Jay Z’s Direction After His 10 Year Deal with Live Nation Comes to an End

In 2008, a 10 year contract between Jay Z and Live Nation was made to the tune of $150 million for Roc Nation. Next year marks the 10 year mark and speculations are already stirring on the venture between the two. Jay Z has already started reaching out to the higher ups in the music industry, trying to get them to buy a stake in his company, Roc Nation. While sources have stated that Live Nation will be backing out of the recording music aspect, they wish to continue the touring relationship with Jay Z.  Related article on pagesix.com.

Desiree Perez has been a long time associate with Jay Z and has helped other artist negotiate deals as well. She had a hand in Beyonce’s Formation deal and Rihanna’s Samsung deal. On Wednesday, Jay Z and Desiree Perez met with Universal Music Group’s chairman, Sir Lucian Grainge. This has sparked rumors on a potential deal between Jay Z and Universal Music Group. If that deal happens, it will provide Jay Z with the resources he needs to continue to discover new talent and push his other business endeavors in the right direction. Next year the speculations will be put to rest while the next move will be revealed. Hop over to tidal.com and read more about this.

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Desiree Perez is a woman that knows what she wants and gets what she wants. She has been in the music industry for a long time and her experience and current career proves her devotion and passion for her work. She is a great negotiator and knows her way around numbers. She has ran SC Enterprises for a long time. She works and is apart of Roc Nation’s collective which consist of its section managers, publishing, and labeling. The collective is also known as the Hova Circle of Influence. Within the Hova Circle are Chaka Pilgrim, Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, and Jana Fleischman, check this on onmogul.com.

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How Not to Invest

Warren Buffet wagered one million dollars for a charity that he will get a better investment return than a bunch of hedge fund managers by investing in a passive index fund and he stands to collect by the looks of it.

Buffet believes that there are too many expensive and incompetent funds that shortchange investors. He believes that is better to invest for the long run and in low-cost funds, rather than those expensive ones. He believes that bottom-up investing is the best approach to take and his method of investing has proven to be effective over the years.

It’s important for consumers to be careful when it comes to product labels because many mutual funds don’t give great returns, mostly due to the high costs and management fees. It’s always better to go with good long-term investment returns and to keep costs low and more information click here.

Index funds can be good at times, but they really don’t offer much cushion against down markets. Of the 1200 investors that were surveyed online last year, only half of them were aware that index funds expose them to 100 percent of losses and volatility during downturn markets and Timothy on Facebook.

Buffets believes that it is better to stay on top when the markets are in a downturn in order to build a good nest egg.

Timothy Armour began his career with Capital Group in 1983 and is now the chairman and chief executive officer. He has over 34 years of investment experience and a bachelor’s degree in economics.

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Whitney Wolfe- Changing the Way People Meet Their Mate

Singles are being presented with more and more options to help find that special someone. The technology world has helped to bridge that gap with a number of dating apps. Already Tinder and Match.com have helped millions to find love. A new app, Bumble is currently doing the same. Created by Tinder founder Whitney Wolfe, Bumble uses an unique approach to help lead people to their match.

Bumble takes an approach that other dating apps have not. They but females in charge by making them the only ones permitted to send a message to their potential match. After sending a message, the other person then has 24 hours to make a response or the conversation dies. The app itself uses a number of other very unique features including picture messaging and the ability to simply swipe to like or favorite potential matches.

The dating world has embraced Whitney Wolfe’s app with opened arms. As of last year the app reported more than seven million users. More than half of these are women in the age range of 18-25. Reviews for the app have been mostly positive. Bumble has also reported that its users spend more than an hour on the app daily. Bumble has also had more than 800 million matches and 10 billion swipes per mont. These stats have led the app to bing the second most popular Lifestyle app in the App Store.

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Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe has built quite a resume in her short time as an entrepreneur. Still in her twenties she has help to create the first and fourth most popular dating apps with Tinder and Bumble respectively. Whitney Wolfe was named one of Business Insider’s 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech in 2014. With such an incredible resume and track record Whitney Wolfe is certain to be a name you will hear about for many years to come.

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USHealth Group And Their Customer Service Team

Customer service at the USHealth Group is among the finest in the industry, and someone who is using their services may contact them at any time. This article explains how the company provides better customer service, and they are reaching out to a number of different people who need help with their accounts. The accounts that are reviewed by the company will be resolved quickly, and they may will speak to customers in the format they prefer.


#1: Phone And Email


Phone and email messages are replied to every day, and the company responds quickly to requests from the customers. The customers who need immediate answers will find them when calling, and it is quite important for the customer to know that they are free to reach out the firm at any time. The company has a large customer service phone center, and they have an email inbox that is checked often.


#2: The Company Allows For Website Use


Everything a customer needs to know is found on the USHealth Group website, and the people who are checking the website may make a purchase after learning about their policy. The company has built a number of policies that are useful for all, and the policies may be purchased at any time. The policies may be compared on the website, and the customer may buy through the site or an agent. The website is the main location for information that the customer needs when shopping for insurance protection.


#3: Live Chat


Live chats are easy for customers to start, and they may learn quite a lot when they have someone to speak to. The USHealth Group staff is well-trainings, and they are capable of going into each account to check on its status. They work quite hard to ensure that the customer has their problem resolved.


#4: The Company Has Many Policies


The company offers many policies that are helpful for all customers, and they have built policies that will help businesses and individuals learn what they need to know. Someone who wishes to purchase from the company may choose a policy style they prefer, and they may ask the company for a special price plan that matches their needs. USHealth Group is a large company that has ensured they offer lower prices to each customer.


The USHealth Group has created a large number policies for customers around the country, and they have built a massive customer service team that helps everyone. Their team is willing to speak to customers on the phones, and they will provide the customer with an email reply when needed. Each person who wishes to learn about their policy may contact the firm at any time.

Desiree Perez: The Exec Behind Tidal’s Success

The music industry has changed substantially over the last decade. Artists have more power than labels and album sales are at an all time low with no sign of recovery in sight. Streaming services seem to have taken the place of labels in this new era. These businesses make millions of dollars yearly and everyone in the industry wants a piece of the action.

Music Mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is no exception. Although his streaming service, Tidal, is an underdog he has all the confident in the world in he and his business team’s ability to turn the startup into a powerhouse that will be around a long time. Knowing he’ll need help to accomplish his long term goal he has put the right people in place to see that it’s done.  For more of this, click on pagesix.com.

Among those professionals Jay-Z’s put in place is exec Desiree Perez. Perez has remained loyal to the Tidal brand despite many ups and downs. She has a knack for business and has helped Roc Nation finalize several multi-million dollar contracts. Perez’s strong negotiation skills and business savvy make her a valued member to the Tidal streaming service.  More to read on templeofthecave.com

To Perez it’s all about the music fans. She works hard at developing strategies that will peak people curiosity, therefore bringing in new customers. No business can thrive with disinterested customers. Something Perez knows well as a business owner herself.

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Perez has been credited for closing many deals that will be profitable for both the Tidal business and artists. Perez really shines when it comes down to finalizing important contracts. Few are better than her at closing deals in the entertainment industry, check this on prettymanprettyman.com.   Tidal definitely has a shot at becoming on of the largest streaming services in the world with individuals like Desiree Perez helping the business every step of the way.

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Desiree Perez Helps Turn the Tides with the New Revamped Tidal Music Streaming App

Desiree Perez is the CEO of Tidal founded by Shawn Carter aka J –Z. Together with Dez Perez, Jay-Z is determined to change how music listeners can enjoy their favorite tunes using the less known streaming mode. With the help of Desiree Perez, Tidal has recently seen increased business with new memberships from music fans. Desiree seeks to attract more customers in, and make them stay on the tidal music platform.

Desiree helped Tidal to complete some multi-million dollar deals. This is her specialty. She has been a low-key influence with the Roc Nation contracts. She has evolved with Tidal dealing as well. Perez is respected for negotiating cutthroat deals and turning them into profitable companies for artists and the Tidal App. She is behind Tindal’s massive streaming success. The Tidal app is now more famous than it once was.  Related article on businessinsider.in

Perez is an entertainment business mogul. She is married to OG Perez-head of Roc Nation Sports. She is a talented business negotiator with exceptional accounting abilities. She is credited with organizing Beyoncé’s Formation tour and a remarkable negotiator in Rihanna’s contract with Samsung. Perez is a member of the great Hova Circle. She was instrumental in the massive narcotics supply case in 1994. She was a key government undercover collaborator. She assisted the DEA put together winning cases against marked traffickers in Colombia and Puerto Rico.

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Perez and Jay-Z have been business partners since 2002. She helped the rapper manage his 40/40 nightclub in Las Vegas, check on prettymanprettyman.com for more reading. By 2003, Dez and OG Perez were the proprietors of the 40/40 Club in Manhattan. The famous club is named after the exclusive group of Yankee players who have achieved 40 home runs and clinching 40 bases in an individual season. Perez is one of the most trusted Jay Z’s associates. She is also a part of Rihanna’s management team. Desiree Perez helped negotiate Roc Nation’s President, Robinson Cano in the $240 million deal with the Seattle Mariners.

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Inside the Mind off Real Estate Mogul Arthur Becker

According to The Real Deal, when you become a success story as big as Arthur Becker there is one question that people will keep asking: how did you do it? Arthur Becker got his start in the tech industry back in the early ’00s where he worked as a stockbroker, buying and trading within the ever growing tech industry. Becker managed to parlay his work as a stockbroker before turning into one of the real estate magnates that is making New York such an interesting place to live. However, for Arthur Becker the career trajectory has not always been a straight and narrow path. Don’t know what we mean? Let’s find out.

Arthur Becker labors under the pretense of passion. His work is always pointed directly toward the things that make him happy in life: artwork, real estate, and technology. Over the years Becker has invested in several areas that other folks might have been hesitant to touch — and the results have been better because of it. Becker’s famously invested in ancient currency, collected from Nigeria and Cameroon in South Africa, as well as his own origami artwork. Becker’s love of all things currency, history, and art has made for an interesting combination that he has managed to make work.

Eventually Becker found himself in New York. Specifically, Becker landed in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. For years, Becker has worked as a silent partner in the real estate world backing the big money makers in the industry. Becker has played a part in Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s developments — Billionaires’ Row. Becker has also worked with Madison Equities, also run by Maloney and his partner Robert Gladstone. Now Becker is looking to make a bigger splash — with his name on the front of the building. That brings us to Becker’s latest investment choice: a condo unit located in Tribeca — 465 Washington Street to be specific.

In an article on Bloomberg, Arthur Becker’s purchase of 465 Washington Street shows that Becker is pushing his new limits. The building is going to be developed as an 8 unit condo with a focus on luxury and art. The building is estimated to be worth $53 million when all is said and done.

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Kabbalah Centre: The Ancient Wisdom

Kabbalah wisdom has endured through the ages as the ancient wisdom. This ancient religion reveals the life has worked for a better universe. The word Kabbalah, on a literal level, means to receive. For this reason, we will study how we can gain fulfillment through the education in our lives.

For most of us, there has been a feeling which we overcome as some point in life. We end up not fulfilled after dismissing this feeling. While we struggle to achieve a balance between our fulfillments, we keep having an eluded feeling in the end. When we ponder about the meaning of fulfillment, we never mean the temporary feeling of happiness and a deep sense of well-being. Therefore, we can much more than that. Fulfillment is the connection to power and energy. Therefore, we can better our fulfillment through a long-lasting relationship to power and energy and read full article.

The Kabbalah religion comes to teach us about the new living paradigm. Therefore, this religion teaches us all the life’s branches and their meaning to a sustained ecosystem. Spiritual religion is important in the life of a human being. Furthermore, the connection between the elements of life is defined by the Kabbalah religion. Life is a pillar of health, relationships, career, and social life. These pillars come from the same root. This religion defines how the universe works and the relationship between the entities of living. For those who seek fulfillment in life, this is the religion that offers a permanent solution to your problem and learn more about Kabbalah.

This spiritual teaches us all the principals of life. Therefore, they are widely accepted by all faiths in this world. This religion does not come to replace our faith. However, it comes to fulfill our development processes. Because you are not forced to think in a particular way, this is the beauty of this religion in the face of the earth. There is no spiritual concern regarding this religion. For us to create a better world, our main duty is to share this wisdom without fear or favor. For this reason, our lives will become better in intention. This is the main reason why the religion has grown popular and Kabbalah of Website.

Find Out More on Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer, who was listed among the 24 best beauty surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar magazine in United States, is a lovely woman who inspires many people around the globe. She is well-known due to her successful business in Manhattan before she went back to Austin, her hometown. Having trained in New York with one of the most recognized cosmetic surgeons, she is in a position to offer the best practices to all her clients. She is currently working with American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as the only lady in its board of directors. She has a very supportive family and is a mother to two beautiful children.


Most importantly, Dr. Jennifer is a beautiful, successful, strong and caring woman who is brilliant at her job. She highly empathizes with all her patients who are willing to improve their appearance and feel much better about their bodies. Due to her confidence and being friendly, it is always easy to get along with her. She was brought up in a family where education and success was highly valued and due to her supportive family, she is able to raise her two sons in the best environment. Due to her determination, she was able to become a highly successful cosmetic surgeon after her studies in the University of Texas.


After her two sons were born, she decided to shift her priorities and give them a chance to grow up around a large caring, supportive and loving family like herself. She decided to move back to her hometown in Texas and give her boys the chance to be surrounded by their family. She was able to continue with her practice even after moving back to Austin especially due to the support of her nannies and mother.



Dr. Jennifer has been a great inspiration to most people giving them hope and assuring them that hard work really pays off. Her business has grown in three years after moving to Austin and she hopes to be good role model to her sons. One of her greatest joys in life is having her family with her and her sons all the time.



ClassDojo Brings Technology Use To The Classroom

The use of technology has become common in many classrooms across the country. One of the reasons why technology has become so common in classrooms are the technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades. The development of the Internet, WiFi, mobile devices, smart software, and various other technology innovations has made the use of technology easy in the classroom.


With the technology innovations that have occurred in recent times, there have been several that have made a huge impact in the classroom. One of the main innovations that helped to change the use of technology in the classroom is the Internet. The use of the Internet has made the classroom a place where children can learn anything. There are no limitations in the classroom with access to the Internet.


Beyond the Internet, teachers, who are the primary users of technology in the classroom, have been looking for resources that are designed specifically for the classroom. In particular, the K-12 education level. One of the innovations that has helped with additional resources for teachers are mobile devices such as the smartphone and tablet that provide apps for users.


In recent years, ClassDojo, which is a technology startup company, has been providing the use of its app to teachers, students, and parents across the country. The app is designed to work within classroom and school environments. Teachers are able to use the app for a wide variety of classroom purposes. With the popularity and the use of the ClassDojo app increasing, the co-founders of the app have been thinking about setting up a paid resource aspect to the app that will charge teachers to receive the content from this particular area of the app.


ClassDojo has been providing the app to school systems to utilize in classrooms. Teachers have been very happy with the app. By charging for some content on the app, ClassDojo will be able to generate revenue from the use of the app by teachers in classrooms


ClassDojo is constantly working on enhancements to the app to better serve its users. As teachers use the app more in the classroom, new needs arise along with request related to the app. In an effort to provide additional features and function to the app, ClassDojo raised an estimated 21 million dollars to go towards the efforts required to enhance the app. ClassDojo is working to make the app a top app in eth classroom setting.

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