A look at what motivated David McDonald to join OSI Industries

Since he joined OSI Group in 1991, David McDonald, the current president has undertaken many initiatives to transform the company. Under his leadership, OSI Group has grown to become a premier supplier of value-added products. Initially, OSI Group focused on protein products before diversifying into non-protein products for their new markets in China, Japan and India. Currently, OSI Group produces a wide range of products that include pizza, sausage links, beef patties and many more. They are the major suppliers of world-renowned brands such as the McDonalds, Starbucks, Yum, Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s and the Saizeriya. There are serving clients in seventeen different countries where they have over 65 processing facilities.

OSI Group’s leadership

OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a reverend businessman. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who set up camp in Chicago, where he founded the business. Right from the beginning, Otto Kolschowsky had a dream of transforming his small business into a multinational entity. In the early years, Otto focused on opening new outlets in the Chicago suburbs before rebranding it into Otto & Sons in 1928.

As years progressed, Otto Kolschowsky mentored his two sons so that they could take over the family business. When they took over from their father, the two sons continued to grow the business by partnering with renowned brands such as the McDonalds. The partnership helped to transform Otto & Sons from a family business to multinational company, which they named OSI Industries.

The current leadership at OSI Group

When the sons of Otto approached retirement years, they partnered with Sheldon Lavin to help in running the company. Sheldon owned a financial consultancy firm that helped OSI Industries in acquiring funds for their expansion plans in the late 1980s.

In 1991, the current president of OSI Group joined the company as a project manager. While working closely with Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald managed to secure several deals that catapulted OSI Industries into the international limelight.

Unlike Sheldon Lavin who has a background in Financing, David McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from the University of Lowa. He grew up in the farms of Lowa where he gained a lot of interest in agriculture. While growing up, David McDonald came face-to-face with the challenges that farmers were facing. As a result, David McDonald gained a lot of interest in improving the state of agriculture considering that it is solely responsible for feeding billions of people across the globe.

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Ryan Seacrest is Making Television For Children By Children

Ryan Seacrest is a mega-star. The man has appeared on television screens across the world and his silky voice booms out of radios in cars from America to China. But, how did he get here? Where is he going? Here is a look at the story and future of Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest got his first gig in the entertainment industry when he was at a tender age of 16. He was still in high school. After scoring an internship at the Atlanta radio station WSTR(FM) he was given a slot as a night host. He then went to college and left soon thereafter to move to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being a host. A dream that he accomplished in spades. His first gigs were relatively small, at least for Seacrest, and they included hosting an ESPN outdoor game show and 3 children’s game shows.

He hit the international stage when, in 2001, American Idol hired him to be their host. His smile charmed America, and the rest is history, well sort of. Seacrest has leveraged his fame to score himself a clothing line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction) and a skincare line (Polished). He is also a major producer who runs his studio RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) and is responsible for shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is also slotted into the radio on his show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which is a mega-popular syndicated radio show.

Ryan’s future, however, may be more directed towards charity. Ryan started his own charity that puts entertainment hubs in pediatric hospitals across America, and so far, it has been a hit. Ryan Seacrest’s charity puts what they call Seacrest Studios into hospitals. These hubs allow children to create their own shows using a greenscreen and camera equipment and then play it on a closed-circuit television for other children at the hospital to watch.

It doesn’t stop there. Ryan has used his Hollywood connections to get celebrities and musicians to play live concerts on the closed-circuit networks and even perform shows live for the children to watch. Ryan Seacrest has created a charity that he has the expertise and knowledge in and uses his fame to leverage himself entertainment for his charity as well. Maybe Ryan Seacrest’s future is Seacrest Studios the world’s first for children by children television channel. Only time will tell.

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People Use Waiakea Water to Help Balance pH

When the creators of Waiakea Water bottle their water at the source, they know it’s a great option for people to enjoy. The company always tries helping their customers see the positive options they get from the water and the things that come from drinking the water. Even though they know their water doesn’t actually heal or cure any diseases, they trust in the healing powers that come from the water. The company works on making sure they only bottle at the source and find the purest sources possible so people can get more from the water. When customers purchase Waiakea Water, they know they’re getting a great brand that will continue giving them the options they need to feel better. The company makes a point of helping people get the right kind of water and getting something that is truly good for their bodies.

Drinking water that doesn’t come from a tap helps people feel better. It gives them a better chance to connect with nature and get back to their roots. The right kind of water helps people stay grounded and gives them a chance to truly feel as though they’re getting something that is good for them. Health isn’t about lowering fat or staying away from carbs. It’s about eating the way that nature intended for bodies to eat. Waiakea Water supports that mission and helps people feel as though they make good choices with the water options they have.

For Waiakea Water to keep doing things that are good for them, they know that people are getting more from all the options they have. They also know everyone can get a better experience with their own lives if they choose the right kind of water. Waiakea Water continues looking at all the water options they have and that’s an important part of the opportunities they provide. Waiakea Water knows what people need and they aren’t afraid to keep selling their water so the customers can get a better experience when they want to be as healthy as they can during different things that they’re doing for their bodies.


Ryan Seacrest Hosts Success and Philanthropy

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known radio host, television personality, and producer. His main claim to fame is hosting American Idol, which he has done since 2004. He also hosts American Top 40, a syndicated countdown program created by Casey Kasem. His latest gig is hosting daily talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Live with Kelly and Ryan is the successor to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Seacrest is the second male co-host to take up the reigns created by Regis Philbin in a landmark 28 year run on the show. Seacrest also is taking a management position in the show as its executive producer.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia Seacrest was an entertainer from birth. According to his mother, Constance Marie, Seacrest would put on make believe shows as a boy. Seacrest got his first taste of radio when he was 16, winning an internship with WSTR. Trained by Tom Sullivan, Seacrest became a DJ for the weekend overnight shift. At age 19 Seacrest travelled to Hollywood to venture a career in broadcasting. He has been a success ever. since.

Seacrest, as stated in his Forbes profile, has hosted a wide variety of shows in his illustrious career. A true personality Seacrest is an excellent choice to carry a show. He hosted ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge in 1993, Gladiators 2000 in 1994, and the NBC Saturday Night Movie in 2000. Seacrest is even a TV host for actual T.V. shows, appearing as a fictional T.V. host in Beverly Hills 90210. The Top 40 and Live are not the only mantles he has inherited. Seacrest is also the co-host for ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve which he took from legend Dick Clark. He also wears his other hat as executive producer for that show as well.

Seacrest is best known for hosting American Idol. At present he is one of the highest paid television hosts around. Seacrest is also a philanthropist. In 2010 he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which serves nine centers in various cities. The foundation works with sick children by offering them entertainment-based incentives.

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Advice from Expert O2pur For New eCig Users

There has been a seismic shift as many people who once enjoyed cigarettes are switching to eCigs. eCigs have become so popular that a huge industry has already sprung up with a myriad of eCig options and accessories. O2pur is taking some of the confusion out of using eCigs. They have a list of reasons you may want to try eCigs out, as well as the basic products needed if you are interested in using eCigs.

Price is a big consideration when it comes to using eCig’s versus traditional cigarettes. A pack of decent cigarettes can cost upwards of $5 nowadays. While there is more of an upfront cost to using eCigs, the cost is more than covered by how inexpensive eJuice and eCigs are. While you may have many reasons to want to try vaping, saving money is always a benefit. You can use that extra cash to splurge and try out some new flavors!

To get started with eCigs, O2pur recommends purchasing a simple starter kit. These premade kits have everything you need to start vaping! This saves you a lot of guesswork when it comes to what exactly you need to vape with but do cost a little more than buying all the parts separately. Using a kit also takes away the ability to customize. If you are just getting started, a kit will be the easiest way to go though. Customizing can always come later.

O2pur also points out the need to pick a suitable eCig. You can recharge an eCig, so you will want to pay attention to charging times when purchasing your eCig. How long they hold a charge is important as well. eCigs with short battery lives will grow annoying to keep up with. Tank compatibility is also important when choosing an eCig. Tanks are what you store the eJuice in. Some tanks are more expensive than others, and of varying quality, so make sure you get an eCig that is compatible with a tank you will be happy with. eCigs can be used over and over, so you won’t need to constantly repurchase.

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Upwork: A Simple Way to Boost Your Personal Productivity

Time is one of our most valuable resources. Money can be made and lost, but time will never be returned. This is why one of the most valuable skills you can master as a professional is the skill of time management. Anyone who has studied time management will likely recommend that you begin implementing to-do lists into your routine. This may seem like simplifies, and at its core, it is, however simply creating a to-do list will not give you great results if you do not use them effectively.

One of the largest freelance platforms in the world is a website called Upwork. In addition to their freelance platform, they also publish material on their blog that is designed to help you enhance your levels of personal productivity. One of the most recent publications that they have made is in regards to effectively using to-do lists. In this article, they discuss several techniques that you can use to master managing your time and your to-do lists.

It is of paramount importance that you be proactive if you truly wish to make the most of your time. Do not simply sit around and wait until the morning of the day that you need your to-do lists. Take the first step and create your list before bed the night before of the day that you need the list. You can then wake up and immediately begin tackling items that are important for you to accomplish. One of the most effective ways to enhance the results that you get from using a to-do list is to organize the items on your list.

Perhaps the most common, yet effective, methods of organizing a task list is to order the items on your list by their level of importance or priority. Whenever you wake up in the morning, you can then begin working on the most important items first. In addition to ordering them by their level of importance, you can also give further structure to the list by grouping items that are of a similar nature together in a process that is referred to as batching by industry professionals.


Nick Vertucci: Helping People Become Wealthy Through The NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci believes that real estate can help more Americans become wealthy than any other field. And every day he is helping a growing number of average Americans to make a fortune in real estate using the tools and techniques he teaches at the NV Real Estate Academy. Vertucci developed the techniques he teaches when he was flat broke and about to lose his home and family. A friend took him to a real estate class that taught him how to find, buy and sell real estate and make a good living. Now a multimillionaire, Vertucci uses the NV Real Estate Academy as his way of giving back.

By the time Nick Vertucci was 10, his father had died and his mother was having a hard time. As a teen, Vertucci made some poor choices and ended up living in his van. When he changed his ways and worked hard, fortune smiled on him and he was able to build a computer accessories company. When the dot.com bubble burst in 2000, Vertucci’s customers dried up and his company folded. He struggled to make ends meet for several years and felt like a failure when he couldn’t give his wife and daughters the things they wanted because he was unemployed, depressed and deep in debt.

In 2004 Nick Vertucci attended a real estate class that changed his life by showing how to make money through real estate. It took him 10 years, but Vertucci developed a system anyone can use to make money in the real estate industry. The turnkey system he created shows people where to find distressed properties and the fund to buy them. It also shows students where to find people to buy or rent the properties and create a steady income stream. Nick Vertucci used those same techniques to build his successful real estate company.

In 2014, Nick Vertucci decided to share the investing strategies he had perfected with the masses through the NV Real Estate Academy. His goal is to give as many people as possible access to the real estate industry’s most effective training course.

Ryan Seacrest Helps Pediatrics in Need with Seacrest Studios

Entertainment personality Ryan Seacrest, who has won two Emmys and worked in many positions in entertainment like TV, radio show, film, and sports commentating, has opened a series of media broadcasting units in hospitals to give children hope for the future. The flagship unit is at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County California, also known as CHOC, and there are nine more units across America which have followed the success of the first. Up until now, Ryan Seacrest has opened 10 of them across the country and the most recent one is in Vanderbilt University, in Tennessee. Some other locations include Dallas, Charlotte, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Denver, Nashville, and Washington DC.

There are lots of interesting and energetic things that happen at the producer’s Seacrest Studios. The main things happening there include live performances from musicians, learning sessions with DJs, celebrity interviews, time for patients to create music videos and use green screens, sports talk shows, and the doctors of the hospitals use them to broadcast messages to everyone in the hospital as well.

Some celebrity contributors to the studios include Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, quarterback Cam Newton, Carrie Underwood, the cast of Duck Dynasty, singer Cee Lo Green, Chris Martin of Coldplay, actor Chris Pratt, singer Colbie Caillat, The Band Fall Out Boy, soccer star David Beckham, singing phenomenon Ed Sheeran, rapper Flo Rida, model Gigi Hadid, celebrity Justin Bieber, the Dallas Cowboys team, rapper Ludacris, Kylie and Kendall Jenner and many more.

Some notable positions that Ryan has held in the entertainment industry include “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on iHeartRadio, KISS FM 102.7 Los Angeles hosting, Live with Kelly and Ryan, American Top 40 (which was formerly with Casey Kasem), producer of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Shahs of Sunset, Married to Jonas, and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (for which he won an Emmy), and even the New Year’s Eve celebration host in New York City.

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Investment Professional Chris Linkas Advice on Early Investment


Investment expert Chris Linkas advise young people to start investing as early as possible attributing some key lifelong benefits to it. The early investment gives one a chance to take more risks especially with more volatile ventures that yield more returns on investments. Young people who invest early have recovery time if something were to go wrong, and also have a chance to take riskier moves. On the other side, late investors are essentially more careful with how they choose to invest their funds.


Compound interest has a big difference if it is given time to accumulate and has potential gains. Continuous investment of earnings exponentially increases yield on investment. One of the biggest risks to investments is poor spending habits. Chris Linkas notes that with early investment allows young people to develop disciplined spending habits sticking to the budget and cutting expenses. It also provides improved personal financial situations where one can afford things their peers cannot and enables one to face hardships later on in life. Early investments reduce the risk of making reckless choices as one nears retirement improving your quality of life.


Young people in their 20s should invest some of their money even though they have other needs such as paying back student loans. According to Chris Linkas, college students and young professionals procrastinate when it comes to investing money, especially in the stock market. As a financial expert in charge of a 20-person group in Europe that specializes in initial investments of opportunistic nature, he has wide knowledge on how to invest and its benefits. He deals with international groups across Europe and believes in reinvesting.


Chris Linkas advised young people to invest whatever their financial status may be, especially in conservative mutual funds that offer good quarterly dividends which should be reinvested into new shares that compound over the years. He says that technology has given young people an advantage over their parents where computer software programs, cell phones, and financial apps give young investors tools needed to learn about investing (http://reporterexpert.com/chris-linkas-talks-to-millennials/). Moreover, they should take stock of themselves by looking at how they can become self-employed entrepreneurs, or take the numerous chances and seek jobs paying higher wages.



Jeff Aronin famously Jeff is the CEO, Premier and the initiator of Paragon analgesics as 2010. Jeff Aronin graduated from the University of DePaul with Masters of Business Administration. He is also a degree holder in Bachelor of Science from the University of Northern Illinois. Jeff Aronin is a lifetime science financier, Business trailblazer, humanitarian and an Industrialist. At Merrick Schemes he obliged as the special guide.

In 2000 Jeff Aronin established Lundbeck Inc., and he has been helping as the Head, Chief Functional Officer and CEO, then since 2009 has been its special Consultant. At American Fitness Products Firm, he served more than one position including being Business development’s vice president and Publicizing vice president. Before joining American Health, Jeff Aronin was at Carter-Wallace where he performed auctions and advertising duties including spots with the Specialty Pharmaceutical transactions division. He was involved in Pharmaceutical specialty deals team since its inauguration and hurled one of the auspicious merchandises at Carter-Wallace (https://about.me/jeffaronin). He has been in numerous panels with Chairperson of Paragon Pharmaceuticals, Epilepsy Substance and young chief association.

Paragon Biosciences is a venture situated in Chicago. It builds and cultivates foremost biotechnology corporations. The company exclusively emphases on patient necessities, the knowledge behind the illness and structure great enterprises to rapidly bring innovative medications to patients. At Paragon the patient wants are considered the first thing. After the disease with no treatment has been recognized, Jeff Aronin together with his workmates move swiftly to discourse the requirement. Understanding the genesis of the disease and its probable treatment has always been the desire and the driving force for the workers in the company. This, in turn, gets the finest treatment towards the patients.

To aid in research and to create a cure, Paragon bioscience has given birth to several assortments like Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Therapeutic which is approved by Jeff Aronin. Harmony Biosciences deals with recognizing, developing, attaining regulatory endorsement, inventive drugs to report unmet prerequisites for siesta and central nervous system illnesses patients. Inventive therapies for Patients with rare meticulousness BP and devastating dermatologic are dealt with at Castle Creek Pharmaceutical. Paragon is dedicated to decreasing the figure of diseases with no cure from 6000 as its mission has been improving lives by use of Biomedical Innovations.