Evolution of Smooth is Setting New Standards in Oral Care

We are living in some of the most modern of times thanks to the plethora of innovative technologies. The lip balm industry is no exception as it has been experiencing a boom in activity and in interest. Have you ever heard of the brand Evolution of Smooth? If you haven’t heard about this eclectic brand, then you must have been living under a rock the past few years. EOS has taken over the game thanks to its game-changing affects. The company has been around for about nine years, but it has risen to the top of industry via lip balm products.

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EOS’s Vegan Crystal lip balms are selling like hotcakes in a sense. On the very day that the products were released, EOS’s official website was bombarded with activity. This activity would go on to buy each and every Vegan Crystal product, see here. That’s right! This lip balm actually sold out on its very first day. With its clear and pristine appearance, consumers will be able to appreciate the product’s see-through attribute. If you were to hold this product up in the air, then you’ll be able to see through to the other side. On top of the attractive features, the brand continues to offer its wide array of ingredients such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, coconut oil and host of vitamins. No other brand is bringing the heat quite like EOS.

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Thanks to its eclectic sense of style, EOS continues to give you the flavors of passion fruit, summer fruit, medicated tangerine, lemon drop, coconut milk, sweet mint, vanilla mint, raspberry pomegranate, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honey dew and numerous others. If you’re still skeptical of the products, then don’t be because they’re hypoallergenic, and they’re dermatologist tested for safety approval. The new standards are in and EOS is steering the ship to success.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Achievements in The Canadian Healthcare Industry

Dr. Cameron Clokie is a world-renowned oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Clokie is also a celebrated scientist and entrepreneur. Some of the projects Clokie has undertaken have gone a long way to transform the Canadian maxillofacial and oral surgery field. After practicing surgery for more than two decades, Dr. Cameron Clokie decided to own a stake in the Toronto medical sector. Clokie was able to pull this off when he established Induce Biologics Inc. since the establishment of Induce Biologics Inc.; the firm has focused on the provision of musculoskeletal reconstruction.

Looking at the Canadian healthcare sector, Dr. Clokie realized that surgeries revolving around facial reconstruction were only being offered by established institutions which resulted in little or no flexibility for patients scheduled for musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Cameron Clokie is the serving chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Inc.

Before establishing Induce Biologics Inc. which is a private venture and practice, Dr. Cameron Clokie was in the clinical practice for more than thirty years. During this period, Clokie had specialized in academic dentistry. The fact that Dr. Cameron Clokie has been in the Canadian healthcare sector more than three decades proves that he has been one of the longest-serving professionals in his field. The experience gained throughout the years serving in the industry was a driving factor that led to him being promoted to run the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery back in 1998.

Other than being an active medical practitioner, Dr. Cameron Clokie has also been part of the teaching fraternity at the University of Toronto. Clokie has been a lecturer at the University of Toronto till his retirement from the academic’s field in 2017. During this time, Clokie was one of the lecturers that focused on imparting oral and maxillofacial surgery to the future generation of medical practitioners.

During Clokie’s exemplary career, he has been trusted by many corporations to provide consultancy and advisory services because of the wealth of experience he can bring to this companies. Dr. Cameron Clokie has published multiple peer-reviewed papers and journals throughout his career. The primary area of focus that Dr. Clokie has focused on in his writing is bone reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

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Nick Vertucci and Real Estate Investment Know-How

Nick Vertucci is someone who gets a lot of respect from people he encounters at work. He gets a lot of respect and admiration from people he meets in daily life as well. He’s the person who organizes everything at the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy located in bright and friendly Santa Ana, California. The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is exactly the thing it seems to be. It’s an in-depth educational institution that provides invaluable learning opportunities to people who are contemplating going after lasting careers as capable and talented real estate investors. If you’re dreaming about becoming a real estate investor who makes smart and thoughtful choices, then it may be the right time for you to take some classes.

Nick Vertucci and his esteemed team can teach you so much about how real estate investments operate. If you’re curious about wholesaling contracts, learning at this school can do you a lot of good. If you have any desire to do well in asset protection, this academy can come through for you, too. This school gives people the ability to learn so much about the purchasing of properties. It gives them the chance to learn a lot about the holding of properties as well. People who want to attain cash flow that lasts for extended periods of time can get a lot of insight out of the academy’s property tips.

This institution has guided many people who care about property rehabilitation. If you ever come across a residential or commercial property that could use a significant degree of renovation and remodeling work, you can learn a lot from the aficionados who represent the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This school accommodates people who come from areas that are close to Santa Ana. It actually accommodates many who come from all different regions of the United States as well. Vertucci has a terrific reputation all around the large nation.

Vertucci has endured many troubles throughout the course of his life. He’s always managed to find a way to fight them, however. That’s the reason so many individuals look up to him.

Healthier Habits Have Improved Jeffry Schneider’s Life

The idea of wellness has been growing in popularity over the years. From folks working for little-known companies to well-known individuals like Jeffry Schneider — everyone wants a better life.

Many consider Google to be the first company that took wellness in the workplace with the seriousness deserved. The company designed its wellness program to attract great talent. But people like Jeffry Schneider practice healthier living to attain personal wellness.

Benefits of Wellness

Whether Jeffry Schneider wakes up in New York or some other city in Thailand, he exercises. He rises early and hits the track. By the time other folks are taking their morning coffee, he is through with his routine at the gym.

He believes exercising improves his ability to focus on other areas of his life. There must be good reasons individuals and companies are spending money and time on wellness programs. Below are reasons to develop a wellness plan for your life:

You Will Develop Healthier Habits

Wellness programs encourage the development of healthy living habits. You will have to build exercise into your schedule. If a very busy New Yorker like Jeffry Schneider can find the time, you can too.

Many programs tend to have a faddish nature. People try them for a day or two and then move on to something else. You want to choose a program that focuses on building a better lifestyle rather than just dieting. Choose a plan that encourages better eating habits and more exercise. The healthier habits you will form lead to enhanced wellness and personal well being.


You Can Lose Weight

Being overweight can make you harbor unsupportive feelings such as low self-esteem. Many products and programs promise to help you lose weight. Let’s face it — losing weight is not as easy as swallowing weight loss pills.

You need to start eating the right foods. Jeffry Schneider advocates eating what a book he read calls “real food” as opposed to food that comes in “boxes.”Additionally, you should learn how to combine nutrition and exercise for better and lasting results. However, it is advisable not to focus on weight loss. Instead, focus on becoming healthier.

Wellness Reduces the Cost of Health Care

Numerous studies have considered the impact of wellness programs on company finances. Twenty-two different studies have shown that wellness programs have a 3.27 return on investment. The participating companies saved $3.27 in reduced health care costs for every dollar spent on wellness programs. You too can save money if you select an effective personal wellness plan and commit yourself.

A Wellness Plan Can Improve Your Productivity

It is possible to be present at work and not be productive. Being physically present at work without actually working has been called “presenteeism.” Jeffry Schneider has learned about presence and tries to practice it in his life.

When he is with his kids, Schneider focuses all his attention on them and nothing else. Being “present” has helped him improve his personal and professional relationships. Presence is in his words “the single most significant element of a truly balanced life.”

Research has shown employees whose diets were unhealthy were 66 percent more likely to have high presenteeism than workers who ate healthier food. Additionally, employees who exercised regularly were 50 percent less likely to have high presenteeism than people who did not exercise. The findings associated healthy eating and regular exercise with higher productivity. Improved productivity at work might get you a promotion and more pay.

The benefits of wellness programs are evident. Jeffry Schneider and many other people are enjoying the awesome goodness of healthier living. You too can, but you need to find an effective wellness plan and commit to it.


IDLife Is Providing Health And Wealth

Individually Designed Life. That’s what IDLife stands for. A vitamin and supplement company that has personalized getting and staying healthy Designed stands for the consumer’s freedom and ability to have individually customized supplement packages according to their individual needs. Based on your individual health conditions and circumstances. Personalized nutrition is a hot new wave in nutrition that will be a very big part of the market and consumers future.

A company built with an infrastructure of proven success lead by self made millionaire Logan Stout who has built a team of business stars to support IDLife including a superstar spokesperson in former Dallas Cowboy quarterback and Super Bowl Champion Troy Aikman. Having an athlete of his status can only boost and reinforce the quality of supplements IDLife is providing their customers.

The supplement industry in the USA is an astonishing $23 Billion dollar per year business and is a wide open market with only 20% of the market share being pulled in by the top 5 companies. That leaves a wealth of opportunity in such a popular and lucrative market and IDLife intends on taking a big dose of that.

When you enter such a large marketplace with such a high demand your top priority needs to be quality and that is exactly what Stout’s new company is determined to do. Bring the goods with pharmaceutical quality vitamins and supplements and a very unique interactive website program that personally customizes each individual’s needs and wants. The interactive system has the ability to provide over 1 million different combinations and results leaving the opportunity for the individual to find the exact right combination for them.

Soon the days of one general multi-vitamin sitting on the shelf of your local drug store and expected to contain the same ingredients and benefits for every individual that walks by may soon be history. The concept of individually designing your own specific nutritional package could be just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

The company operates and markets within the network marketing system, allowing opportunity for the elimination of retailer middle men and savings being passed on to the consumer as well as income opportunity for the associates that decide to take the business opportunity, which can be extremely profitable in such a high demand market.

Stout’s company has arrived into the market on a mission to deliver both health and wealth. Two very attractive subjects.

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Susan McGalla, Great Women

Susan McGalla has been recognized for paving the way in the business world for women. As of today, women are still not in as many leadership positions as men. During Susan’s entire career development she has ignored the stereotypes and stayed true to herself to obtain true success.

Growing up Susan was raised in a home with all men, her father and two brothers. Her family did not cripple her just because she was the only girl. Instead they taught her that she needed to work just as hard for everything that she wanted. McGalla took the lesson she learned at home and applied it to her professional life.

McGalla started working at American Eagle Outfitters early in her career. When she first started working with the company only men were in the high ranked executive positions. McGalla did not let that deter her, however. She worked extremely hard, and she soon became president of the company.

In addition to becoming president of American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla also founder her own company, P3 Executive Consulting. McGalla is the vice president of her company as well. P3 Executive Consulting provides business strategies for a popular football team, the Pittsburg Steelers.

Susan, along with other people in the business field, would like to see more women in leadership positions. There are different networks and support groups that support women with growing and training for leadership positions; however, that is not the problem. It has been discovered that women need support from other women who are actually in leadership positions in order to be successful. As of today, only about 25% of women are in leadership positions, this makes it extremely complicated for the 25% of women to support the overwhelming number of women who want to be leaders in their field.

Susan thinks the answer to this problem is sponsorship opportunities. If a women is well excelling in her professional field, a sponsor could help her advance to a high position according to Susan. Executive sponsors will give women exclusive projects so that they can showcase their ability to work. Executive sponsors should also advocate for women to put them into leadership positions. With hard work, like Susan has proven, anything is possible.

OSI Group and David McDonald Make One Heck Of A Team For Restaurant Chains in China

OSI Group has been in China for many years and because they have been such a blessing to the businesses of China, the group is focused on becoming a leading contender for global food chains. In a recent year while hosting the Olympic games in Beijing, the group supplied more than 113 tons of food to help provide for the Olympic games. It was during this period of time that McDonalds had not received one complaint regarding the 5 food items they provided.

OSI Group had provided the chicken, pork, beef, eggs and onion for the Olympic games. When the company received no complaints, they were able to spread their business further down the line. The business is now helping to supply food and drinks to other chains like Starbucks, Burger King, Subway and even Papa John’s.

The group is focused on maintaining their clientele while working to bring in more people. The people who are currently receiving the food from OSI China are sometimes in need of finding a new and unique way of reconstructing the business by updating menus and providing new foods.

The main goal of OSI Group is to become one of the best food distributors in the world. They hope to one day to provide the products and services to major food networks while maintaining a cost effective business. David McDonald is a firm believer in the effectiveness of his customers but he also knows that you have to be able to make mistakes and failures along the way. By creating this performance of the business, you are able to learn from the valuable lessons that failure and mistakes bring you.

If you don’t make mistakes and learn from them, your business can not improve and move on from the mistake. There is something to be said about if at first you don’t succeed. This theory is what has helped OSI group China to be able to create a lasting business relationship with not only the McDonalds Group but with the other well known businesses they are working for.

David McDonald has been working for the business for over 30 years and the same goal that the business has today is the same goal they had when he first joined the business. To become the number one provider of food products, David works to come up with new ideas and suggestions that will help to bring success to the group.

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