The Career Progression of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. She was brought up in a home with two older brothers and a father who worked as a football coach. Growing up, Susan’s father did not treat her any different from her brothers because she was a girl. He taught her that she was to consider herself being a person before a girl. In their household, gender was neither helpful nor was it hindering. Susan says her upbringing made her able to blend in and feel comfortable around both men and women. This comfort and confidence allowed her to excel in her career irrespective of the gender of people that surrounded her.

Susan attended Mount Union College where she received a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Soon after, she began working for the Joseph Horne Company. Here she cut her teeth working in different marketing and management positions. In 1994, Susan joined the American Eagle Outfitters, a company where she felt she had finally found traction.

American Eagle Outfitters initially focused on the retail of men’s sportswear. As a reflection of its target market, American Eagle Outfitters was a primarily male company with only men holding boardroom and executive positions. However, Susan was able to excel at the company with what she describes as an experience of a lifetime. Her creativity and independence allowed her to introduce a new culture to the company where she directed the company towards venturing into the women’s and accessory business.

At American Eagle, Bizjournals’ Susan McGalla was appointed to several management positions. She was in due course appointed the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the company. As company president, Susan handled revenues of three billion US dollars, an e-commerce website, and she oversaw the launch of the American Eagle’s aerie and 77kids brands.

In the year 2009, Susan left American Eagle Outfitters to become a private consultant for retail and financial investment industries. She later returned to the corporate world in the year 2011 when Wet Seal Inc. offered her the position of Chief Executive Officer of the company. At Wet Seal, Susan’s task was to reinvent the Wet Seal and Arden B. brands. During her tenure at Wet Seal, Susan used customer based research to develop a completely new branding strategy and significantly improved product trends and quality.

Susan left Wet Seal in the July of 2012 to focus on her company, P3 Executive Consulting. At P3, Susan gives advice to the world’s largest stakeholders in the retail and clothing sectors. Here she helps her clients better understand trends in marketing, branding, product merchandising, talent management and much more.

Outside her private business, Susan serves as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth at Pittsburgh’s prize NFL franchise, The Steelers. She is also part of the Board of Advisors of Mount Union College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree. Susan McGalla is a member of the Board of Directors of HFF Inc., a real estate and capital markets service provider in the United States, and also the Board of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation.

John Textor; the Film Director and Producer

John Textor is the renowned Executive Chairman for the Pulse Evolution Corporation. Textor is known to lead the big name digital productions in several movies like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Transformers and the Pirates of the Caribbean; At Worlds End.

John Textor got his Bachelor of Arts in economics degree from the Wesleyan University in the year 1987. John Textor is believed to have co-founded and became the Managing Partner of the Wyndcrest Holdings in the year 1997.

Wyndcrest Holdings is actually a private equity company which is currently located in Florida with the major focus on entertainment, in telecommunication and also in the internet. In the year 1999, John Textor was appointed to become the director of The Parent Company and the Baby Universe, a renowned internet retailer for children’s products. He later was appointed to be the chairman in the year 2002 and gradually moved up become the chief executive officer later in 2005.

With his great executive experience attained over the years, John Textor was one time the Chairman and the CEO of the famous Sims Snowboards. Textor was also responsible for the strategic planning and the corporate finance for the Michael Swerdlow Companies. John Textor is believed to have been the founding director of the famous Lydian Trust Company and the Virtual

John Textor was appointed to become the chairman and the CEO of the Digital Domain in the year 2006 together with the parent company, the Digital Domain Media Group, and he managed to lead the two companies until the acquisition and the reconstruction of the modern Digital Domain into the Digital Domain Media Group. The two institutions have managed to do visual effects for over 80 large scale feature type of out of these films, 25 of them were actually under Textor’s guidance. Some of the great films created under the leadership of John Textor include the Transformers, theLegacy,the Real Steel, and the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Textor has also managed to lead the institution to an Academy Award for premium believable digital human actor in the famous Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which actually received the Achievement in Visual Effects award in the year 2009 and the CLIO advertising awards.

After his position with the Digital Domain, Mr. John Textor proceeded to finally become the executive chairman of the Pulse Evolution Corporation. Pulse is a famous digital production that is known to mostly specialize in applications of computer-generated human likeness.

Lime Crime Was Created For Those Who Are Unique

Lime Crime is a makeup brand that set out to push the boundaries on what people think of when they imagine makeup. Too many people believe that makeup is about covering up all of the little flaws one may have instead of it being about helping them to look more like themselves, and that is what the founder of Lime Crime wanted to break away from. She wanted people to be able to feel like they could do anything that they wanted to do with their makeup, and that is why she has created such a bold makeup brand.
There are some makeup brands that start out with a lot of money to form their products and yet fail at doing things right, but Lime Crime did things well. Lime Crime was founded with only a few hundred dollars, but it has quickly become popular. People are excited to be able to do something that is a bit different from what they are used to when they pick up a piece of makeup from this brand. They are glad to be able to try out bright and bold colors instead of using the same stuff they had always used, previously.
It’s good for people to take a stand and do what they want to do with their own look, and that is what the founder of Lime Crime firmly believed. She wanted everyone to have the chance to do things their own way, and so she created a brand that sticks out as being very unique. Now anyone who has the boldness to take a crazy colored makeup product and use it can do that. Anyone can have any look that they want to easily with items from this brand.
Makeup should really be all about allowing one to look the way that they want to look, and to do the things that they want to do, and that is what the founder of Lime Crime has always believed. So, those who shop Lime Crime and pick up an item from it are in for a real treat. They will finally be able to express who they are inside through all of the great makeup options that they will have from this brand. Lime Crime was created for all of the people out there who have a different, unique personality and who would like to let that be known through their look.

Doe Deere Encourages Girls To Do Something Different

Most girls do not play around with the beauty products that they use nearly enough. Too many girls get stuck in the routine of doing the same thing with their beauty products day after day, and that makes their beauty products become boring to them. And no one wants to be using their beauty products when they are boring.
So, what is a girl supposed to do when she is tired of the way that she uses her beauty products every day? Well, one of the things that a girl could do would be to switch up the way that she puts her beauty products on. She could find a new routine that she finds to be more fun. Or, she could go out and buy some new beauty products to use, which would also be something fun for her to do.
Doe Deere on ideamensch has created a great, unique line of beauty products that many girls have been raving over since it came out. With the items from Doe Deere’s line girls will find everything that they could ever long for in having a look that is fun and carefree. They can put on a bright pink lipstick or a glittery eye shadow from this brand, and suddenly their beauty routine will not seem nearly as boring as it did, previously.
Doe Deere has long been a believer that beauty products were never meant to simply be a cover up for the flaws that one feels that they have, and she has always been encouraging girls to be unique with what they put on. She believes that beauty products should be a tool that one uses to help them to express who they are inside, and she has long had her own look that shows the kind of person that she is.
There are many things that a girl can do in order for her to switch things up in the morning, to keep her beauty routine from growing boring, and she should try out something new from time to time. The best, and easiest way to keep things from getting boring when one is putting on her makeup is to allow herself to go crazy with it. If she wants to put on a bright lipstick, then that is what she should do. If she wants to have a dark eyeliner on today, then she should go ahead and do that. No girl should ever feel that doing the same thing day after day is what she is supposed to do.

Slyce Advances the Visual Recognition Technology in Retail

Since Amazon first introduced the visual recognition technology in the retail world, not much has been done to improve or advance it. This has resulted to lack of its adoption by the people even when the use of mobile phones has increased in recent times. Slyce is a start-up company that is out to change this trend. By advancing the visual search technology, Slyce may just have found the extra oomph that Amazon’s Amazon Flow has been lacking all along.

Using Amazon Flow, Consumers are able to take pictures of items that they like and to compare prices on Amazon. The problem with the app is that one has to manually look for the product. The app is also limited to those items that are still in their original packaging, because it uses optical character recognition and logo identification. Slyce’s technological advancements take care of these limitations, giving consumers the shopping experience that they deserve.

With the new technology, consumers are able to take pictures of things they fall in love with in any state or form. They could spot their friend rocking the coolest shirt ever while walking down the road and want to have one just like that. They only need to take a picture of the item. The app will then present them with the same item or a similar one available in the retailer’s stores.

The technology works by first identifying what the product is, before going for the specific details that make the product unique. If the item is a vase for example, it will look at the color and size. This particular way of identifying the product allows for the recognition of the product that is not in its original package.

Slyce intends to integrate the technology in apps and websites of the retailers around the world. Consumers should not expect to use the slyce app per say. The technology will drive the sales and enable the retailers to know what products their customers are interested in.

People are already beginning to embrace Slyce’s technology. The company has confirmed that it is already talking with some of the biggest retailers in the U.S. But Slyce should not celebrate just yet. Though they have made major technological advancements that put them one step ahead of Amazon, they still have a lot of work to do if they want to outdo it.

Slyce raised $3.74 million in its first seed funding. $10.75 million was raised in last month’s first round of funding. Based in Toronto, the company is already expanding in North America. Before long, Slyce may be sitting at the top as far as visual recognition technology in the retail world is concerned.

The Selling (Out) of the Hawks

When NBA team owner Bruce Levenson initially sought to place the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks up for sale there was a great deal of speculation as to the actual worth of this team.


Many so-called experts weighed in. Smith College sports economist Andrew Zimbalist actually estimated that the team was worth $700-$750M. Granted that this was basically an educated guess, put together with general ideas of total fan numbers, annual revenue, season ticket holders, etc. The general ‘marketability’ of a team verses the bottom line, as with any other business, is how you determine value.

Mr Levenson actually hired the well-known experts at Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports to market and sell the team franchise for him at auction. The Goldman Sachs team went to work, advertising the auction and attempting to convince the world that the Atlanta Hawks were going to bring in a billion dollars.


Besides the folks at Goldman Sachs, there were others in the sporting world who felt that the team was worth upwards of $950M to possibly a cool billion dollars. Many sports enthusiasts thought this was completely possible, however some of the truly die-hard sports authorities said this was an over value and down played the asking price. So there were a few articles out there in the world of sports that contradicted this sale price as being overly inflated and a bad deal.

Still, the marketing of a financial giant like Goldman Sachs is hard to beat. As it has been widely publicized, the team ultimately was sold for the price of $730M. That is quite a bit lower than the one billion expected, loudly in fact, by Goldman Sachs. Many feel that this price tag actually scared off bidders who would have been interested in the $800-$900M range and they chose not to even bid. This, in the end, probably cost Mr Levenson as little as $70M or as much as $230M. Either pill is a tough one to swallow.


Never fear, there was still a hefty profit to be made. No doubt that a lot of profit was made in this deal, but as with any business deal, you never wish to leave money on the table. Perhaps the marketing was handled wrong? Perhaps the team really was over-valued and $730M is a fair price? No one will really know now, since it cannot be determined who else may have come to bid, had the felt they stood a chance.

The new owners have potentially gotten a winning deal that could make franchise history. The world will simply have to wait and see as a few years unfold. New ownership is a transition period. With the names of former NBA player Grant Hill and Jesse Itzler, the co-founder of Marquis Jet, along with billionaire equity and investment fund manager Antony Ressler, the team certainly stands a great chance of becoming worth every single penny of one billion dollars. Many people around the world will be watching the Atlanta Hawks this season, waiting to see if they perform like a winning deal.

The Role of Makeup on Women’s Life

There have been unending discussions on the role of makeup in the beauty, and how women who use, perceive it. People use products for the different reason and thrive to fulfill their urge. While critics ask women to be natural, supporters of makeup use explain that what matters is how you feel. Those that feel good with makeup should continue having it, for it is their source of joy. Women apply makeup for various reasons and below are a few of them;

Doe Deere on is an American entrepreneur and business executive. The confident businesswoman is credited for giving back self-recognition to women by providing them with makeup brands that are easily approachable and available. Through her online store Lime Crime, she interacts with many women who continue to see her as an inspiration both to self-confidence and in business. Lime Crime is an affordable store where people shop at the comfort of their homes, and can have the goods delivered free of charge within the United States. However, that is when they purchase at least 50 pieces.

Makeup brings confidence

A majority of women that use makeup are said to cite it as a source of confidence. They feel like protection covers them. It cannot be ascertained how much confidence makeup gives, but it is a common occurrence to see women that walk in confidence having their makeup on. The makeup gives a feeling of control and direction. Someone feels that she is who they need to be, thus the fulfillment. During catwalks, virtually all beauty queens wear their makeup, so as to add confidence on their moves.

It’s a form of gender play and performance

It is common to hear that men have “dry faces.” The actually meaning of this is not clear, but is assumed to border the lack of easy appeal to everyone. According to many women, not having makeup makes them feel like men. In the effort to avoid the labels, women apply the makeup to play their gender and make the best of it. It brings the feeling of being a woman and self-control.

Enhancing beauty and glamour

It is not to say that all the users of maker are not beautiful, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Every woman would to continuously be recognized for her beauty; thus she has to evolve continually into a beauty beast. Having the same stunning looks after using different kinds of makeup makes one a queen and feel supernatural. A face with makeup will always be brighter and charming. Ladies believe that with their makeup on, there are higher chances that men shall approach them. They reiterate that the glamour and beauty that makeup brings makes men find it difficult to resist.

Makeup is fun and art on the face

Imagine having a perfect face. According to those that wear makeup, it gives a perfect face. It does away with all the imperfections, and brings out the new look that is desirable. It is also fun to wear makeup since the feeling is right, and makes someone feel accomplished.


How Is Content Published On Wikipedia’s Platform?

Wikipedia has a simplified approach for when they have new writers join the site. NGO content made must be approved by their editors before the content is kept on the page. Some changes can happen in an article right away, but the content will be removed or edited again if they do not reach the editors’ guidelines. Hire Wikipedia writers on getyourwiki are held at a high level of expectation, and this is why their platform is tough to jump on for those who want their very own wiki page setup.

How Is Content Published On Wikipedia’s Platform?

If you have ever read any articles on the Wikipedia site, you most likely have read articles that have been edited and looked at multiple times before it reached a point of staying as a static page on the site. It takes time for new content to be accepted. The process is very difficult and quite tough before new articles are accepted. Writers must first sign up and create their first article. After doing so, a qualified editor must go through the article to get a good look at what it needs and if it reaches their level of quality. The article must be grammatically correct and also follow their manual style of writing. The factual information must be backed up by qualified sources.

Any public figure or company wanting their brand to have a Wikipedia page will find that creating one on a whim is not easy. There must be plenty of proper writing done for the job to be completed. This is one of the reasons as to why you should consider hiring Get Your Wiki to do the job for you. They have an amazing team who help complete top of the line Wikipedia articles filled with quality content and top notch factual sources. Their writers are also highly experienced and know exactly how to create content that is accepted by the company. Their team can provide you with a guaranteed success rate for your new Wikipedia page.

There are countless people who may create fake content or incorrectly crafted articles that Wikipedia will eventually delete. Even though you can make small edits, the editors do notice the changes and do change them back to normal. Wikipedia is a specialized site with top of the line reliable editors who follow the site’s strict guidelines. Get Your Wiki definitely is one of the best services online.

PULSE Evolution’s John Textor Elaborates on the Corporation’s Release of Fiscal Reports

A press release came out today reporting PULSE Evolution’s results for its 2nd fiscal quarter. This fiscal report came along with a statement from the corporation detailing its intentions to opt to fully report all finances, and become recognized on the national stock exchange. PULSE Evolution is an acclaimed digital production company that plays a leading role in the digital world for its creativity and refinement in all things digital. PULSE is recognized for being ahead of the times in digital production and releases the most enhanced, detail focused products in terms of digital humans for holographic purposes, virtual and augmented reality, as well as artificial intelligence.

The company has become a leader in the digital world just in its early stages. The fiscal results found in today’s CNN press release report all the corporation’s finances for their 2nd quarter. Most of the company’s operating expenses have been attributed to developing digital likeness technology, as well as developing better software, relationships, and strategies for the purpose of furthering the company in the worlds of virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The company says it strongly believes that the areas in which it has spent money will be beneficial for the future of the company.

PULSE Evolution’s executive chairman, John Textor, commented on the company’s recent reports in today’s press release saying, “Our company was initially listed on OTC Markets to provide a linked security for our European Depositary Receipts, which were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in early 2014, helping us to raise more than $15 million through institutional investors to fund our launch phase. We now feel that our leading role in the advancing uses of digital humans, combined with significant interest from both financial and strategic partners, suggests strongly that we should move to fully reporting status and be recognized on a national exchange. We look forward to this next stage of our development as a company.”

Slyce Poised to Beat Amazon and Google at Visual Search

The race toward datafication has big stakes for consumers and companies. For consumers it holds the possibility of greater convenience and awareness of their environments. For companies it means a greater understanding of their customers and what drives purchase intent for their products. Slyce is at the epicenter of this race with an advanced set of visual search technologies aimed at upending the status quo. Their goal is to make every smartphone a scanning device capable of identifying most any product in — or out — of its original box.

Amazon, Google and others have competed in this space for a while, leveraging a tendency for consumers to price shop while inside physical retailers (often referred to as showrooming). The challenge Amazon has faced is lackluster adoption by consumers, likely because original packaging is required and at that point it’s just as easy to scan a bar code or type in a search phrase. Amazon may believe that consumers only need to search for products while in a store, but that’s a narrow approach because any number of random events can cause someone to have interest in a product outside of a physical retail space.

Slyce broadens the visual search use case by by assigning a visual attribution model to anything you can take a picture of. It doesn’t rely as heavily on specific visual cues like logos or optical character recognition (OCR) like Amazon does. Instead it looks for patterns. Think of a bike — Slyce could compare the tread, wheel-to-frame proportion, handlebar shape, seat shape etc. to build its attribution model and compare that information to its index. Want to know what bike your friend is using to speed past you every week? No problem.

Consumers could also use this kind of technology to build wishlists or generate gift ideas for friends and family. Visual search and product recognition isn’t limited to just products either. It’s also at the heart of innovation in the automotive industry where technology companies like Google, Apple, and others are building fully autonomous vehicles capable of recognizing traffic signs, humans, other cars, lane markings and more all in real time.

And that’s just the beginning. Consumers will gain access to many conveniences from visual search, *and* it’s creating new opportunities for companies to identify and influence during the moment of truth. Opportunities like identifying any public social post containing a photo of your product with surrounding context, or serving up rich content like reviews, videos and product applications exactly matched to what the consumer just photographed.

Slyce is opening the door wider for visual search, and is positioning it as a universal function smartphones provide. Identifying any product (and eventually any object) will soon be a convenience people expect much like navigation or the flashlight function.

Right now Slyce is partnered with 20 retailers in North America and has raised $14.75 million from initial seed and first round funding. The company is investing much of that in acquiring other visual search startups. Consolidating those acquisitions and providing easy integration with retailers will help it maintain its head start in this competitive race.