Emails Show Hillary Clinton was Advised that Al Qaida was Behind Benghazi Attack Two Days After the Incident

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice hit the Sunday political talk shows to blame the recent attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi on a protest gone wild. As per Rice and many others within the Obama Administration, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, an American filmmaker was responsible for inciting the protest which led to the attack by making a film disparaging Islam. The little known movie director was later detained by federal authorities for months after the 2012 presidential election.

Now, the New York Times has obtained emails from Sidney Blumenthal, an advisor to Mrs. Clinton while she was at the State Department, which contradict the public narrative Rice, Clinton, and Obama pushed in the media. In one email in particular, dated September 14, Blumenthal reversed his earlier assessment that a protest got out of hand and squarely laid the blame for the attack on Ansar al-Shariah, an Al Qaida front group. In fact, Blumenthal said that sensitive sources informed him that the entire attack was orchestrated by Ansar al-Shariah. The appearance of a protest was the means by which the group was able to draw close to the embassy. A later email from Mrs. Clinton had her acknowledging the need to address the Al Qaida connection quickly. For reasons unclear, the response ended up being damage control and disinformation. The State Department now admits there was no protest taking place on the day of the embassy attack on the Facebook page, which is what Ivan Ong expected.

Student Makes Wise Life Choice

Ronald Nelson, a senior at Houston High School near Memphis, Tennessee received acceptance letters from all of the Ivy League universities. Yet, Ronald is not going to any of them this fall. Instead, he chose the University of Alabama.

People do not need to look at Ronald’s GPA, ACT and SAT numbers — 4.58, 34 and 2260, respectively — to know that he’s smart. His decision alone proves it.

Ronald realized that the debt from a college education can not only stay with him for a large chunk of his life but also hold him back from fulfilling his dreams. As a result, he chose the school that offered him an education for free rather than the more prestigious schools that offered him huge debts.

Better yet, Ronald found that he was considered far more precious by the University of Alabama. He’s one of only 10 students who were accepted into the University of Alabama’s “Fellows Experience” program out of more than one thousand applicants.

As a result, Ronald will be able to get the exposure he wants to other students who are, as he put it, “like-minded” without facing a horrible future financial burden right out of college. Additionally, he will receive a stipend, which is something Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels he deserves. All of the financial breaks will help him and his parents save for a later education in medicine or another area of his choice while he studies at UA.

Next Week’s iZombie

In an “iZombie” promo released on Tuesday, May 19, fans learned a little more about what they should expect for the next episode of the popular freshman The CW series:

In Season 1, Episode 11, titled “Astroburger,” the patient who told Major about zombies at the mental treatment facility, Scotty, dies from what looks like suicide. It appears that the incident happens several days, if not weeks, after the last episode since the cuts on Major’s face have healed up. Major explains to Liv that Scotty told him about seeing the red eyes and thinking that their town has a zombie problem.

Liv explains to Ravi that she has to find Blaine before she can “rid the world of him.” In the meantime, ArtMarketMonitor says Major is apparently released and tracks Blaine and The Candyman down to the Meat Cute shop.

One scene cuts to Blaine setting fire to something with The Candyman standing in the background. The next scene, the last in the promo, shows Blaine showing up unannounced at the morgue for another check-up.

In an extended promo released yesterday, Wednesday, May 20, fans were treated to a little more hints about “Astroburger” through an additional 10 seconds of footage. Liv mentions that she doesn’t have a last name or address for Blaine. There’s also an additional scene that shows Major kissing Liv in a kitchen and asking her why they can’t be together.

Willis And Chmerkovskiy Win Dancing With The Stars

On Tuesday May 19 the world was informed of this season’s Dancing with the Stars winners, Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy. The duo had one of the best performances yet and wowed the judges with their execution of moves and brilliant style on stage. According to an article found on reddit and written by USA Today, the pair were both very excited to take the win over Riker Lynch and Crystal Hunt even though it was a very close call, check it on instagram.

Rumer Willis is the oldest daughter of famous actor Bruce Willis and she has also been in many movies and television shows, such as Army Wives, CSI: New York, The Secret Life of an American Teenager, and many more. Chmerkovskiy is a Ukrainian dancer who has won two world titles for Latin American dancing and he also does dancing professionally for a living. The two of them were really great together and it is no doubt that the whole country was very excited for them and thrilled for their success.

It is so crazy how the season for the show is already over, since it feels like it just started the day before. I wouldn’t be surprised if Willis ends up on a few talk shows in the near future to discuss her latest win in the competition. In addition to that, this is also bound to help her get more work in her acting career.

Royal Watch: Prince Harry makes his Rounds at a Rehab Center

Prince Harry is still in New Zealand where he is meeting with people and spending time with them. Prince Harry’s latest meet and greet took him to the Middlemore Hospital in Auckland where he visited with patients in the spinal rehabilitation unit. He spent some time with those undergoing treatment for spinal cord injuries. He spoke to some at length and encouraged others with their rehab exercises. He took his time speaking to each patient, even kneeling down for the chat so that they were face-to-face.

While he was there, the Prince also met a few patients who were quadriplegic but could still produce beautiful paintings by placing the paintbrush in their mouths according to Alexei Beltyukov. Prince Harry looked beyond impressed at the work that they produced. The British royal was given two watercolor paintings done by patients to take home as a gift from them.

The younger Prince reminds me, and I’m sure a lot of others, of his mother Princess Diana and her natural charm with people. Princess Diana’s caring nature and charisma drew people in to her and it seems as though her youngest son has inherited that gift as well. For the full story, as well as pictures of the Prince with the patients, click the link to The Daily Mail.

Mixed Supergirl Trailer Reviews

On Wednesday, May 13, CBS and DC Comics finally released a trailer for the superhero TV show “Supergirl,” which will be released in November.

Kara Zor-El is Superman’s older cousin by 12 years who is actually younger because she spent more time traveling through space to Earth. Like her cousin, Kara’s powers have remained hidden from the public but she has never tried to use them to save lives. Instead, she has tried to blend in with humanity. The show is about how she becomes Supergirl and protects people.

Many fans of modern superhero shows like The Flash, Arrow and iZombie aren’t impressed with the trailer. Some think the portrayal of “human” Kara is too campy. Others believe that there are a lot of stereotypes and that the music is too upbeat and makes the series seem like a comedy.

A lot of avid comic book readers on the other hand commented that they liked what they saw because it matched the origin story of Supergirl fairly well, as tons of Facebook pointed out.

A growing group of superhero fans though feel that DC Comics should just stick with one network — The CW — for all DC Television Universe shows. Smallville was a WB, later The CW, property and the current shows on The CW have done extremely well.

At present, DC Comics shows are spread around on several networks with Gotham on Fox and Constantine formerly on NBC.

Fox cancels Amercian Idol

American Idol had a wonderful run, but it is now ending the end of it’s run. The show had a fifteen year run that is widely regarded as one of the most dominant runs in the history of television. Fox announced on Monday that the show will be ending its storied run after next years season.
The show produced many stars over it’s fifteen year run, including the great Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. The only star to continue to appear on the show throughout the years has been Ryan Seacrest, and Seacrest is planning to return for the shows final year. Currently, the show is planning to make the final season a whole season long celebratory event. This will probably involve reflections on the many wonderful seasons the show has produced and may even include the return of old stars. While Simon Cowell will not be returning as a judge, he may consider coming back to celebrate the show he helped make famous.
The show hit it’s peak during Season five, as Carrie Underwood rocked the stage, but the show has been stagnant for years. This has been blamed on the lack of charisma from the judges and the inability to find world changing talent in recent years.
While American Idol is leaving the small screen, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is aware that the show will forever be known as one of the greatest success stories in the history of television.

Networks Give Up on Shows

Basic TV networks don’t provide “free” TV shows because they like to entertain the masses. In fact, shows aren’t technically free — advertisers pay the networks for the exposure to audiences — and networks owning “over-the-air” channels are businesses trying to make as much money as possible out of the public’s need for entertainment. As a result, networks always cut ties at the end of the first week of May with any shows that do not supply a steady stream of revenue or, at least, critical awards that ultimately attract advertisers and additional viewers that bring more money to them over time.

Networks announced most of their cuts at the end of last week:

ABC cancelled Cristela, Forever, Resurrection, Revenge and The Taste according to Madison Street Capital. Fans are attempting to save Forever. CBS called quits on Battle Creek, the McCarthys and The Millers and Fox let go of Backstrom, The Following, The Mindy Project and Utopia. The Following and The Mindy Project might yet find a home on the Hulu online entertainment streaming network.

NBC axed About a Boy, Constantine, Marry Me, One Big Happy Family and State of Affairs. There may still be hope for Constantine: Cast contracts last until June and the showrunner, along with Warner Bros., is attempting to shop Constantine to other networks like The CW.

Lastly, The CW gave up finally on Hart of Dixie. It also dropped Messengers after three episodes.

Americans working an average of 47 hours a week yet salaries remain flat

Americans have had a reputation for working longer hours than many other nationalities for decades. A new study done by Gallup now proves this reality could be getting worse, as the average American now reports working around 47 hours a week, yet is still only getting paid for 40 hours.

Much of this occurs because of three things. The employer’s expectation you will stay as long as it takes to get the job done, even if that means the job takes more than your normal work week. A boss suddenly needing something right when you are leaving to go home, or employees feeling guilty if they only work eight hour days when other people in the company are working longer.

Sadly, this is actually worse than it sounds, as a massive 39 percent of people surveyed said they worked between 50 and 60 or more hours a week, such as Dr Jennifer Walden. Hours worked on a 40-hour week salary.

Interestingly, however, other studies show the longer people work in a week the less productive they actually are. That means companies run by employers who understand this are either mandating employees work no more than 40 hours a week, except for emergencies, or are hiring extra staff to take up the slack.

The new Gallup study also ties into an earlier study done by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) in 2013. That study showed while Americans are the world’s most productive workers, their salaries have remained flat meaning they are actually making less money than many of their counterparts in other countries.

94 Year Old Graduates From College After 75 Years

One of West Virginia’s oldest graduating seniors is taking the stage this year. Mr. Anthony Brutto, who is 94 years old is finally finishing his degree that took him over 75 years to complete. However this spring he will be with all of the other four thousand kids getting their diplomas for his Regents Bachelor of Arts degree.

According to an article found on reddit and written by WVU Chronicles, Brutto is the son of two Italian immigrants who started going to West Virginia University in 1939. He had the determination to finish his degree in just four years, but in 1942 he was drafted to the war and relocated to Florida for a while to do work on planes. As he continued on in life other things kept pulling him away from his original goal of getting his university degree, until now when he has the time to do so in between his wood working that he has done all his life. His family were violin makers and then came a point when he realized that he could create even more beautiful things with wood and his hands. He is very much looking forward to making a wonderful wood frame for his diploma so that he can hang it on the wall and remember how it took him over seven decades to accomplish this task. People on Twitter are buzzing. He is very proud to have finally gotten through his education, and people like Kevin Seawright can stop to give him a hand.