when the problem is likely to be at the base of the colon.

It is also important to not cheat when trying to cleanse the body of toxins. While you may think that one bite of a cookie or bread may not cause any harm, it actually causes inflammation that circulates throughout the body and undoes any progress that has been made with the cleanse.

The first few days of fasting may be hard and cause headaches and fatigue, but if toxins are able to escape the body quickly, these symptoms will not last. Once the body stops the intake of sugar, it will get used to more natural and healthier foods that are bitter. These will help the body work in an optimal way in order to live the healthiest life possible.

One great snack to have when hunger hits is some dates. These are great for the body and easy to carry around and snack on throughout the day. In addition to this, it is important to drink a gallon of water each day in order to stay hydrated.

Brian Torchin and Successful Recruitment

One issue that is always going to need a solution is employment. There are tons of people that are looking for jobs. There are also a few jobs that need to be filled, especially in the healthcare field. There are a lot of positions that are available.

The only problem is that people need to be perfectly matched to these positions. They have to have the skill and the desire to work these positions so that they will last a while. They will also not only excel at their work, but also add something new to the company that will make their services more efficient for their patients.

According to Product Hunt, among these people are Brian Torchin. He is someone that knows what it takes to have a successful recruitment. For one thing, it is not just about getting someone for the position. It is also about finding someone who doesn’t just have the perfect set of skills, but also the passion and desire to work for the position.

One particular field that Brian is passionate about is the chiropractic field. He knows a lot about the techniques in chiropractic treatments. He also makes sure that he sets up offices with chiropractors who are highly skilled. Given that he himself is knows a lot about the chiropractor field, he knows what to look for in other chiropractors.

Brian Torchin can definitely be trusted by medical companies that are looking for new recruits. He will make sure that the both the employer and the potential employee are right for each other.

He also provides counseling for both employers and job seekers so that they could make the right decisions and move forward with what they want. Brian Torchin runs HCRC staffing solutions which allows helps medical professionals find the right field to work in.

Todd Lubar’s Exploits In The Financial And Real Estate Industries

Todd Lubar is the president of TDL Global Ventures. Lubar joined the real estate industry in 1995 after realizing that he would have a successful career in this field. Todd has a strong desire to help others. Initially, Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He quickly learned the conservative mortgage-banking model at the company. This experience proved to be a crucial milestone in his career. Todd Lubar developed relationships with insurance agents, CPA’s, real estate agents, and financial planners. Currently, these individuals are an exceptional source of his referral enterprise.
In 1999, Todd Lubar acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group. To this end, he enhanced his lending capabilities. Todd was also able to broker loans and lend to outside investors as a direct mortgage bank. In 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, LLC. The company facilitated rapid progression in rehabilitating, purchasing, selling, and profiting from properties. The company completed over 200 transactions that ranged from multi-family properties to single-family dwellings.
Armed with vast experience in mortgage banking, Todd Lubar opened Charter banking in 2003. It was a subsidiary of one of the US’s leading privately held mortgage firms, First Magnus Financial Corporation. This partnership enabled Todd to grow his business because of a greater access to many products and programs. Having been in the market for more than 12 years, Todd identified the clients that were being underserved. Subsequently, he created Legendary Financial LLC, an affiliate of the Legendary Properties Company. This corporation is a commercial lending source for companies and individual.
Over the years, Todd Lubar has used Legendary Properties’ liquidity and his own funds to assist borrowers that would otherwise be shunned by conservative lending sources. After the mortgage industry went through major changes in 2007 and 2008, Todd ventured into other lines of business. He joined the metal recycling business and commercial demolition business.
Presently, together with his family, Todd resides in Bethesda, Maryland. He went to Sidwell Friends School, Washington D.C., before joining the Peddie School, which is located in Hightstown, New Jersey. Subsequently, Todd joined the prestigious Syracuse University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication.

Brown Modeling Agency helps models advance their career

The standard definition of a fashion model is typically someone that his bigger than size six, not older than 25 years old and with a killer complexion. Models are usually recruited by modeling firms in clubs and institutions. One can also send their selfies to the agencies so as to work with them. One tip to posting a successful image of yourself is to use a picture of your natural self without too much pimping and makeup. Attending open castings is also a good way to finding a proper agency. You can get an agency through a simple call.

The modeling field is going to be ideal for anyone that is good behind the camera. Anyone that is diligent and remains punctual on many call is going to be a success in their model career. Print modeling is the way to go; they make more money compared to fashion models unless you become a famous fashion model. A commercial model can be anyone of any size, race, weight and should endorse anything or everything from cloth to soap.

Brown Modelling Agency

The Brown modeling agency is just one of the best agencies out there to help models grow into professional and talented individuals. Justin Brown, president of the company, has been actively recruiting models with the best talents. The Austin-based company has grown to become a leader in the Texas modeling community. Their primary goals has always been to focus and establish high expectations and standards in the modeling industry in Austin.

Fashion models are popular in runways in Texas, Austin and other places in the country. Brown Agency has a solid list of high profile models that work continually to fit top companies in the world. The Brown Modeling agency has grown to give equal opportunity to models. The company was established itself in Austin in 2010 under Justin Brown’s leadership. Since it was introduced, the firm has helped grow different variety of fashion and print models. It has nurtured and grown them into professionals that frequent the face of magazines and major companies. Models from the agency feature on top campaign brands for major manufacturing companies. The company brags of models that find their ways in places such as Dallas, Austin, and other parts of the world.

The Brown Agency is a product of Justin Brown, a talented individual with the courage to try new environments and try new ventures. He developed modeling interest in college but culminated to a full-time career several years later. At the start, Justin Brown was a simple trainer that made models ready to act like professionals. He then formed Wilhelmina Brown that merged with another company to form the brown agency.