The CW Features North American Spine for their Community Outreach Effort

Recently, the CW 33 television channel out of Dallas, Texas featured North American Spine during their segment for Yoga Recess Day. Yoga Recess Day involved 50 children who were all 4-5 years-old and students at Robert E. Lee Elementary School. The children, who all have physical or mental challenges, participated in a yoga class designed for children their age to boost healthy development of their bodies and minds. The children learned beginner poses that they could have fun with.

North American Spine stepped in to help the children during Yoga Recess Day by donating 50 yoga mats for the students who were participating. Doing yoga regularly can help develop strong core muscles, especially around the spine which can prevent back injuries. Yoga is even sometimes recommended by doctors as a treatment before surgery is recommended.

North American Spine treat many patients every year who suffer from chronic back pain that leaves them unable to move comfortably. Some of these patients begin experiencing their back pain when they are younger. Dr. Abram Burgher from North American Spine said that most back pain is preventable with the proper care, especially when a person is younger. Jon Sasser, who works as the Director of Public Relations for North American Spine, said that back pain can begin in a person’s younger years and providing the yoga mats to the students was their way of giving back to the community.

Vin Diesel Names New Baby Girl Pauline

For any of us who are fans of the Fast and Furious movies, we knew the great impact that happened when Paul Walker was taken from this world. Many around the world were devastated by this loss, but almost no one was impact as closely as his friends and family. Super celebrity, and long time best friend Vin Diesel, publicly has shared his feeling about good friend Paul Walker on the internet and in interview many times. The world has truly known of the feeling of loss that Vin Diesel has felt.

Vin Diesel and girlfriend Paloma Jiminez have just welcomed a new baby into the world. stated AustinMDMagazineFox2Now reports that when he was on the Today show, he announced what the name of his baby girl would be. Vin Diesel announced that he would be naming his baby girl Paulina in remembrance of his best friend. This is something that will be remembered for many years by fans all over the world.

Vin Diesel wants to keep the memory of his best friend alive in his life, and this is a very good way to do that. When talking to fans about the upcoming Fast and Furious 7 movie, Vin Diesel can many times become very emotional. He has stated in interviews that this is one of the hardest movies that he has ever had to film due to the loss of his best friend.

Seinfeld Not Worth It for Many Reasons

Last week, Amazon, Hulu and Yahoo entered a bidding war for exclusive rights to stream Seinfeld. As revealed by Merrill Barr for Forbes on Monday, Sony is asking $90 million and the amount is not surprising given Seinfeld makes Sony a great deal of money through syndication.

Yet, as many have pointed out, video streaming giant Netfix passed on Seinfeld last year. Some have noted that Seinfeld is too episodic for binge viewers who want overreaching story arcs and that Seinfeld is more of a syndication piece that viewers enjoy now and then rather than as one whole viewing experience. Networks and advertisers can also do more with syndication than video streaming companies when it comes to making additional revenues from viewing. As Barr pointed out, they can create marathons and themed events that promote new Seinfeld merchandise.

Ultimately though the core reason many believe that Seinfeld is not worth $90 million is because the humor promoted in the series does not fit in with the modern values of a majority of streaming video on demand viewers like Brad Reifler. So far, many viewers are people who do not appreciate how the humor in Seinfeld often is at the cost of making fun of minorities, including people of color, women and those with disabilities. There’s no money to be made from viewers who loathe when “laughs” come from making fun of differences in race, gender or mobility.

Live Action Beauty and the Beast Coming in 2017

For those who have always been fans of all of the Disney movies featuring princesses, there are new movies coming out that will change things up. These new movies are live action versions of the Disney classics, and they are sure to entertain those who loved the originals. Another one of these live action movies has just been announced, with a release date in 2017.

Beauty and the Beast will be coming to theaters in 2017, and it will feature new songs that haven’t been heard before. CrunchBase suggests this movie will be something that young and old will enjoy together, and it will be similar to the classic which came out so long ago. Fans of Beauty and the Beast will find it hard to wait two years for the live action version of the cartoon classic. The new movie, though, may be work all of the waiting, it could be a movie that will be much loved.

Melissa McCarthy Noticeably Slimmer at Premier

Pictures on The Daily Mail, show actress Melissa McCarthy noticeable slimmer.

According to the article, the 44-year-old funny woman has already lost 50 pounds, which most women know is not easy. The mother-of-two told magazine Good Housekeeping in an interview that she struggles with her weight. She said that her family eats healthy and does not drink sugary drinks. And that she can’t understand why she is not slimmer than she is. Whatever McCarthy is doing now is working for her. It seems that she has finally unlocked what works for her body.

The pictures from The Daily Mail show McCarthy at the premier for her new film, Spy, where she plays a CIA analyst who goes undercover into the world of a well-known arms dealer. The film also stars Jason Statham, Rosy Byrne, and Jude Law. The film is set to be released in theaters on June 5th of this year.

McCarthy is also releasing a fashion line, Seven7. Dan Newlin said the collection will be out in August and available at boutiques and department stores in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I hope Melissa McCarthy keeps up the weight loss and the career path she is on. She is a role model for women and proof that women can be funny without extra weight.

What’s Good with Skout?

Are you looking to meet new people but don’t know where to turn to? If so, one of the best options available to you is the application Skout. This app makes it possible to easily meet people in your area, chat with them and, if you feel like it, meet with them in person. There are all sorts of different benefits associated with this application, so if you just want to see who all is out there, make sure to check out the Skout app.

One of the best features of the Skout app is the “Shake” option. After you have signed up and created a profile you just shake your mobile device with the application open. This connects you with someone randomly through the Skout app. You can then decide whether or not you want to talk with them or if you’d like to skip. It gives you a larger listing of information on the person though, so you can read their profile and it basically highlights their information, which you may not normally look at when looking through the different people who are available on here.

Skout works like other applications that run off of the GPS in your phone. This way, you do not need to worry about accidentally trying to talk with someone who is on the other side of the country. Now, you do have the ability to change your settings so you can just chat it up with another person on the other end of the globe if this is something you are interested in. Regardless of what you are looking for, you can find it with Skout.

Of course, when you create your profile you want to make sure that you upload it with at least one picture. People who do not have an image on their profile are more likely to be skipped, which means you are not going to have much luck when it comes to actually meeting people since nobody is going to want to talk with a faceless individual. You can easily add pictures from your social media accounts such as Facebook if you want. Just make sure to use your own images, so if you do meet up with someone else after chatting it up with the app, you can meet them in person and you are not going to have a problem knowing what each other looks like.

BRL Still Building A Strong Base

BRL Trust offers individuals and corporations a wide variety of investment and management options to help them make smart decisions while maximizing their return of investments. BRL Trust has many different investment strategies that are aimed to take any investment and direct it into the viable markets available for the safest and most secure transactions. All deposits are heavily insured to prevent any clients from needing to worry about their investments. Where you stand today will never be behind where you stood yesterday, and by minimizing the risks available for each investor, and maximizing the returns, we have created one of the best Brazilian investment firms out there in the market.

BRL Trust: Asset Management

Our system of asset management ensures that all aspects of the portfolio are being monitored constantly throughout market hours to prevent any sudden market drops from affecting any clients portfolios. There is an established loss dodging strategies that are applied various times throughout the day that minimize any chances of the day ending with a loss for any clients. All investments should be made with the conscious that a certain percentage in growth will be reach each month. The amount of money made by choosing BRL Trust will always be better than choosing any other savings account due to the higher percentage rate in payouts among BRL Trust clients.

By managing the investment portfolios of all our clients, we maintain an overlook on how to positively impact each account and better serve the owner by discussing new strategies for them to implement that will increase their percentage in profits each month. There are a few strategies that are used commonly among hedge funds, and our Trust has all the certifications to apply those strategies being accredited as a fully respectable hedge fund operating under all the necessary laws.

BRL Trust: Fund Administration

Through our hedge fund activities, managers in BRL Trust enact big pools of money invested in the major industries to produce an overall return for everyone combined. The managers in charge of making the investments have decades of experience under their belts, making them the perfect candidates to foresee the investment strategies placed by several investors. Each manager supervises a list of investors who maximize the overall total that the hedge fund produces in returns each month. Many clients choose to leave their money long term to receive maximum benefits on each BRL Trust package.

Netflix Still King of Video Streaming

The popularity of streaming video over the internet is growing. Bulk streaming services, like Netflix, offer users the ability to stream an unlimited number of shows for one monthly fee. The appeal of the services coupled with other non-traditional methods of watching television is also growing but not as fast as the adoption of streaming video. The growth in the industry is causing television networks to stand up and take notice.

According to The Huffington Post, forty percent of all households in the United States that subscribe to high-speed internet services and television services are also signed up for some sort of streaming service and more than ten million customers signed up for broadband services have no cable services. The leader of the pack is Netflix, which accounts for nearly forty percent of those households with cable services. The number of subscribers is doing wonders for the bottom line of Netflix.

Networks are taking video streaming so seriously that many are already working on their own streaming services. CBS already offers one that is rumored to feature a special by Dr. Daniel Amen. HBO, NBC, and other networks are close to debuting their own unique services. Whether or not those subscription based services will be enough to take on Netflix remains to be seen, but it seems pretty obvious that every network believes the future of television programming is likely to involve the internet in some way. Netflix has grown to the point that it is starting to eat into cable subscriptions.

The UK’s first farmed truffle

Truffles. Yum. These are one of my favorite flavor enhancing products. I only wish they were more readily available and weren’t so costly due to their rarity. But, I suppose that is partially what makes them so desirable.

However, a British scientist has actually harvested the first truffle in England. This to me, is such a wonderful event as I would like to think more truffle farms around the world could begin production. The downside… he planted this delicious delicacy around six years ago! What a long wait and hard to believe the growth cycle is so extensive.

According to, Your text to link… , all the truffle lovers in England are excited since the truffles found in the wild in the United Kingdom has decreased over the years due to natural reasons and deforestation. Jason has learned that, supposedly, most of the truffles consumed in England have been cultivated in other farms around the world and imported.

However, with only the first farmed truffle, it isn’t certain how plentiful the bounty will be as this is a very finicky crop and takes so long to mature.

Pharrell And Robin Thicke Pay Millions Over ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit

It looks like Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke totally copied that Marvin Gaye’s music to create their hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ back in 2013.

Marvin Gaye’s family received an astonishing amount of $7.4 million from the two singers after a jury unanimously decided that ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams is a illegal copy of the late artist’s ‘Got To Give It Up’ song.

The song ‘Blurred Lines’ by itself made Pharrell and Robin over $16 million in profits, and the judging was made that awarded Nona, Frankie, and Marvin Gaye III $7.4 million out of that total.

Who would have thought that the super creative and talented Pharrell who creates trends and new things would copy someone else’s work.

Nona, who is Marvin’s daughter announced how relieved she was that the decision was made in their favor after a whole lot of attorney meetings and court sessions took place. It was all worth it in the end.

Fans like Brad Reifler have learned that Pharrell and Thicke were very disappointed right after the verdict was made, and did not at all expect that outcome to happen. More on Reifler is available on his Wikipedia page.

Pharrell and Thicke filed for an appeal and will continue to fight this case because they feel like they did not copy Marvin Gaye at all, instead they learned from his genre and implemented a whole new song from the heart and soul, according to an announcement made by Pharrell about the judicial decision.