Wendy’s Veggie Burger

Fast food is a solid choice for a lot of reasons. Perhaps, you’re on the road and need something to sustain your energy. Maybe, it’s the only thing around on your lunch break. Or quite possibly you’re in a time crunch! Whatever the reason, it’s easy to quickly grab an item and go! But, it’s not so easy for vegetarians.

Fast food places all basically have the staples of burgers and chicken. They also then have variations of those in the forms of different sandwiches or nuggets. The only things that don’t have meat in them are fries or possibly some sort of salad. So what’s a vegetarian supposed to do with such little options?

Marcio Alaor BMG noted that one fast food joint is giving vegetarians an option. According to Grub Street Wendy’s is trying out a veggie burger, and the initial reviews say that it ain’t so bad! The price ain’t so bad either, so far it’s going for $4.50. It comes with the black bean patty, cheese, various toppings such as lettuce, and topped with Asiago ranch!

It’s been a while since I fast food joint stopped to think of its clientele that can’t or won’t eat meat so props to Wendy’s. In the future they may be also offering customizable options. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a spicy option or perhaps one with all different cheeses? We can dream. For now, the veggie burger is only available in Ohio, but time will tell if other restaurants will follow suit.

More Erasure From NBC’s Hannibal

Today, Tuesday, May 5, fans of NBC’s Hannibal received more scenes from the upcoming season on the network’s home and social media pages. A video post shared with the comment “Talk about a shotgun wedding” or “Bride of Hannibal” reveals Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Bedelia Du Maurier living together in Europe as man and wife.

Why is this post considered “erasure” by some fans?

Steve Murray explains that after last season, writer/director Bryan Fuller revealed that he knowingly used queerbaiting tactics on certain fans. At first, he tried to make it seem that he did it playfully. When those fans complained, he then stated that he did it as a tribute to Hannibal slash fanfiction fans.

Queerbaiting tactics are used by creatives to attract LGBT+ fans and their supporters to shows they might not otherwise watch to increase ratings from a demographic group that has proven to have a lot of word-of-mouth promotional sway and disposable income. Over the course of two seasons, onscreen and in interviews, Fuller increasingly made it seem like the “friendship/relationship” between Hannibal Lecter and Special Agent Will Graham was more than merely a bromance. “Erasure” is when, after queerbaiting is a success and the fans complain, the network and creatives then do everything in their power to erase the fact that they actually pulled this type of stunt that many consider despicable and counter to good representation of LGBT+ experiences onscreen.

Bruce Jenner Fires Kris

It seems that Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner are officially done. Everyone knows that they have been divorced, but it wasn’t until recently that lines have been drawn. Kris Jenner has been the manager of Bruce Jenner for the last 20 years, but Bruce recently fired her.

Bruce Jenner wants nothing to do with his ex-wife, and he made it clearer than ever when he decided to hire a new manager. Bruce said that Kris is bossy and nosy. Daniel Amen thinks Bruce Jenner wants to do things his way for once, and it has never been more evident than now. I say good for Bruce, and why would anyone want their ex-wife to be their manager anyway?

Kris Jenner has been very vocal about her opposition of Bruce Jenner’s new lifestyle. She was openly against Bruce’s decision to become a woman, but it seems that he has begun a new chapter in his life. Bruce no longer wants the publicity that is connected to the Kardashian family, and Kris Jenner is deeply rooted into the Kardashian brand. She still manages the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s’ reality show, and I am sure that she would like to be involved with Bruce Jenner’s new documentary series that will be debuting on “E!” later this year. Bruce is not having it, and he is putting his foot down, which will most likely be in high heels by the time the documentary airs. For more information on this story, visit MSN

Jon Stewart Announces his Plans after Leaving “The Daily Show”

By now everyone must be aware that the iconic host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” has put in his resignation. Jon’s last day on the show will be in August this year and he will leave some big shoes to be filled by newcomer Trevor Noah. Many are wondering what Jon plans on doing after he leaves the position he filled for the last 16 years. Well, this article on In Habitat should clear up any questions regarding Jon’s immediate future.

According to the story, Jon and his wife Tracey have purchased farmland in New Jersey which they plan on turning into a sanctuary for rescued animals. At this farm they will allow all the animals to live out their natural lives in a peaceful setting. The couple have been animal rights activists for a while and have worked to instill their love for animals in their two children as well.

Farm Sanctuary, another farm that helps rescued animals, have named two of their sheep after Jon and Tracey as a tribute to their efforts in helping animals over the years. In October, Farm Sanctuary will be honoring Jon and Tracey (the human couple) for all their hard work.

SlideShare indicated that Jon’s brand of satire will be sorely missed by Paul Mathieson and others, but it is nice to know that he is still out there and doing good for the world.

New SQ Photo Draws Negative Comments

On Monday, May 4, fans of the villains-turned-anti-heroes from the Suicide Squad depicted in the DC Comics Universe got their first look at the cast in costume for the 2016 Suicide Squad film minus Jared Leto as the Joker, who was revealed last week. Although the photo has drawn some positive attention, many fans have reacted negatively to it.

Some have called the costumes too “grungy” or “street.” The biggest complaints have been about Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc.

Will Smith is depicted without Deadshot’s trademark eyepiece or mask. David Ayer immediately responded to this complaint with a separate photo of Smith wearing both. Margot Robbie, although having a great deal of sexual appeal, looks like a Halloween cheerleader. Several fans, including Igor Cornelsen, noted that she looks very little like the Harley Quinn they grew up with and too much like the one that has only appeared recently in a few comics and on the convention cosplay circuit. She also has a white tee shirt rather than Harley Quinn’s trademark multi-colored, tie-up corset and low heels rather than thigh-high boots or stockings. Lastly, Killer Cros is depicted as far too short and human for many people’s tastes. Some fans have wondered why Ayer didn’t go the MCU route of using CGI with Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje providing the foundation acting to stand in for Killer Croc.

Gotham Pacing Still Off

So I watched the much anticipated show last night with my mom, Susan McGalla (her blog). Here is my consensus. The biggest problem with Gotham is not the alternative universe handling of the Batman universe characters and stories. Instead, the problem is how the writers often spend a lot of time on unimportant events and then speed through important ones. As Brian Lowry for Variety pointed out late Monday, May 4, after Gotham’s Season 1 finale, the show has a lot of “clunky moments.”

Spoilers ahead…

One example: Barbara’s transition into a psychopath deserved at least one more episode of scenes showing why she hated her parents. At least, they should have shown her enjoyment with the Ogre or flashbacks to the murders instead of just having her tell Lee during their meal that she killed them. In fact, it would have felt more like a comic book presentation if the big reveal had happened in front of Jim, Gotham’s lead character, at her parent’s house rather than before a catfight between Barbara and Lee that Jim discovered when he walked into the apartment.

The finale was filled with other examples of bad pacing and, worse yet, bad storytelling — for example, Don Falcone taking time to buy chickens in the open in the middle of gang war and rushed fight sequences at the hospital and warehouse. The only pacing that was spot on was the character “conversation” moments and the disturbing scene of Nygma grappling with his other dissociative self.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Brought Against Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner, a gold medalist and the patriarch on Keeping up with the Kardashians, has officially been named in a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit stems from an accident that occurred in Malibu, California in February of 2015.

According to official reports by Gianfrancesco Genoso in Calabasas County (tcm.gov), Kim Howe was killed when Bruce Jenner’s vehicle rear-ended Howe’s vehicle at a light. The impact pushed Howe’s vehicle into the oncoming lane of traffic were it collided with a Hummer. The identity of the individual driving the Hummer was not released.

Jenner contended that the Howe first hit one car causing Jenner to hit her, however, video collected from eyewitnesses showed that Jenner was mistaken about that. Jenner cooperated with the investigation and volunteered to take a drug and alcohol test. Test revealed there were no substances in Jenner’s system at the time of the crash. It was originally argued that Jenner may have been using his cell phone at the time, but video, again, revealed that that was not the case.

Shortly after the crash, Jenner released a statement to the media, but has remained mum on the matter since then. The lawsuit was filed one week after Jenner revealed to the world that he is in the process of transitioning to life as a woman in a sit down with Diane Sawyer.

Jenner and Howe were both residents of Calabasas at the time of the accident.

Modern Family Star Under Personal Scrutiny

Modern Family star Sophia Vergara is currently fighting a long legal battle with a former fiance. Nick Loeb says that he wants to have children from the couple’s frozen embryos by way of surrogate. The two created these embryos through in vitro fertilization and consequently split before the embryos came to term. While Nick Loeb is for the embryos, Sophia Vergara is strongly against them. The initial document stated that the embryos could only be brought to terms if both parents consented. There is no legal notion on what would happen if they were to separate.
It’s very clear what should happen here, and what is happening here. Loeb is doing this as a publicity stunt. Sophia Vergara is not the only woman on Earth. If he wants to have two kids, he still has the right to do that, with someone else. The relationship has ended and so should all ties with it. If Nick Loeb is granted access to use a surrogate with these embryos he will emotionally destroy Sophia Vergara. Even if she signs away her rights as a mother, she will have to live with the fact that their are two halves of her walking around. If Nick is willing to go to these lengths instead of just letting the relationship die, can he really be trusted to emotionally raise these children? Jaime Garcia Dias, at his wordpress page, feels that it is in the best interest for Nick to just move on and find a woman who is willing to raise a family with him.

Hulu Will Broadcast Old Seinfeld Episodes

If you want to watch old episodes of Seinfeld Hulu will reportedly be your only options, useless of course you want to pony up for that DVD box set. Hulu has reportedly won the bidding war for the Seinfeld series, paying an astounding $1 million per episode for the rights to stream the series on its network. There are roughly 180 episodes in the series, so that means that the company, Madison Street Capital, paid roughly $180 million for the opportunity to offer the series on the streaming network.

Other contenders for the series included Amazon and Yahoo, whom Hulu apparently was able to bid out. Netflix was also supposedly in the running at some point, but opted to exit the negotiations in order to focus its efforts and more importantly its money on its own original series creations as well as on the Friends series, which it’s already spent quite a deal of money on and is currently offering as an option on its network. Hulu is in a unique position when it comes to competition with Netflix due to how it displays ads. While Netflix recoups its money through subscription costs and encouraging people to continue their subscriptions, Hulu charges a subscription fee and also plays ads during each episode comparable to a traditional television show. That means it can potentially make more money over time, so it can shell out more cash up front.

Health Department’s in NYC for Food Trucks

NYC’s Food Trucks and street vendors may be getting better letter grades. There are two legislators that are hoping to unchain the Health Department’s inspectors. The actual idea is to enforce a new bill that will propose to establish a nine-member commission that will oversee the food trucks and snack carts on the streets of New York. There is a specific goal behind this proposed bill. This will hold all vendors accountable. This will ensure that pedestrians have a peaceful environment in which they can enjoy their products. There are many vendors who would support this vendor project. The better grade may assist in offering a legitimate view of these businesses. The regulations should be adhered to by any food establishment. Folks at STX Entertainment (stxentertainment.com) know that this bill would hopefully discourage any black-market vendors. This commission would ensure that all permits and standards are upheld to ensure a higher grade. Senator Jose Peralta from Queens and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo from the Bronx are sponsoring the proposal.