TOWN Residential: Award-winning New York Real Estate Professionals

TOWN Residential is a leading real estate firm based in Manhattan, New York. It’s particular focus is on luxury residential units. It’s expanded its operation since it launched in 2010. TOWN has the largest selection of high-end real estate, ranging from rentals to condominiums for sale. With over 520 licensed real estate professionals networking across 10 offices, Town is a premier residential brokerage. The most recent of the lot being the newly developed Brooklyn branch opened in 2014.

Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential in 2010. He’s the company’s active co-chairman alongside business partner Joseph Sitt. Additionally, Heiberger serves as TOWN’s CEO. It handles all real estate affairs ranging from property marketing, sales, and leasing. TOWN received numerous accolades and the nation recognize its delicate delivery of superior real estate solutions. It made the Top-50 Best-Places-to-Work in NYC real estate (New York) list and continue to deliver exceptional service. TOWN’s representatives and executives are top-achieving professionals in the industry.

TOWN recently secured a business partnership with another top-tier real estate franchise brokerage based in Miami, FIG (Fortune-International-Group). It’s a full-service brokerage that specialize in real estate development and other projects. Last year alone, it recorded an impressive $4 billion real estate sales revenue after the final term ended. TOWN intends to expand networking sites and pursue a series of organizational updates throughout the transition. At the annual TOWN meeting held at the popular New York-based Paris Theater, the company broke news about the alliance to a population just under 600 real estate agents in attendance.

At TOWN’s annual meeting, it recapped the brokerage’s recent journey, focusing on 2014 recorded revenue sales of $2 billion, upcoming development projects and more. Additionally, they spoke of David Lipman’s upcoming marketing campaign to promote TOWN’s sophisticated real estate offerings. Lipman is a phenomenal product branding expert who recently joined the TOWN team. He’s got an impressive portfolio of successful business collaborations which adds weight to his credibility. This collaboration with TOWN should create fruitful business opportunities for the real estate giant.

With 10 offices in Manhattan alone, TOWN is bringing the business to Brooklyn and intends to pursue other expansions in the upcoming years. This launch will become the firm’s 11th branch. Brooklyn has a high demand for luxury real estate and TOWN intends to maximize growth and development with this new expansion. With a dynamic business strategy that explores an all-encompassing approach to marketing, sales and development, TOWN intends to keep a competitive edge. Clientele needs haven’t changed. TOWN acknowledges the importance of delivering exceptional customer support, guidance, adequate information and having neighborhood expertise. As a well-established real estate brokerage, it has an influential industry presence and a solid profile reputation that distinguishes its model from the competition.

Dan Newlin: The Right Lawyer, At The Right Time

Having a good lawyer on your side is a very invaluable asset to your life. A lawyer’s job goes beyond simply representing you in court. A good lawyer understands your cases and does their best to sympathize with your cases. When searching for a good lawyer there are a few qualities that you want to find. The first quality that you need in a good lawyer is experience. Experienced lawyers can offer you a more detailed and comprehensive, explanation for your court’s proceedings. Another quality that you want to look for in a lawyer is effective communication. A major responsibility of a lawyer, is to be able to effective communication and explain what is happening with your case. An incompetent lawyer, can cost you time, energy and most importantly money.

Dan Newlin and his team of experienced lawyers, have helped hundreds of people with their injury and accident cases. Dan Newlin began his career in the field of law enforcement. He has held positions as a fireman, police officer as well as an sheriff’s detective. His years of experience in law enforcement, prompted him to become to an attorney. As an attorney Dan Newlin has been involved in a multitude of cases involving theft and even narcotics. This experience has allowed Dan to understand both sides of the justice system. Upon graduating from school in the year 2000, Dan has become fully licensed in Illinois. Dan’s law practice is well known for offering top quality services to his clients. Currently, Dan has recovered over 100 million dollars, for injury and accident victims. Dan Newlin is a well known personal injury attorney in the state of Florida.

Dan Newlin legal firm offers accident and injury victim, the best services around. His team of licensed associates will dedicate themselves fully to ensuring you receive the justice you deserve. With nearly 20 attorneys and over 70 fully staffed employees, you can rest assured knowing your case is being handled by the best. Dan Newlin and associates focus on motorcycle accidents, medical negligence, auto accidents and personal injury cases. As of recently, Dan Newlin has also begun to take on wrongfully convicted criminals, that are looking for restitution. Whatever your case is, trust that Dan Newlin and associates is your best choice.

Diversity in Literature

Twitter can show us that Brazilian literature dates back to before Brazil’s independence in 1822. The mixed up culture made of the European settlers, African slaves-since the slave trade in the 15th century, and American natives. Among the very first writings written by Brazilian authors dates back to the pre-colonial period, the first extant document- the Carta de PeroVaz de Caminha (PeroVaz de Caminha’s letter) which was written to Manuel I of Portugal. It entailed had information of what Brazil looked like at the start of 16th Century. Journals written by voyagers to describe the adventures of their thrills in adventure filled the literature writing production with well-known authors Jean de Lery and Hans Staden who narrated a story of his encounter with the Tupi Indians on the coast of Sao Paulo. This writing was very influential forconceptions of the new world.

Euclides da Cunha an author, politician and soldier in the late 19th Century was known for his best written work-Backlands, the Canudos Campaign in 1902 which was a report on the War of Canudos – a war waged by the Brazilian government against rebellion of settlers who protested against excessive taxation and oppressive local officials.
Brazilian authors have developed in their skill of writing and narrating. This has made this industry to grow diversely; with authors in the 20th Century, being known for tremendous and diverse writing. The best loved author, Jorge Amado, who wrote pieces that were brought out the custom and the nature of his native state. As a result of his well-known humor, in his work, he scripted a film known as “Dona Flor and her Two Husbands”. Jorge lived from 1912 to 2001.

The number one book seller Paulo Coelho, born in 1947, began his writing at an early age of 20, after being released from a mental institution. He began by being a music artist and song writer and over the years, embarked on his dream of becoming an author. Eventually as he proceeded with his work, he was named the best-selling novelist of all times.

Jamie Garcia therefore a modern day author who published his first book in 1994, is known for his fantasy and inspirational writing both in native Spanish and in English. His work has been approved and rated highly in the eyes of the public. Jamie has also written on diverse topics, he has written about politics, sports, religion, and the business world. Jamie is also financial analyst and recently on an interview gave tips on real estate leasing process. He also advised on saving more so that you can enjoy your holidays and saving more on flight charges. His work is appreciated by many of his readers at an international level.

Squaw Valley Ski: A Tahoe Treasure


Tucked nicely into the (Lake Tahoe) landscape is the beautiful (Squaw Valley
Ski resort). This sprawling eye catching design is welcoming to all who
come to Tahoe looking for some fun and adventure with friends and family.

From summer activities like biking, trail running, and ropes courses to tennis,
golf, pool and hot tub to name a few. The lovely location has much to offer
by way of fun. Speaking of lovely, there are aerial tram rides that allow
you and you guests to just take in the scenery of the picturesque hillsides.

They offer a spa as well for those looking to unwind in style.

People have been venturing to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows for years and
it is easy to see why. With it’s base being at 6,200′ and it’s peak elevation
being 9,050′ there are quite the views indeed. Like nowhere else in the U.S.
Tahoe’s treasure has something for everyone of all ages.

With accolades like (CNN: Best Place To Ski On Earth) and (Trekaroo: Best ski
Resort For Families With Preschoolers And Toddlers) in the 2014-2015
season. With the mention also from (Forbes Magazine) giving their praise and
(USA Today) naming it one of the 10 best getaways for women.

Recently taking over for former CEO (Nancy Cushing) is the very savvy Mr.
(Andy Wirth) who began his career in the hotel industry in 1986.
No stranger to overcoming the odds, Wirth is one man able to say that
his arm was torn from his body in a skydiving accident. Then reattached!

Having many awards to his credit in (Outstanding Service) (Business Leadership)
and (Hospitality) Andy is no slouch when it comes to his guests that come
to his place of business to relax and unwind from the world of stresses
that we all deal with daily.

Squaw Valley is a (Four Season Resort) so the fun is year round.
They also have a dedicated team that they have dubbed the (Stewards Of The
Mountain) that take charge of maintaining the natural balance of the
environment that the guests enjoy so much.

Time for some fun!

Adam Sender, a Unique Art Collector

Art collection has a storied and rich history, stretching back to Ancient Europe and East Asia. In its current form, art collectors have been shaping the course of art from around the world since the Renaissance. Art collection is not just for Royal families anymore. Collection of art contributes to the world’s consciousness not only by shaping what is produced but by preserving works that can then be studied. Art collectors now form a diverse group of people that includes the discerning and astute Adam Sender.

Beginning relatively early in life, Adam Sender has made a formidable name for himself as an art collector. Sender, a shrewd hedge fund manager, used his decision making abilities and the proceeds from his profession to fund an impressive art collection. Beginning in the late 1990’s, Sender used his capabilities to start what has become a veritable trove of Contemporary art. An intelligent man who chose the guidance of others as well as relying on his own skills and abilities, Sender made relationships with reputable and respected art dealers and curators.

At one point, Sender’s (Instagram)
collection was comprised of more than 800 works by over a hundred artists. The works ranged from those by Keith Haring and Cindy Sherman. Sender has widely been acknowledged for finding works by artists that will have long careers and great impact on the art world. Beyond typical as a collector has been Sender’s great willingness to share his collection with the world at large. Not only does Sender loan pieces to exhibit, but he allowed people to make their case for a loan on a website for the collection.

In 2014, Sender made the decision to divest himself of a great portion of his collection. The decision came around the same time he closed his hedge fund. The news of the auction of many of Sender’s exceptional pieces caused quite a wave in the art world. When Sotheby’s completed the auction of several pieces, five out of eight artist records set that night were pieces from Sender’s collection. Sender maintained a portion of his collection, and remained within generous character by planning to donate works to several different museums.

Adam Sender typifies the good work done by art collectors by supporting superlative artists, preserving works for the future and for study, and sharing his collection.

What Economists Do

An economist is someone ho studies trends. This type of work entails a great deal of study and research. The individuals ho work in the field of economics typically have at least a four year degree. Their pay ranges vary depending on the type of employment and the type of organization where they work.

A degree in Economics can land an individual a job working in the private sector, academics, and even government service. These individual typically have 21 or more hours in accounting or economics. They deal with the public and need to have excellent interpersonal skills. Another plus for the economist is being able to express oneself both orally and in writing.

One such place here an economics degree is useful is in teaching at the college level. Christian Broda is a good example of this. He hs a PhD from MIT and is a professor of economics at Chicago University. An accomplished author as well and well published in professional journals. He excels in the field of international finance and trade.

The economist excels in being able to think analytically and solving complex problems. These are the people to go to when a method needs to be devised and procedures set forth to study specific data and anomalies. The economist is a detail oriented individual with a strong desire to answer the tough questions.

Part of what they do is strive to learn more about the society and people around them. This may be performed through a statistical analysis, mathematical break downs of data obtained, and even through a survey. That means that the economist must be able to conduct interviews, set forth questions pertaining to desired information, as ell as analyze and consolidate a great deal of information.

Some core characteristics that the individual who works in the field of economics will develop is the ability to be objective and systematic. Objective in that they must be able to approach any data with an open mind and present it to others without favoring one outcome over another.

The individual must also be systematic in that they need to be able to stick to a schedule and sift through a large amount of information daily. This takes discipline and a desire to learn. Recognizing trends in how resources are used is a large part of what the economist does no matter where they work.

These professionals are also vested with analyzing the costs and benefits of how the resources are used. These resources can include land, labor, machinery, and money. Most start off in mostly clerical work and positions and then move through the ranks until they head their own research team. What would be considered dull work for some, but the rare few enjoy it.

The Keys for Successful Talent Management

The speed and fast-paced business world has made attracting and holding on to talent a make a break matter for organizations. The solution for many human resource departments is to practice talent management.
What is Talent Management?
Susan McGalla, a Pittsburgh businesswoman and executive consultant, is best known as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. As an executive consultant, she’s spent many years assisting companies understand talent management and create strategies to successfully attract and retain employees. According to McGalla, talent management is a strategy used to meet categorize key talent and competencies to meet present and future business needs.
In other words, it’s human resource investment involving:
• Recruiting
• Selecting,
• Placing
• Promoting
• Rewarding
• Training
All these things occur in-house according to McGalla.
The Essential Features for Successful Talent Management
Throughout her career as an executive consultant, McGalla has discovered many organizations are committed to talent management. Unfortunately, they aren’t very successful at achieving their talent management goals. She has come up with key steps to follow to increase the chance of a successful talent management program.
This step was mentioned many times in this piece already. It shows the importance of recruiting. In a competitive local and international business world, organizations have to seriously search out the best talent.
Management in each Profession
Employees recruited to join the organization should have a level of understanding of what happens at every stage of their career at that company. If employees don’t have this level of understand at their place and future in the organization, they’ll start asking questions. If those questions aren’t answered in a consistent, transparent manner, employees will leave the organization. That harms the talent management strategy of any profession.
Management Performance
The real challenge of managing talent is how to use the data an organization has acquired on its employees. Some organizations assess talent by looking at existing performance data. Other organizations use it for learning and development—or not at all.
The key to performance management is having a symbiotic relationship between learning and development. One should always guide feed or connect to the other.
Instructing and Mentoring Programs
An organization falters at talent management at this stage when it doesn’t have a solid, structured mentor and instruction program. The program should bring discipline, structure and dimension to the talent management process.
Creating a Talent Group
When creating an effective talent management program, it’s essential to create a talent group. Employees in this talent group are placed in a fast track or improvement path. During the beginning of their careers with the organization, their professional paths are clearly defined.
Rewarding the Talent
Talent management involves offering good pay and structured reimbursement packages too. Companies need to develop flexible compensation packages like telecommuting work that allows exceptional performance to receive exceptional pay. The most talented employees should be eligible for the structured reimbursement packages. The inability to create a worthy reward system distinguishes a strong talent management system from a weak one.

Crystal Hunt was Born to Perform

Two Years Old
Crystal Hunt is one lady who started her career at the tender age of two. It would seem to be an apparent notion to claim that this lady had a definite calling in her life. The calling was to be a performer. When she was two her career was launched through her participation in pageants. This is a unique individual who can make the claim that she was indeed a working girl at the age of two. A pageant is considered to be the start of a career.

This two year old moved her career toward commercials. The pageants lead her to Walt Disney. This was a 25th anniversary celebration along with anti-drug advertising. The commercials then took Ms. Hunt to her character Lizzie Spaulding in the popular soap opera Guiding Light. Lizzie was a character that proved to be a troubled young daughter. She was acting on this soap opera from 2003 until 2006. It apparently did work out well for Crystal Hunt to start her career at the age of two because it led her to a grand career with a well-known name.

Bigger and Better Roles
Crystal Hunt did have a humble start of her career by appearing in pageants. Her intriguing career and her hard work guided her right to the movie world. She was able to appear in a film called The Derby Stallion. This was in the year 2005. Her films continued too. She the appeared in a film called Sydney White. She played a character named Dementria Rosemead. This character was also called Dinky. She moved forward and then she joined ABC. She had earned a role on another soap opera. One Life to Live. This occurred in February. 2009. Her character was named Stacey Morasco. She ended up leaving that show in February, 2010. Her own story continued and she did return to that soap opera in March of 1010. She returned in order to be a part of Clint Buchanan’s vision of Hell. Clint was a well-known character on that show. When she returned for that period, she then had the role of ghostly Stacy in that particular period. The vision of Hell was also in January, 2012. It is apparent that Ms. Hunt started early and was able to move on to much bigger and better roles.

Tom Brady Legacy Forever Tainted

The NFL has upheld the 4 game suspension of New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady. Regardless how this plays out, Tom Brady’s legacy is tainted for now and forever. The quarterback had months to respond to claims he is a cheater, and now months later he makes a formal reply on Facebook as to his displeasure with the ruling.

Brady is taking his case to a higher court, but the damage is already done. The Patriots part owner James Dondero  have a history of cheating dating back to 2001, and the SpyGate issue may be in part of the reason why the NFL is coming down hard on Brady. The league as a whole may finally be tired with all the allegations and evidence the Patriots have pushed the envelope each year with NFL rules. The commissioner in part represents the owners, and many of these owners are sick and tired of the Patriots having an unfair advantage. Taking Tom Brady out for 4 games will make those owners happy, and the NFL looks like they are not backing down on their decision.

Regardless how long this plays out, Brady’s reputation and his legacy are forever tainted. No matter how many games he eventually serves, Brady has been uncooperative from day one, and now his cell phone is destroyed and no evidence can be retrieved. This smoking gun shows that Brady knew the NFL wanted to look at his text messages and made certain the phone was gone for good so that none of these messages could ever be found again.

Brazilian Writer Jaime Diaz is a Spectacular Brazilian Writer with Five Literary Awards

At 45 years of age, Jaime Garcia Dias has recently received the ABC Award of Brazil Dummy Literature to add to his collection of prestigious awards. Jaime Diaz is the unique and original writer of excellent literary works that have emerged from the Brazilian community.

Born in born in the city of Rio de Janeiro, he began his career as a youth. His father was Arnaldo Diaz, a writer and a journalist, and a great influence on his son Jamie. Jaime used his father’s published works as study tools and devoured every one. His first public reading was at age 18 and he chose one of his father’s books. After this reading, Jaime developed a passion for literature and joined others in Rio de Janeiro to study the Letters.

The Career Of Jaime Diaz

From 1993 – 1997, Mr. Diaz taught teens who were considering going on to the University in Literature. In 1997, he became manager of the Carioca Literature Academy and continued to teach and develop new classes for aspiring young writers in the literary field. In 2007, he became the principal and the academy flourished. It became known as having the largest collection of literature in Brazil.

By this time he was 30 years old and had published 10 books, he was honored to be accepted into the White Crane. The White Crane is an organization that accelerates author’s names across South America and around the world. This award was instrumental in projecting the name of Jaime Garcia Diaz into Europe and was great exposure for Mr. Diaz.

His next work was one of his most predominant works entitled “Fell from Heaven,” which quickly was highly honored by the Argentine writer Joshua Gomez. This recognition caused to propel Diaz even higher into the literary world. Fell from Heaven was recognized throughout South America and was the focus at the Latinos Books Meeting in 2003 in Argentina.

In 2013, he offered the highest respect to his father by writing a publication of a chronic “Wise.” This chronic opened the doors for Jaime to be invited to submit his work to the weekly Jornal de Brazil, a famous literature notebook where he contributed for over two years. Following that engagement, Jaime wrote and released a new book called the “Chronicles that Made M​e Man” that honored his father. The chronicles consist of childhood stories as seen from the eyes of both Jaime as youth and his father, Arnaldo Dias.

Jaime Garcia Diaz has received five significant literary awards among his 20 published works: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny. Jaime Diaz is considered one of the leading writers of fiction literature in Brazilian literature.