Ewan McGregor Open to Returning to Star Wars as Obi-Wan Kenobi

The list of popular movie characters from the point of view of fans is often not even remotely close to what industry specialists consider great movie characters. After all, if fans had control of awards ceremonies, certain films would sweep the entire show. The Star Wars franchise has been amazingly popular since the films debuted decades ago. With a new movie set to hit theaters this fall, fans are eagerly waiting for any news from the franchise that can be celebrated along with the movie.

Apparently fans like Kevin Seawright might be getting a pretty big wish granted. According to Screen Rant, Ewan McGregor would love a chance to bring Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi back to the big screen. While rumors of talks between McGregor and Disney, the company that now owns the Star Wars franchise, have been popping up, there is no real confirmation that Obi-Wan will be making another big screen appearance any time soon. However, Star Wars is an entertainment property that is constantly in motion.

With several standalone movies set to hit theaters alongside films set to continue the storyline, the chance that fans will get a film dedicated to Obi-Wan and other favorites is a real possibility. Disney is going to give fans what they want to keep the franchise alive, and putting the universally approved McGregor back into the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi would be one of the best decisions the folks at Disney could ever make.

Michael Keaton is on the Trail of Imaginary Friends Gone Rogue

Michael Keaton is returning to the world of comic book movies. No, he will not be reprising his role of Batman. Ben Affleck has that job locked up for a number of years. Instead, Keaton will parlay his Birdman fame to star and produce the Boom! Comics’ title Imagine Agents for the screen. Hopefully, the film is going to be made pretty much for laughs. The concept of Imagine Agents is hard to take seriously.

The premise of the series centers on the notion all children’s imaginary friends really do exist. Some of those imaginary friends are actually pretty bad characters. When one of the evil doers does something awful, a special police task force shows up to set things straight. Michael Keaton is going to play the lead good guy who brings down the creepier imaginary friends.

Essentially, Vijay Eswaran believes the goal here is to make a Men in Black-type film. With the right script, the film could end up being a major sleeper success. Still, it is quizzical that Keaton would use Birdman as a springboard for a film like this. Maybe he believes the cartoon-like concept combined with innovative special effects help the film draw in the family audience. If so, then the film could end up a big success.

Keaton also has other projects in mind for the future. Tim Burton is working on a sequel to Beetlejuice, but not a lot of news is happening on that front. Keaton was in talks to appear in King Kong: Skull Island. Hopefully, he will take the opportunity to appear in the new Kong film. Anything with giant monsters and dinosaurs is sure to be a hit.

Kris Kardashian Worried About Rob’s Health

Rob Kardashian was once a very desirable man, but his recent appearance has confused everyone. For those of you that have been living under a rock, Rob Kardashian was once a male model, and he was a star on the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ reality show. However, Rob Kardashian is now over 300 lbs, and members of his family are beginning to worry.

Kris Jenner was recently interviewed about her son, and she revealed her concern. In fact, Kris Jenner said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Robert Kardashian died in the near future. That’s a very harsh statement, but Rob Kardashian might be going down that road. Mirror.Co.UK recently caught a glimpse of Rob Kardashian, and it’s quite obvious that his weight gain is out of control.

According to Paul Mathieson, no one knows exactly why Rob Kardashian has changed so much over the years, but most people think it has something to do with his love life. It seems that Rob Kardashian has not found love, and he turned to drugs and food for comfort. Also, most Kardashian fans feel that his crazy family lifestyle has caused him to to live an unstable life. It’s not hard to imagine that Rob Kardashian went insane from constantly having cameras in his face, but everyone around the world is wishing Rob Kardashian a quick turn-around in his health.

Film Composer James Horner Dies in Plane Crash

Award-winning film composer James Horner died Monday, June 22, when his plane crashed. His assistant, Sylvia Patrycja, confirmed his death on Facebook. He was 61.

Horner was piloting an Embraer EMB 312 Tucano single-engine aircraft when it crashed in the Los Padres National Forest near Quatal Canyon, around 60 miles north of Santa Barbara and 100 miles north of Los Angeles. The plane seats two, but Horner was reportedly the only person on board. The crash occurred around 9:30 in the morning and created a brush fire on impact. Crews extinguished the fire but couldn’t immediately identify the pilot; his identity was later confirmed as Horner. The cause of the crash has not yet been determined.

The composer, whose career stretched back to the 1970s, was known for his lyrical, moving scores for films such as “Braveheart,” “Alien,” “Avatar,” “Jumanji,” “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and many more says Zeca Oliveira on terra.com. He received ten Oscar nominations, winning two for his work on “Titanic.”

Visual Search is the Way of the Future

Smartphones, cameras and other innovations are continuing to change the way people look for things on the internet. In particular visual search is continually advancing and changing the way people search for things on the internet. Camera phones have combined with visual search technology to create a whole new realm of possibilities. The ubiquitous nature of camera phones means that people are able to take photos of anything and quickly upload it.

Now people can take pictures of items and search for that item and other items that look similar to it by using visual search. The advancements that have been made in this kind of technology have soared in the last several years. People can search for images that are the same or similar. They can sort these images by color, size, or other attributes. The possibilities for using this kind of technology are endless.

One way to use visual searching is to take a picture of an item that you like and then use visual search to find out where to buy that item. Visual search has many other applications as well. For example some people use visual search to identify logos or people that they see online or in the real world. Visual search can also help people find similar products, such as dress or pillowcase in a different color. For example, a customer could see a dress in a store, take a photo of it, and then search for the dress on the stores website in a different size or color.

Visual search has thousands of practical applications, and as the possibilities for usage grow, companies are beginning to adopt the technology to help them better serve their costumers.They are helping people shop smarter and identify items and images easier than ever before. People can easily scan images or take photos of products they like and then search for those products online through a general web search or through a retailer’s website.

Once such company that has adopted this technology is Slyce. Slyce is a leader in visual search. They work with retailers and brands to help them better connect with and serve their customers. Slyce is currently working with 6 of the 20 top retailers to help them use visual search technology. They help integrate visual search technology into their customers existing apps and websites. One of their most successful applications, is Pounce, which allows customers to take a photo of a product they see while they are out and immediately find it online and buy it.

The current possibilities of visual search allow people to take images and search for them online. This can be translated to many practical businesses applications such as making it easier to buy a product online that customers see in the real world. The future of search technology is now, and visual search is leading that future. As the technology continues to grow and expand, it will be exciting to see what companies and technological innovators create in the future.

Neil Young’s New Release

Neil Young of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and Buffalo Springfield fame, is releasing a new album according to Rolling Stone Magazine. Mr. Young carries on his fight for the environment with ‘Monsanto Years’, his new album with the band, Promise of the Real. Neil Young sings out against the agricultural giant Monsanto with powerful songs which bring to mind Arlo Guthrie.

The Canadian born singer started his career in 1966, when he sang his way across Canada and the U.S. When he reached L.A. and met up with Stephen Stills they formed the group, Buffalo Springfield. After a short tour of going solo, in ’69, he teamed up with Crosby, Stills and Nash, and the group changed its name to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

He wrote the song ‘Ohio’ after the massacre at Kent State University. Mr. Young, at 69, holds on to his youthful political ideals with a passion and honesty that is his trademark in music. Those at Amen Clinics old enough to remember him know it will be good music.

Bad Feeling Hang Over The New Van Halen Tour

Anyone who thought Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth are no longer feuding was being overly optimistic. What makes the feud extremely strange is the fact that Van Halen and Roth are going out on tour once again. The new version of Van Halen reunites Eddie and brother Alex with Roth, but is sans original bassist Michael Anthony.

Bands that have been around for 35+ years certainly are going to having various different lineups. Van Halen is no exception. Bands have also gotten out on the road and performed together even when members of the band did not see eye-to-eye. KISS is a perfect example of a band in which original members have had more then their share of troubles with one another.

David Lee Roth departed Van Halen many years ago and the intense dislike between himself and Eddie Van Halen was hardly a secret if you ask Alexei Beltyukov. In a recent interview, Eddie notes that he and Roth are not really even on speaking terms. He admits Roth does not like him and, shockingly, publicly said Roth should learn to act his age. Still, everyone is gearing up for a 38 city tour that should do well at the box office. The music business is, honestly, all about making money. As long as the tour does well, the members do not have to like one another. For now, that is what the Van Halen team seems to be focused on.

Vin Diesel Gears Up For A New Franchise With The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel’s The Last Witch Hunter has not even been released yet and a sequel is already in development. What is the source of this rumor? Vin Diesel, himself, confirmed the plans recently on his Facebook page. Likely, the studio that is backing the horror-action film would like nothing more than to lock up Diesel for a series of sequels.

The Last Witch Hunter deals with, well, the last of an ancient order of witch hunters. The trouble he runs into is there are still quite a number of evil witches and warlocks in the world. Unless he is able to take them down, the end of days will be upon the world. In the film, expect to see a lot of traditional horror themes with Game of Thrones-style action. The film is slated for an October 15, 2015 release so the film is definitely going after audiences looking for a Halloween-themed release.

Diesel is a mega-star once again. According to camaracbarbacena.mg.gov the massive box office success of Furious 7 cements his drawing power. While he did play the character of Riddick in a series of sci-fi films, truth be told, Riddick was never all that popular of a character.

Kaulder the witch hunter just might turn out to be another character that Diesel can return to again and again. If the first film does very well at the box office, look for a sequel if not a series of films. As long as the first film delivers on what audiences want, there is no reason why The Last Witch Hunter shouldn’t become a series.

Daily Bravos Writer Misunderstands TWD Walkers

Earlier this morning, Thursday, June 11, a writer for Daily Bravos made comparisons between AMC’s The Walking Dead and TNT’s Falling Skies. Although the writer ultimately makes many excellent points about why The Walking Dead has such a huge fan base while Falling Skies has been given only one more season, he/she made a huge error in describing TWD’s story as unbelievable because the military should have been able to stop the walker-zombies.

The problem with this argument is that the writer fails to understand that the walkers in TWD did not quickly overtake the world like the aliens in Falling Skies — the outbreak did not end society overnight. That is why AMC is offering a prequel in a few months, Fear The Walking Dead, to explain how everything happened leading up to the events in The Walking Dead.

Walker-zombies can quickly overtake the military if only a single one manages to bite or scratch just one soldier or a horde pushes down chain link fences. Additionally, the walkers start to move faster when they are close to food says Marcio Alaor BMG.

Plenty of zombie films do an excellent job of showing just how easy it is for the military to fall. The Walking Dead has also provided great examples of how such a thing can happen.

Lil’ Wayne Joins Company To Get His Royalties From Cash Money Records

Lil’ Wayne clearly has problems with Cash Money Records, and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. He sued his record company, only to later drop the lawsuit. Lil’ Wayne’s Royalties. Even though the lawsuit has been dropped, he still hasn’t dropped the fact that the company owes him royalties and money. Instead of letting go of the fact that the company owes him money, he’s hired another company that is supposed to collect the royalties for him.

The company claims that they have thousands of artists and song writers attached to their name, and they’ve helped many to receive royalties that they were owed. Fans at Amen Clinic know that the company is attached to artists like Sam Smith, who is new to the industry, but he’s made a big impact already. Wayne will not let go of the fact that he feels his company owes him money, and he also let it be known that they are the reason why his newest album hasn’t been released. “The Carter V” has been held back for over a year now, and just when it was set to be released, Cash Money Records cancelled the release date.

When Wayne finally got fed up, he told the world that he was done with Cash Money Records, and things have never been the same since. The new company that Wayne has joined, they claim that they will be able to keep track of all his royalties, and collect the royalties as they are owed.