George Soros Transforms Open Society Foundations into Top-Funded Charity with $18 Billion Donation

George Soros has faced oppression, and even the threat of extermination, in a very personal way. According to his biography on Open Society Foundations’ website, Mr. Soros was born into a Jewish family. He and his family were in Hungary during the Nazi occupation, when over 500,000 Jews of Hungary were murdered. Only by securing false identification did his loved ones survive. He left home behind as Communism began its rise, and headed to London. After working to put himself through school at the London School of Economics, he entered the world of investments in the United States.

George Soros launched his hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, in 1970. Success followed, most famously in currency speculation, where he earned himself the title “The Man Who Broken the Bank of England”, according to a New York Times article by David Gelles titled “George Soros Transfers Billions to Open Society Foundations”. Mr. Soros quickly earned himself a great fortune with his hedge fund.

Through all his schooling and work, he never forgot the tyranny that took his sense of safety in Hungary. As such, he acted, supported by his wealth.

It started with scholarship donations to South Africans under apartheid. After more philanthropy, donations, and work, Mr. Soros became a man known for supporting progressive causes Democratic candidates, but his greatest claim to fame is the charity he founded. Using his personal fortune, Mr. Soros started the Open Society Foundations. What the Open Society became was a network spreading across many countries dedicated to accountable government, freedom of expression, and preservation of individual rights.

Over recent years, Mr. Soros began what would culminate into one of the biggest philanthropic donations to date. In 2011, Soros Fund Management saw a transformation from hedge fund to an office devoted to managing Mr. Soros’ fortune. After the change of focus, $18 billion of George Soros’ personal fortune – well over half his wealth – was slowly moved from Soros Fund Management to the Open Society Foundations network.

The move has catapulted the Open Society Foundations into the rungs of the biggest charities in the United States. According to aforementioned New York Times article by David Gelles, there is only a single U.S. charity bigger, the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, and it also has a billionaire donor backing it.

With this newfound funding, Open Society does not intend to change its focus or donations, which itself has totaled to $14 billion to date. Such work as relief efforts, U.S. hate crime prevention, and creation of cultural centers for Europe’s Roma population – far from seeing the backburner – will be redoubled and pushed further. and more information click here

EOS Releases New Vegan Lip Balm For A New Range Of Customers

EOS has recently come out with a vegan lip balm that was designed for customers who are vegan or who prefer not to use products that are made with anything related to animals. Previous EOS Lip balms were not vegan because they had beeswax in them which comes from bees. This new lip balm as known as Crystal lip balm and comes in three different types hibiscus peach, vanilla orchid, and plus, see them here at Well hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid come in spheres, plus does not but instead comes in a stick version with a roller ball for those who prefer stick lip balm. EOS never fails to reach every customer base on the market by always coming out with new products and making sure to include every customer’s needs. Crystal lip balm is wax free because it uses natural oils instead of beeswax to prevent customers lips from being chapped and to keep lips visibly smooth and soft like their other lip balm products.

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EOS lip balms are great for all different kinds of people from people who have problems with chapped lips to those who just want a shimmer over their lips that provides them with the same benefits that lip balm does. It can be hard to find a product that works right for everybody, but EOS seems to come very close with their many different lip balm options and countless numbers of positive reviews from frequent customers. The best part about EOS is not their customer service or their excellent product but instead their unique packaging that allows customers to easily find their products with ease so that they can get in and out of a store quickly once they find the EOS they came in there for. If interested in finding out more about EOS be sure to check out their website for a wider range of products.

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EOS Leading Lip Balm Review

Eos has finally made something that has met the need of majority of its customers as far as lib balms are concerned. The number one things that make customers not choose an alternative brand when buying lip balm is the EOS’s ingredients. ESOs has utilized organics ingredients to produce a taste that smoothly connects the customer to the lip balm. For instance, the use of beeswax, an ingredient makes the lip balm have a market demand that outpaces the companies’ ability to supply the product.

Another feature that makes customers tussle over the lip balm is its delicious smell. Having a sweet smell and taste makes the product to win the hearts of the customers. These two qualities are what most customers look for a lip balm. A pleasant aroma goes hand in hand with a likable taste and vice versa. On top of that, EOS has set its lip balms prices as low as possible. At just $3 the lip balm records high sales on every supply. Surprisingly the company is experiencing top sale even on the actual day of releasing the product on the market. Something, which all its competitors have failed to match.

Eos as a company is a well known for producing products that bestselling, see here. The firm ensures quality for each product that it presents its buyers. Good customer service is another great feature that explains why its list of loyal customers keeps increasing day by day.

Apart from the lip balm, EOS deals with body and hand lotion and the shave cream in which it is also making a substantial profit. One of the features of EOS is their easy to use website, check also to browse products. Once a customer is on their portal, he /she can get a vivid description of the product that he/she is buying. The company strives best to educate the buyer hence the high sales.

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ClassDojo Brings Teachers And Students Together

When a teacher is looking for a way that they can communicate with the students that they teach, they try to find new and modern options that will help them be in touch with those children. Teachers today have more opportunities to be in touch with their students than teachers of the past. There is an app that was made just for teachers and students, and it is something that helps them to stay in touch throughout the day. ClassDojo is something that was made to help with the communication needs of teachers and their students as they all go about their days.

ClassDojo was created to help teachers share things with their students in a place where everyone will be able to see what is being shared. Teachers who would like to reach out to their students throughout the day can do that using this app. ClassDojo is something that allows a teacher to influence the lives of their students even after that student has left the classroom. This app is helpful to teachers and it allows them to help their students.

ClassDojo is something that allows students to share things that they come across that they feel could be helpful to the rest of their class. It allows students to be in touch with other members of their class, and it allows them to be in touch with their teachers. ClassDojo makes it easy for everyone from a specific class to unite and to communicate with one another, and it helps students to bond with their teachers.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors Brings Holiday Cheer To Your Lips

Evolution of Smooth is in the business to provide you with lip balm that is healthy for your lips while adding beauty to the lips. With the right lip balm, your lips will not feel sticky and will luscious at the same time. Here are some options to choose from when looking for a new lip balm.

EOS has a collection of limited editions which are available at certain times of the year. The selection of lip balms varies by the time of the year. During the winter months, there are more brands focused around the holidays than there is during the spring time.

If you are looking for something to give for the holidays, EOS limited edition holiday collection is the perfect gift. When you gift EOS, you are showing your love to someone by providing them with the much needed nutrition of vitamins and minerals. EOS focuses on providing you with the right amount of nutrition while making your lips look beautiful. See review here on

If you want to choose a brand of EOS which is going to provide you with color while providing the vitamins that your lips need to stay hydrated, the shimmer line of lip balm is the route to go. The shimmer line is going to add a touch of color to the lips while making them moister.

If you want to purchase EOS that is known to be softer on your lips than others, the Honey Apple EOS lip balm will provide you with the taste of honey and apples while coating your lips in shea butter and cocoa. This brand of lip balm is one of the favorites found in stores by users who buy lip balm by EOS, refer also to

There is going to be a time of the year where you are going to see more flavors than other times. During the holiday season, there is more holiday flavored traditional scents to make you feel festive during the holiday season.

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Adam Goldenberg and the Positive Changes His Company is Making

Throughout the life of JustFab and Fabletics, there have been some changes to the way things are done. Adam Goldenberg made this part of the way he was going to run the company so people would have a chance to experience everything they needed to have a more enjoyable experience in every way possible. Adam Goldenberg knew things would need to change if he was going to make things better for the students. He also did everything he could to show people they were going to have the best jobs possible if they were able to become a part of the brand. While Adam Goldenberg was doing what he could to make a difference in the company, he was also setting it up for new levels of success.

Despite struggles that sometimes came from the options Adam Goldenberg had with the company, he knew he would be able to try different things in every way possible. He also knows things would only continue to get better if he was working hard in the industry he had been a part of. It was what allowed him the ability to make things easier on people who wanted to shop with Fabletics or JustFab.

The brands, which perfectly customize the outfits that people receive, are made to be custom brands. People can customize their preferences using things like a Style Quiz. Adam Goldenberg created the quiz and used the best questions possible so he could show people what they needed to be successful in every way possible. He also wanted women to know they had a say in the way the brand was without all the issues that came along with shopping on their own. He didn’t want them to have to lack anything in convenience just so they could get the clothes that would actually make them feel good about themselves.

By doing all of this, Adam Goldenberg was preparing his business for success. He knew what it took to run a good business so he did just that with Fabletics. he was aware of all the issues that came along with running the business so he kept everything in perspective while he was doing it. By making sure things were working for all the people he was trying to help, Adam Goldenberg was giving himself the chance to feel like he had been a huge success in the clothing and shoe industry.

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Eric Lefkofksy Is Moving the Battle Against Cancer Into the Future with a Unique Operating System

A recent study carried out by a Dartmouth research team with PhD, Yafang Li, at the helm has discovered that three unique single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are possible biomarkers for those at-risk of having lung cancer. To date, the study is the largest analysis report related to the interaction between SNP and smoking, and it can help researchers identify the odds that someone might get lung cancer based on the three SNPs. This is very useful to help put together a personalized treatment plan. The study focused on Caucasions, but it is in-the-works to turn that focus on other ethnicities so a link between gene-smoking and lung cancer can be discovered for more populations and peoples in the world.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, and it is has been his dream to put together the operating system that he has that helps physicians to better combat cancer. He is also a founder of the venture fund, Lightbank, which invests in technologies that are disruptive. As an author, Lefkofsky has written the very important book “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation,” which explains how to begin a disruptive company. He is also a blogger who writes about a spread of different topics with many of his blog posts covering the current battle against cancer, in this day and age.

Together, Eric Lefkofksy and his wife, Liz, started the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, which supports and donates to a large spread of charitable organizations. It was their initial vision, and continues to be, that they would donate to charities that support the arts and culture, the medical community, fundamental human rights, and education. Some of the charities they have donated to include After School Matters, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Human Rights Watch, The Jewish United Fund, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Johns Hopkins Medicine; Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the The Renaissance Society. Aside from this work with charities, Lefkofsky also sits as a Trustee of Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky attended the University of Michigan, graduated from there, and then went on to study at the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor. He supports and places a high value on education, and is also serves the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor. Today, Lefkofsky lives his life in Chicago, Illinois and plays an active role in supporting the community he loves so much.

The Different Options for Marketing and The Approach of Fabletics

With business, success and failure depends largely on marketing. Many people who start ab business or buy an existing business have to figure out what they are going to do about marketing. The only issue is that this can be time consuming for people who don’t know how to market. One of the most common solutions to marketing is for business owners to take their business to an advertising or marketing agency. It makes perfect sense. After all, the marketing agency has a lot of time, experience, and knowledge on marketing. Therefore, they can more easily come up with a campaign that is going to bring in the sales.


For Fabletics and the other brands of TechStyle, this is not the case. The owners of TechStyle have decided that they are better off doing their own marketing, partially because they are very passionate about getting the word out on their products. They also want to handle an important part of marketing which is reaching out and connecting with others so that they will not only know about the brand, but actually have a relationship with the brand. One thing that the customers like are companies that they have influence over beyond what they buy.


Instead of using an ad agency, Fabletics uses a marketing team that they have in house in order to handle all of the marketing. This can cause a bit of concern with the advertising agencies. However, Fabletics has a very unique approach to marketing. One of the marketing techniques that Fabletics takes on is leveraging the power of the crowd. One of the ways TechStyle pays tons of attention to the power of the crowd is by making sure that the interaction is strong. This is one of the techniques that many small business owners use.


Marketing is one of the best aspects of business because there are a multitude of techniques that can help. It is up to business owners to think about what they are going to do in order to get the word out. With the internet, marketing is so much easier for people to achieve. They just have to decide on their primary channel and find their audience. As they reach and interact with the audience, they will not only know about the business owner and the business, but they will also get a good idea on what the company stands for.

How Highland Capital Management Remains Relevant In the Financial Sector

Highland capital management was founded in 1990 by James Dondero, Mark Okada and their partnership with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. The consultancy firm has its headquarter in Dallas Texas. Over the years highland capital management has been providing its clients with specialized consultancy services. The company has assets in control that exceed 15 billion dollars

Highland Capital Management has been providing its clients with different services to ensure that they have a tremendous financial proficiency. The services that the company brings in to ensure they achieve their mission includes informing the clients of different investment opportunities and filling various Collateral Loan Obligation services. The firm serves clients who come from diverse walks of life; the clients range from wealthy individuals, financial institutions, and different government regimes.

It is a fact that Highland Capital management has been the pioneers of the provision of alternative credit managers. During the 20 years, Highland Capital Management has been in business; they have been providing some of the best credit managers across the world making them a reputable brand in the financial sector.

Highland capital management has made it their objective to provide its clients with superior optimum returns on investments throughout the years. This has been made possible because the company has been following established policies and tested investment strategies. Other than making money for their clients, the company ensures that capital is used efficiently, therefore, enabling capital preservation. The firm also offers portfolio diversification consultancy services to help their clients make informed decisions before deciding on what to invest in while balancing portfolios.

When it comes to corporate responsibility, Highland Capital Management has been on the front lines. This is quite evident when taking a look at the investment the company has been making in the communities they work with alongside the investments made in their personnel. Some of their CSR efforts are made through making available financial aid and volunteering. Recently the firm has been investing in the provision of better healthcare. Their objective of providing excellent healthcare has received a significant boost with the newly launched $147 million fund in partnership with South Korea’s NPS.

The Career Life of Vincent Parascandola

In the competitive market, very few individuals have the opportunity of experiencing success in their businesses. There are, however, several few individuals who are very fortunate to achieve so much in their careers. For these individuals, success becomes just a second name. Vincent Parascandola is one of the lucky professionals who has turned out to be highly successful in their careers. Since the start of his great career, Parascandola has managed to shock the world by being one of the highly successful and respected individuals in the insurance department. His resume is full of great achievements that he has achieved in his years of excellence, and this explains why he has been fortunate to work with large institutions in the market. Many people say that Vincent Parascandola is one of the great leaders people should look out for.

According to RocketReach, although the finance executive has been in the insurance department for a while, very few people know about his career life. The talented leader started his career when he was hired to work in a company known as Prudential. Although he was serving in the company as an agent, the businessman introduced so much change, and he earned the trust of many employees serving in the institution. Due to his great accomplishments in the institution, the businessman was given the award of the National Rookie of the Year honor due to his success.

After leaving Prudential, Vincent was fortunate enough to get a role in an institution known as Money Life Insurance Company. Vincent acquired this role in the year 1990 and was given several responsibilities. While serving in the organization, the businessman was in charge of most of the regional duties in the organization, a task that he did without fail. In the year 2004, a company called AXA Advisors hired him so that he could work as the senior executive vice president. With his twenty-five years’ experience in the insurance world, the businessman has done his best to ensure that the company reaches greater heights. Up to date, Parascandola is still serving in the institution, and he is working hard to change the lives of his customers.

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