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Keywords are significant elements when it comes to your SEO strategy and the entire marketing campaign of the search engine according to White Shark Media. Keywords are used in classifying your business, targeting the desired audience, and also in dictating your website content. The way that SEOs used to acquire a bigger position in SERPs has significantly changed since search engines have gone through evolution to give the final user best results over the years. The following are the rules to be followed when placing the keywords in your page according to White Shark Media:


  • Mention your keyword in the title of the page. This makes it easier for search engines and searchers to understand what your page is all about.
  • Place the keyword in the major headline. Your users will be able to find a matching topic in the search snippet and landing page.
  • Avoid going overboard. Ensure that you do repeat your keyword very many times. Read through your text and eliminate the unwanted keywords.
  • Remember your meta description. An excellent description will help your rate of click-through.
  • Ensure you repeat it a minimum of 2 or 3 times in the content of the page. This will make your content to have more meaning.


White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that provides online marketing solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media is known as one of the digital agencies that are growing fast in North America. The growth of the company comes from its reputation of campaigns in engineering affordable search marketing while offering a world-class customer experience. White Shark Media has been able to assist numerous enterprises in the entire US in growing their businesses through its marketing tactics and marketing tools. The company ensures that it is fully accountable to each of their clients each month through Google Analytics Integration, Proprietary Reporting Software, Keyword-level call tracking, and Competitive Intelligence.


White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who have an extensive experience in online and offline marketing. The ultimate goal of the company is to conquer the expanding SMB market in Latin America and the US by providing unique, excellent products, and services. White Shark Media has employed an outstanding team of professionals who are experienced and skilled in their work. The company has served in the marketing industry for many years.


Yanni Hufnagel’s Amazing Time At Harvard

One of the unsung heroes of the college basketball team is the recruiter. In the modern game, the assistant coaches are often the recruiters. Apparently, the NCAA enforces restrictions on the participation of the head coach, leaving the burden on the shoulders of the assistance.


Recruiters have to comb through thousands of players across the country to find young men will fit in to their squads. Then they have to go approach these young men, pitch them the school and scholarship, and convince them to join their teams. In the end, the head coach can’t win any basketball games without a good team.


My favorite college recruiter right now is Yanni Hufnagel. The assistant coach of the University, Reno, is only in his early 30s. He is also kind of a rarity because he is Jewish. But he really burst onto my radar as the assistant coach at Harvard.


He arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, back in 2009. He was recommended by Oklahoma Sooner head coach Jim Capel after serving him as an unpaid graduate assistant. Yanni Hufnagel immediately got to work at Harvard to recruit the first team to win an Ivy League championship for the oldest school of the country. The team went an astounding 79-24 during his four years, collecting a school record 26 wins in 2011 and finally achieving national ranking. A CBS Sports poll recognized his work by awarding him the assistant coach most likely to make it big primarily due to recruiting skills.


Yanni Hufnagel had NBA legend Jeremy Lin on that team, but he recruited the rest of the players. And just think of the obstacles in his way. Harvard is incredibly difficult to pitch because the school doesn’t give athletic scholarships. He put together an entire roster of incredibly smart basketball players capable of winning. Now that’s skill.


2016 Was A Good Year For Highland Capital

As an established investment advisory firm nearly $15 billion of assets, Highland Capital Management ranks as one of the largest worldwide alternative investment firms. Founded in 1990, the firm has evolved over the years; initially they specialized in fixed income markets, and then, in 1997, the company temporarily took the name Ranger Asset Management when they became an SEC-registered independent advisor. Today, Highland Capital serves institutional and individual investors with a wide range of investment products, including high yield credit funds, CLO management and equity investment opportunities in real estate. Highland Capital’s investment strategy is straightforward; the firm provides investors with long-term above average returns by mitigating risks utilizing their unique expertise.


Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, Highland Capital’s retail arm, offers access to alternative, fixed income and equity funds. In 2016, the firm’s Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund earned its third consecutive Lipper Fund Award for strong returns.


Co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada lead Highland Capital as president and chief investment officer respectively. In honor of the Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors’ Highland iBoxx Senior Loan’s recent Nasdaq listing, on October 12, 2016, Mark Okada rang the closing bell.


Based in Dallas, Texas with offices in New York City, São Paulo, Singapore and Seoul, Highland Capital believes in supporting their local communities. In 2016, Dondero engaged Linda Owen, an experienced Dallas civic leader, to oversee The Dallas Foundation, Highland Capital’s charitable fund. Owen’s responsibility is to ensure the investment firm’s generous donations to the Dallas community have the largest impact.

Technology and Fashion Industry Symbiotic Relationship

The technology and fashion industries have undergone multiple changes over the years. Over the years, it has been evident that the two industries grow together. At one instance, technology becomes fashionable and on another fashion becomes technologically fashionable. A glance at the past and present shows an exciting journey and what is expected of the future.


A Glimpse of The Past


In the 70s boom box was fashionable in the music industry. During this time the two cassette decks, which could play music and record at the same time were very popular. Twenty years later, the Walkman was invented. In the 21st century, iPods, which are smaller, became the most preferred by many. Judging from the past, what is fashionable has been judged based on the size of the gadget.


The Present


In today’s world, technology and fashion are being married to increase quality and attractiveness of products. For instance, fashion designers are now exploring technology to bring higher innovative standards and better functionality. Fashion experts utilize technology as a playground to experiment. Fashion designers believe that technology holds a lot of possibilities and it rewards handsomely.


Foreseeing the Future


Fashion developers are keen to explore technology in a way to protect humans. However, the challenge in this category is developing a current technology that will protect the user. For instance, wearing helmets helps reduce the severity of an accident. However, these helmets are not fashionable, and they reduce visibility.


In a move to solve this problem, cyclist airbags that are stylish, protective and doesn’t reduce visibility are in the pipeline. The airbags will be worn on the neck area and pop out of the neckwear to protect the cyclist head from an impact.


Moreover, other developers are trying to marry technology and fashion to create energy. Since movements can be converted to electric power, the new clothes will be able to produce energy to power watches, mp3, and cell phones.


The Symbiotic Relationship


Fashion and technology can grow together or require assistance from each other. They work hand in hand to perfect each other. A better tomorrow will, therefore, be determined by how much the two industries will learn from each other.


About Chris Burch


Burch is an experienced investor in technology, real estate, and fashion industries. He is the founder and CEO of a. With great experience and knowledge, Burch has steered the company to become a leader in the development of various lifestyles and consumer products.


Burch is an alumnus of Ithaca College. He began his entrepreneurship while in college when founded Eagle’s Eye. His excellent performance has earned him an opportunity to serve on executive boards of reputable organizations including The Continuum Group.



Americans Health Insurance Company- USHEALTH Advisor

Having a trusted partner in life is very crucial, not only in planning one’s finances but also in health issues. This is where insurance companies come in to play the role of a trusted partner during emergencies . One needs to be covered by a reputable insurance company.

USHEALTH Advisors is an insurance company under the umbrella of USHEALTH Group of enterprises. The insurance firm has a primary mandate of providing innovative health coverage across the world. At USHEALTH Advisor one is assured of exceptional health services as well as products for an individual as well as family. The insurance and health organization work hand in hand with their agents who are located across the country, and are devoted to offering excellent services to their clients. USHEALTH agents are competent and must meet specific training as well as certification standards to have the authority to represent USHEALTH Advisor’s products and offer their services.

USHEALTH Advisor works on a strong mission of Helping Other People Every day (H.O.P.E). Since its foundation, it has to provide services and products that are beyond their customer’s expectations and satisfaction making it being considered as the Americans trusted choice. The organization believes that their acronym is smart than the staff, independently contracted agents, and the management of USHEALTH Advisors. The firm delivers affordable health coverage products for everybody. If one needs coverage for their family, or medical policy for a serious illness, USHELTH Advisors is the place. The organization has an experience of more than 50 years in the insurance and health sector.

USHEALTH Advisors has been listed as one of the best groups to work with in the United States of America. The firm provides support to their clients and contracted agents regarding services and products as well as leadership. Their trusted agents who are located across the nation are offered training to equip them with tools and experience on how to handle customers. They value their customers and believe that their success is their customer’s success too, that is why they employ a team of experts to handle their customer’s needs. USHEALTH Group Advisors have won several Awards including the Stevie Awards.