Brazilian Writer Jaime Diaz is a Spectacular Brazilian Writer with Five Literary Awards

At 45 years of age, Jaime Garcia Dias has recently received the ABC Award of Brazil Dummy Literature to add to his collection of prestigious awards. Jaime Diaz is the unique and original writer of excellent literary works that have emerged from the Brazilian community.

Born in born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, he began his career as a youth. His father was Arnaldo Diaz, a writer and a journalist, and a great influence on his son Jamie. Jaime used his father’s published works as study tools and devoured every one. His first public reading was at age 18 and he chose one of his father’s books. After this reading, Jaime developed a passion for literature and joined others in Rio de Janeiro to study the Letters.

The Career Of Jaime Diaz

From 1993 – 1997, Mr. Diaz taught teens who were considering going on to the University in Literature. In 1997, he became manager of the Carioca Literature Academy and continued to teach and develop new classes for aspiring young writers in the literary field. In 2007, he became the principal and the academy flourished. It became known as having the largest collection of literature in Brazil.

By this time he was 30 years old and had published 10 books, he was honored to be accepted into the White Crane. The White Crane is an organization that accelerates author’s names across South America and around the world. This award was instrumental in projecting the name of Jaime Garcia Diaz into Europe and was great exposure for Mr. Diaz.

His next work was one of his most predominant works entitled “Fell from Heaven,” which quickly was highly honored by the Argentine writer Joshua Gomez. This recognition caused to propel Diaz even higher into the literary world. Fell from Heaven was recognized throughout South America and was the focus at the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003 in Argentina.

In 2013, he offered the highest respect to his father by writing a publication of a chronic “Wise.” This chronic opened the doors for Jaime to be invited to submit his work to the weekly Jornal de Brazil, a famous literature notebook where he contributed for over two years. Following that engagement, Jaime wrote and released a new book called the “Chronicles that Made M​e Man” that honored his father. The chronicles consist of childhood stories as seen from the eyes of both Jaime as youth and his father, Arnaldo Dias.

Jaime Garcia Diaz has received five significant literary awards among his 20 published works: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. Jaime Diaz is considered one of the leading writers of fiction literature in Brazilian literature.

Choosing The Right Dog Food Brand Is Important For Your Pet

Your dog is a part of your family. Picking out the perfect food for him or her is important to you. And, that is why dog food ads are so great. They show you just how much a brand cares about the animals that it serves. Especially when the animals are featured as part of the ad.
Beneful created an ad that showed dogs of all ages helping each other to make a Rube Goldberg machine work, and it is adorable. The ad not only gives you the chance to watch some really cute dogs in action, but it also helps you to see how much this brand cares about pets. It shows you that this brand puts effort into making sure that their products are the best that they can be, so that your dog can always be healthy and playful.
Watching an ad like that can make you feel inspired to try out a different brand. And, that’s the whole reason that Beneful has put it out there. So, if you are looking for a good dog food brand to try out, then you might want to take your time to think about which brands love dogs just as much as you do. The one who loves them like you do is the dog food brand that you should use.

Beneful Has Been Great For My Rescue Dog

The most fun I have throughout my day is when I spend time with my pet. I have a golden retriever who is my absolute best friend. I picked up my dog from the pound, and I actually rescued him, and they were going to put him down because no one would adopt him. Even though I saved my pet, I feel more like my pet saved me. I only want the best for my pet, so I only buy my pet the best food and found Beneful via wikipedia. It took me a while to get to learn what kind of food my pet likes, especially since he had been cared for differently by its previous owner.

I tested many different foods, and I didn’t have any success until I found the Beneful brand foods. The only reason I knew that he really liked Beneful is because it’s the only food he would eat completely, without leaving anything in his bowl. I used to buy store brand foods because they were the cheapest, but as they say, you get what you pay for. I bought the store brand food on and off, but a lot of times he just wasn’t eating much of the food. I think he was rarely eating only when he was hungry, but not because he enjoyed the food.

I really wanted my pet to enjoy his food, especially since when I received him, he was a bit malnourished. I only decided to try Beneful after I saw a commercial about how great the food was and how nutritious it was. I decided to head over to the pet store and purchase Beneful. While I was there, I also decided that I would purchase some Beneful treats as well, just to see how much my dog would like them. I hit a home run by buying the Beneful food, and it got even better when he tasted the treats.

I never saw him leave even one piece of food in his bowl after I fed him Beneful. After I switched to Beneful brand food, I never had a problem with my pet eating again. I never would have known how great the food was if I hadn’t seen the commercial for it. Although I’m never one to follow what commercials say, I still have to agree that my dog is absolutely in love with the food, and I’ve decided to stick with Beniful for good.


Joseph Bismark Introduces Himself and his Philosophy

I recently encountered a fascinating personal statement by the marketing leader Joseph Bismark on his WordPress. In it he focuses on the powerful role of mental discipline and positive thinking in all of the interrelated theaters of life. He believes that the state of mind is the essential thing, and that a great positive effect on business is something that follows naturally from it. 

Bismark goes on to list a series of principles that guide his approach to business. At the very top of the list is “understanding people.” This requires both empathy and curiosity with regard to the people one interacts with as well as humility with regard to oneself. The next imperative, which is intimately related to the first, is “treating all people with equal respect.” In Bismark’s view this is the true foundation of a successful business, because it leads to a strong environment of mutual trust and growth.This might sound like it could lead to self effacement and weakness, but in Bismark’s philosophy and practice it goes hand in hand with a kind of leadership and confidence that is all the stronger because it is not based on self aggrandizement or narcissism. Instead, Bismark’s approach is all about “inspiring people to take charge” and leading others to match his own inner strength with their own. This dovetails nicely with his emphasis on dynamism: no opportunity should be allowed to slip away because of meekness or hesitation.Another principle that guides Bismark’s enlightened business philosophy is the imperative of constant honest communication. This has several important implications for business practices. For one thing, Bismark stresses the importance of “One on One Networking” and is adamant that young professionals should resist the temptation to interact only over the internet. And he also firmly believes that team members shouldn’t let a fear of conflict keep them from expressing their opinions and offering constructive criticism. People at all levels of an organization should confront, accept, and learn from their mistakes. This is the way we grow as individuals, and it is the best way to create a thriving business environment too.

joseph bismark

Update 23/July

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about this post asking for more from Joseph Bismark. First off, if you’re a WordPress blogger you should really follow his site. It’s a nice little dose of positive news in your feed everyday. Bismark also has the Gems of Wisdom site and Twitter that are both great. Finally, check out these videos for more insights:


Ways to Improve Your Finances

For many people, their finances can be a very stressful aspect of their life. It is integral that you are in charge of your personal finances. You may not recognize it, but you have a lot more control of your finances than you may know. Whether you live in Brazil like Igor Cornelsen or trying to make it in the United States, you are the one that can determine if you will succeed or fail. The following are helpful ways to ensure you improve your finances.

Know Your Cost of Living

Figure out all your expenses for each month. This list should include miscellaneous items as well. If the total of your expenses for the month surpasses your income, you need to eliminate any expenditure that isn’t a necessity.

Develop Sustainable Goals

Decide on what you can feasibly attain and every month focus on reaching those goals. Doing too much at one time may cause you to negate your goals.

Save for Emergencies

Whenever possible, save any additional money that could be used if an emergency arise. Unexpected events happen all the time, so it is wise to plan accordingly. It has been advised that an appropriate time frame for a savings account should be for at least six months. In addition to saving money, you could also possibly earn extra money with part-time employment this will enable you to attain your goals quicker.

Seek Credit Counseling or a Debt Resolution

If you in a lot of debt and don’t know what to do, you may want to consider credit counseling. A credit counselor will assist you by conducting a complete overview of your credit, and then they will offer you debt relief options that will meet your specific financial needs. Also, another option of relieving your debt is to consider a debt settlement. This alternative could decrease your debt by 40%-50% these cutbacks could allow you to be free from debt in four years.

New Lays Flavors

Once again, fans of Lays like Kenneth Griffin are up to some crazy concoctions and wild thinking. That’s because this year, the Do Us A Flavor competition is back. Fans have to submit their wild, cooky, yet hopefully delicious potato chip ideas for the public to vote upon. Last year, we saw some crazy ideas including a cappuccino potato chip.

This year, there’s four new flavors hitting the shelves. On a strange side note, they actually really don’t sound that bad. According to GrubStreet gyro, truffle fries, biscuits and gravy, as well as a Reuben flavored chip are out there for your taste bud pleasure. The voting doesn’t open up till the end of this month so that gives you plenty of time to find and try the flavors.

On the bright side, none of these are sweet so they might not actually be to bad. Typically, when people eat a reuben they choose to do so with chips. Some people even put chips on top of that famous sandwich. Therefore, the New York Reuben might actually not be that bad. Kettle-Cooked Greektown Gyro is another flavor that seems like it would go well in chip form. Afterall, it’s got that salty taste to it anyways. Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries are decent sounding. I mean, both are made out of potatoes anyways. Therefore, isn’t a fry and a chip siblings or something? Finally, southern biscuits and gravy has such a following already that people may just gobble them up!

The Future of Visual Effects Could Mean Some Interesting New Concerts

They may seem like a minimal part of a movie, but quality visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are so important in film making. Visual effects are created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot. Visual effects are made by using live-action footage and imagery to create very realistic looking environments that would either be impossible or too dangerous to film in. John Textor is the perfect example of a visual effects artist. Textor has worked on the visual effects in movies such as “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Transformers”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, “Tron: Legacy”, and “Real Steel”.

As well as visual effects, Textor has even created a few life-like versions of late celebrities like Michael Jackson. In May of 2014, the late Jackson came to life one more time on the Billboard Music Awards telecast. Textor, who served as chairman of the operation said that though Jackson may have looked like a hologram, he wasn’t. He was merely an illusion. This highly complex project took more than 8 months to develop, and was especially difficult because all of Jackson’s dance moves had to replicated exactly. Those who worked on the project knew they had done a good job when those who knew Michael best started crying during the telecast. As well as Michael Jackson, John Texter has created life-like illusions of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and Tupac Shakur.

Since audiences were captivated with the Michael Jackson illusion, there has been talk of creating illusions of other deceased celebrities and hosting posthumous concerts and shows that some are referring to as ‘The Late Legends Tour’. John Textor says that he has heard a lot from estates and promoters saying, “We’re ready for a concert.” If such a thing were to happen in the near future, candidates for ‘The Late Legends Tour’ include Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Bob Marely. These concerts would be held in big casino cities like Las Vegas and Macau.

Obviously, one of the greatest challenges to creating one of these tours is creating a story out of the concerts. It will take much more to entertain audiences than a late celebrity who simply sits on a stool and sings a few songs. It is also questionable whether this new technology will be able to sustain a 90 minute concert. John Textor believes that it may take some more time before these new concerts can happen.

OrganoGold: Making The Ganodmera Difference

The Ganoderma lucidem is a mushroom found in the more topical reaches of Asia. Long used for medicinal purposes in Asia, it is also the foundational ingredient of OrganoGold products. Sprouting from both living and dead trees, for millennia the majestic-looking mushroom as been lauded for its uses in the Eastern world.

OrganoGold is the sole company in North America to partner with the Ganoderma’s largest producers to bring this mushroom to the West. The Ganoderma is harvested organically, dried, sterilized and processed into a light powder in a completely natural process. It is then ready for use in a wide variety of the company’s products.

OrganoGold offers customers beverages that include its popular coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and cafe latte, mocha and supreme. The company also offers a line of single-serve brewcups for additional convenience. OrganoGold’s beverages helped make it the substantial brand it is today, but the company has branched out to provide products for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of Ganoderma in non-beverage form.

The company offers nutraceuticals including the Gandomera lucidem itself in easy to consume capsules. In addition, Mycelium, spore powder, and grape seed oil are available for purchase. To showcase a broader range of Gandomera’s uses the company has also produced personal care products. This includes the G3 Beauty Soap for skin revitalization and G3 Mmile for a brighter and whiter smile.

The man behind the success of the OrganoGold brand is founder and CEO Bernardo Chua. Already successful in business, Chua drew inspiration from his dream to bring the power of the Gandomera mushroom to the wider world. The company began in 2008 with one small shop in Richmond, B.C., Canada with just three employees. After initial success, Chua astutely built a team of highly motivated distributors to help bring his product to a larger consumer base. This model proved very successful and helped to boost the company’s revenues to hundreds of millions dollars in just a few years.

As a result, the OrganoGold brand now benefits from a robust community of partners who not only distribute the products, but use it themselves everyday. The benefits of this ancient medicinal mushroom are increasingly being shared by the world as a whole. It’s global network marketing strategy is making the company a rapidly expanding global brand. In addition, the company is the corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation, a non-profit that is helping mold future leaders around the world.

Crystal Hunt Proves Successful as a Prominent Character in Magic Mike Sequel

The long awaited sequel to Magic Mike features a backdrop story of camaraderie among women. One actress who fits nicely into this equation is the freakish “Lauren,” played by Crystal Hunt. Hunt is best known for her appearances on the long running soap operas, “Guiding Light” and “One Life to Live.”

Released on July 1, 2015, the movie has garnered significant box office numbers. Magic Mike XXL catches up with featured male stripper, Mike Lane, portrayed by actor, Channing Tatum, as he decides to participate in a final stint as an exotic male revue dancer. Meanwhile, Lane reconvenes the entire crew (The Kings of Tampa) for one last road trip, stripping at different venues, before they all permanently retire.

Although, the majority of the film is centered on the men in Magic Mike XXL, there’s a group of empowered women who successfully step out of their shadows. The women share their private fantasies about male strippers, with the men becoming the objects of desire.

Hunt joins the group of electric women, who share different connections to the male strippers. The other talented Hollywood actresses in the movie include, Jada Pinkett- Smith as brothel owner and “Mistress of Ceremonies,” Rome, Andie MacDowell plays Nancy, Elizabeth Banks is Paris, Rhoda Griffis portrays Julia, and Raeden Greer plays Charlotte, Jane McNeill is Mae, and Caroline is portrayed by Kimberley Drummond.

Crystal Hunt is originally from the gulf coast of Florida. She was born in Clearwater, Florida and started in show business at the tender age of two. Hunt first showcased her talents in pageants and then moved onto commercials, before getting her big break. In 2005, she was nominated for “Outstanding Performance by a Younger Actress.”

Wikipedia Writing: How You Can Start Submitting Articles Today

Wikipedia is one of the largest online sources of information there is. It’s simple to find the answers to common questions, and you can also help contribute to this community too. No matter what question you type into any search engine, Wikipedia is one of the first to respond with current and up to date information. However, you may find that something is incorrect, or there is something that is not accurate within the article. As a consumer, you have the right to change that information and make it right or even create a Wikipedia page if you think it’s helpful. Also, you can write articles and submit them if there is nothing about a subject that you know a great deal about. Perhaps it’s a movie star or it’s a disease you’ve been dealing with, whatever you have that can help to make this online community even better is greatly appreciated. So how does one put new articles on Wikipedia and what is their rules for submitting content?

First, the article cannot have any spelling or grammar errors. They want everything to flow nicely and it must look like a professional wrote the piece. They don’t want really long articles, rather they want short ones that flow well. They need to see that you know what you’re talking about, so a reference section with outside links is always noted. The basis of the information should be broken down into easy to read sections that have a header. This allows people to skim the article and focus on the area where they need to read. Not everyone is interested in reading the whole article, oftentimes they are looking for specific information. This is why headers are so important.

Pictures are always a great addition to any article. If it’s about a person, finding a picture on the internet to include is advisable. When it comes to medical diagnoses this may be a bit harder. Write the article in a news style method and always keep a formal tone. Don’t ever write in first or second person. Always use third person method of speech. When in doubt about how to write the perfect article, take a look at some of the feature articles and see how they are written. They can show you how to format and what is acceptable phraseology to use.

It sounds like a great deal to take in, but it’s really not that hard once you get stared. In a matter of minutes, you can have a wonderful article that can be beneficial to the online community.