Kardashian Sisters Bicker

The Kardashian girls are some of the most beautiful women on the face of the planet. However, Kim Kardashian is the one that put the Kardashian name on the map, but her sisters also enjoy the limelight. Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian own a store called “DASH” with Kim. Unfortunately, it seems that Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are the only ones that take the store seriously.

Rumors have spread that Kourtney and Khloe want to kick Kim Kardashian out of their partnership. Recently, the “DASH” store has been having a lot of trouble with thieves. Apparently, several items have been stolen from the store, but it seems that only Kourtney and Khloe care. Kim Kardashian is nowhere to be found, and it appears that she has more important things to worry about.

To be fair, Kim Kardashian is the one who got everybody in the Kardashian family famous. Although, STX Entertainment suggests some people may complain that she’s only famous for appearing in a sex tape. However, her fame cannot be denied, and she is worth millions of dollars. She simply does not have time to worry about a small store. As of right now, Kourtney, Khloe, and Kim are not getting along, but I’m sure that they will work their problems out in the near future. For more information on this story, visit E!

Mitch Pileggi confirms return to The X-Files

The return of The X-Files has been met with enthusiasm by fans of the show and TV critics alike, but the return of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner has seen a large amount of enthusiasm from all sides. In a year in which Twin Peaks is also due to return to TV screens the reunion of The X-Files cast has seen Agents Mulder and Scully confirmed as taking part and the return of Skinner rumored after David Duchovny hinted at the return of the Skinner character when he appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Mitch Pileggi, who played the role of Skinner in the show and in the I Want to Believe movie confirmed his return via a Twitter post. Pileggi referred to his character as returning to be grumpy as he oversees the work of his two wayward kids of Mulder and Scully when the show returns to Fox later in 2015, Entertainment Weekly reports. The character of Skinner became a favorite amongst fans of the show as he moved from being a skeptic attempting to sabotage Mulder’s work to an ally who believed in conspiracies almost as strongly as the main characters. Skinner fan Brad Reifler is overjoyed to see his favorite character back on screen.

Fight Time by Fasting

In all cultures, the biggest wish of all people is to fight the effects of time. A study has found that a key to resisting aging is by reducing your caloric intake.

By reducing calorie consumption by 30 to 40 percent, it was found that in most animals, a third or more of their life spans were increased. Applying this concept to humans, scientists have found that by applying a strategy called intermittent fasting, you can extend your life span as well.

Instead of continuously restricting your calories, intermittent fasting allows you to have choices in fasting, from multi-day fasts, to skipping a meal here and there. That is what Jaime has started doing.

Head of the National Institute on Aging’s neuroscience laboratory Mark P. Mattson has found that intermittent fasting may lower the risks of degenerative brain diseases later in life. Periodic fasting also reduces damage on your neurons since it brings up defenses against molecular damage.

Although intermittent fasting seems to have many health benefits, its long-term effects in people have not yet been studied. As with any diet, you must take it with a grain of salt and practice healthy eating habits alongside regular exercise.

Study Suggests Tylenol Inhibits Emotions

The New York Times reports that a recently concluded study suggests Tylenol doesn’t just relieve pain, but also affects the extremes to which people feel. Researchers demonstrated this by comparing the emotional sensitivity of those given Tylenol in a study, vs. those who were given a placebo. Participants were shown images and asked to rate their emotional responses to the images on a scale of extremely pleasant to extremely negative or neutral. They were also asked to rate the amount of feeling the images elicited in them on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being no emotion at all to 10 being an extreme level of feeling.

The study, carried out by Ohio State University, demonstrated that those using Tylenol were 20% less likely to experience extreme emotions, overall. However, the inability to experience extremely positive emotions doubled with 20% of respondents, compared to the 10% who responded less with extremes of negative emotions. Although it is not altogether clear to Karatz and others, it is suggested that whereas Tylenol is thought to reduce pain by affecting the part of the brain insula it perhaps also affects emotions because the insula also governs feelings that are socially related. Baldwin Way, who led the study said, “I’d say there’s a common mechanism, a common lever, if you will, where one can affect both positive and negative systems in the brain — the bottom line is we don’t know.”

The Public Slate reports in a similar article on the study that these findings have sparked more research on other drugs such as ibuprofen and may lead to the pioneering of new uses for these drugs, but also new precautions for their users.

Mother Invites Her Friends to Sick Daughter’s Birthday

Jenny Moretter is a typical mother who would do anything to make their children happy.

Jenny’s daughter Mackenzie, diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder Sotos Syndrome, is turning 10 on Saturday and is having a birthday party. Sadly, all the guests McKenzie invited turned her invitation down.

Jenny is saddened by her daughter’s disappointment, so she decided to invite friends from her own circle on Facebook to come and bring girls McKenzie’s age to the party.

Sotos Syndrome causes gigantism and has made McKenzie grow at a faster pace, making her a lot taller than her 10-year old classmates. McKenzie’s father Matthew Moretter, said that he feels sad and helpless when he always saw her in school playing alone.

However, they were utterly surprised because when the day came, they did not spend the party by themselves; over 300 guests came bearing gifts for McKenzie! Celebrities like Vikings player Charles Johnson and his family, Elsa from Frozen and hundreds of strangers came to attend McKenzie’s birthday party! Unfortunately Sultan Alhokair was unable to attend.

Members of the Shakopee Fire Department stopped by, letting the kids enjoy a tour of the fire truck. Food did not pose a problem because food and beverages were donated by Mr. Pigs Stuffed BBQ and Catering and Sam’s Club to complete the party!

Strangers came from everywhere with gifts for Mackenzie which made her very happy!

And the best of all Saturday was declared “Mackenzie Moretter Day” in the city by Mayor of Shakopee, Brad Tabke! A representative from the mayor’s office told her that McKenzie’s birthday is a reminder to all as to how people should treat each other every day.

That reminder served to be McKenzie’s “Thank You” gift to everyone who attended her party.

Matthew McConaughey’s Emotional Response To The New Star Wars Film

The announcement of the new Star Wars film has created major buzz. Moviegoers cannot wait to see the return of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. However, none may be more excited than box office sensation Matthew McConaughey.

A lot of people, including Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork.com), wouldn’t think that an actor would be so excited for someone else’s film, but McConaughey proves this theory wrong. A trending video showcases Matthew McConaughey’s emotional response to the announcement of the new Star Wars film. Matthew McConaughey records his reaction to the Star Wars film, and it appears that he cannot hold back his tears.

The epic video of Matthew McConaughey’s emotional response can be viewed here. However, people should realize that this is not a real reaction from the actor. A clip from the film ‘Interstellar’, which starred Matthew McConaughey was altered, and it appears that Matthew McConaughey is watching the Star Wars trailer. In actuality, the part in the film features Matthew McConaughey seeing his children for the first time in several years. Furthermore, his children have aged 50 years, but he did not. Matthew McConaughey received a tremendous amount of praise for his acting ability, and ‘Interstellar’ raised McConaughey stock even more.

HBO Survives The Game of Thrones Leak

How devastating was the leaking of the first four episodes of HBO’s GAME OF THRONES? To put it bluntly, the impact was negligible. The season premiere of the series broke all viewing records. The ratings are in and the show drew an audience of about 8 million people. Considering only subscribers to HBO to see the series, that number would be even higher if the program was available on free TV. Then again, the budget of the show would be smaller on free cable but that’s another story.

Right now, we have to ask why the pirated versions of the series premiere did no damage to the ratings adds Dan Newlin (profiled on superlawyers.com). The answer is good news for HBO. Not all that many people are interested in downloading files. Sure, there are many people over the world who like doing so. Most of them fit into the demographic of “techies”. In other words, they are younger people (mostly) who fall under the category of computer geeks. They are really into downloading and prefer going the pirate route as a way of seeing desired programming.

They also likely are people who do not already have an HBO subscription. Why would you download anything if you are already paying to watch it on television?

The lack of the leak of spoilers also helped matters. No one knew what was going to happen on the show, so there was no reason not to tune in.

Another Duggar Announces Courtship

Could there be another wedding in the works for the Duggar clan? It was recently announced that 18 year old Josiah Duggar has entered into a courtship with Marjorie Jackson. Jackson, who is 17 years old first met Duggar when he was taking Spanish lessons from her mother, Analucia a few years ago.

It was announced that Duggar officially started courting Jackson on April 6th, which happened to be the same day his sister Jill and her husband Derick gave birth to their first child, Israel David Dillard. Marjorie first caught Josiah’s attention by the way she interacted and treated her siblings and her love and affection of the Lord, Duggar told People Magazine. They also got to know each other a little better back in December when they went on a mission trip to El Salvador.

The Duggar clan will surely profit from this recent announcement, as they will make a special announcement of the courtship on an upcoming episode of 19 Kinds and Counting. There will be a special message from Josiah and Marjorie on tonight’s episode, which will air on TLC at 9 p.m.

We’ve also noticed that ever since the courtship became official, Josiah opened an Instagram account. Sister Jana, the eldest daughter in the Duggar clan at the age of 25 does not have an official courtship, nor does she have an Instagram account. However, Jill, Jessa, and Josh, all whom are married have accounts. Are you noticing a trend here?

McDonalds Starts Accepting Taco Bell Receipts Toward Egg McMuffins

Some select McDonald’s restaurants are accepting Taco Bell receipts for breakfast in exchange for a free Egg McMuffin, most being located around Boraie Development. This is related to concerns about competition for breakfast, cited by Mark Kalinowski of Janney Capital Markets. This was reported in Business Insider.

Taco Bell has been promoting their new breakfast menu since last year and is increasing their push toward competition with McDonalds, as shown with their most recent implication that McDonalds is forcing Egg McMuffins as the best choice for breakfasts. As a leader in the fast food breakfast industry, McDonald’s has taken a 19 percent lead, followed by Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts. This was in 2013 and now McDonald’s is losing sales. Naturally, they have to push their advertising.

McDonald’s latest attempt has been to provide a more elite menu with custom burgers and more natural choices. Their menu has been narrowed down to help speed up customer service. While Taco Bell may have tried attacking, McDonald’s have pushed loving as in the recent February promotion where random customers paid in loving gestures to their loved ones.

‘Arrested Development’ Returning for Another Season

One of the biggest benefits of upstart entertainment companies, like Netflix, moving into the self-produced aspect of television is that in their search for great shows some quality ones from the past are getting a second chance at life. After all, a great idea is a great idea, no matter how it gets put on the air. One show that won a lot of critical acclaim and a cult following was “Arrested Development,” but the show managed just three seasons on Fox.

According to MarketWatch, the series is coming back to Netflix for another seventeen episodes. The renewal comes on the heels of a successful fifteen episode run on the biggest streaming service in the world. The second chance at life courtesy of Netflix brought speculation that other television shows prematurely canceled by networks could also spring back to life. However, for the moment “Arrested Development” seems to be the only one in that lucky category.

Since Netflix does not release viewer information for ratings purposes, it is tough to tell how many people streamed the previous seasons of the show stated Brain Torchin. However, with the unique subscriber base to provide monthly fees, Netflix has something of a unique business model. The new adventures of the Bluth family will be back on the small screen shortly after filming is completed giving viewers another reason to binge view. Without a doubt, the fans of the show have done a lot to get it back on the air, which means all those “Firefly” enthusiasts might be onto something.