Malcom Casselle Bitcoin Leader

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of OPSkins a company that specializes in the sales of in-game virtual assets. He is also the president of WAX a global decentralized marketplace for virtual assets. He was the director for Capitol Union Investments an investment firm in Hong Kong and is the former CEO of Xfire. He was the CEO for Media pass a smart subscription solution company and a board member for Social Reality. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his bachelor’s in computer science. Then he attended Stanford University where he received his master’s degree in Computer Science.

When Casselle graduated from college, he began working at Schroder Securities as an IT Director. He then went on to become co-founder of NetNoir a content site that partnered with America Online. Eventually, he would become senior vice president of PCCW a television service company. He has held many management positions in a diverse range of companies including, Original Quinton, GlobalCast Networks, Xing Zhi Education Ltd, and Groupon. He considers himself a serial entrepreneur and has worked hard to achieve his level of success.

Since Casselle has become the CIO of OpSkins, the company has become a leader in the cryptocurrency industry. The company allows virtual game players the ability to make cross-border micropayments. They have produced a new platform called WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and allows virtual trade between individuals with a smart contract. This system will prevent fraud with a widget that permits virtual players to trade within the virtual gaming system. It will stop fragmentation and not allow the use of tokens that are not utilized by WAX. The WAX system consists of an algorithm that recognizes WAX Tokens and permits the exchange for buyers and sellers. The virtual game players will need WAX Tokens in order to participate in the transactions provided by WAX.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Malcolm Casselle is an expert. He is a leader in the bitcoin industry and has had made a huge impact in cryptocurrency. There is no doubt that he will continue to provide us with innovative ideas.

How ViJay Eswaran Can Encourage and Inspire People

One of the things that people are going to be faced with when it comes to pursuing their goals is discouragement. People will also have some kind of fear about their goals if it is something different than what they usually do. The good news is that Vijay Eswaran has a lot of examples and content that can help people move forward. For one thing, Vijay has not only experienced success on the physical level, but also on the mental and spiritual level as well. As a matter of fact, spiritual success often comes before physical and financial success.

Vijay has a lot of content that interests people in what they can do in order to reach higher levels in their lives. He has people look at their lives in a different way. Among the topics he addresses is fear, discouragement, goals, and other topics that tend to come up when people pursue the goals that they truly want. One of the most important lessons that people are going to learn as they pursue their goals is that it is very important to be authentic in their lives so that their success could be long lasting. People who try to succeed through other means are going to fall off at some point.

Vijay Eswaran is an authentic individual who wants people to explore and realize their potential. It is when they realize their potential that they are going to have abundant life to go along with their financial success. Vijay has achieved that for himself with the help and insight of others who have traveled before him. He has then made efforts to reach out to others so that they can experience some of the same success that he has experienced. He has learned the value of service and humility.

OSI Industries President Makes Business Headlines

OSI Industries CEO Makes Headlines

There are a tremendous amount of business leaders that stand out in the local business community, but very few have made headlines like president and professional business partner, David McDonald. He has been able to combine both his education and expertise with over 16+ years at OSI. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois School of Business with. Bachelors Degree in business and finance. He ha Ben able to work alongside other key executives to initiate international growth and job opportunities for impoverished areas around the world. To learn more about David McDonald, you’re incited to visit his professional LinkedIn account.

Recent News About OSI Executives

OSI Industries has been able to stand out with a distinct line of industry executors pushing for international growth operatives to add to their nearly $64.5 billion dollars in assets. They have been able to successfully partner with the popular EU food industry. OSI was able to partner with Flagship Europe to process their food condiments and frozen poultry. The deal has proven lucrative for the EU food business industry and has been worth an undisclosed amount of millions for OSI Industries Inc.

More OSI Industries News

Amazingly, OSI Industries is immersed in creating worldwide opportunities for economic growth. A Chicago food plant was set to close, when OSI was able to make a successful bid to own and operate the facility. They were able to retain jobs for hundreds of workers. They have also celebrated a lucrative presence in the China food market for over 20 years. They will also be a part of marketing organic food vegetables with OSI industries. The United States and Asia are their most popular business partnerships and mimics their Flagship Europe deal.

Go directly to their website and learn more about their diverse career opportunities with plenty of room for advancement. Their website has listing of all of their current job opportunities, full disclosure details, and more. OSI is responsible for feeding millions of customers a nutritional diet; proudly approved by the government Food and Drug Administration.

About OSI Group:

Academy of Art University 21st Showcase at Fashion Week

The Academy of Art University Reviewed by the Huffington Post

In a recent article from the Huffington Post, Stephan Rabimov reviews the 21st annual contribution from the Academy of Art University. Rabimov owns his own fashion magazine, DEPESHA. In this article he discusses the Academy of Art University’s biggest contributions to the New York Fashion Week.

NYFW is one of the most popular events in fashion. Everyone involved in the fashion industry in a major way goes to this high profile event. It’s a great honor for students to present at the New York Fashion Week Showcase because it gives attention to the work that they spent so much time completing.

The Academy of Art University’s Fashion School brought out their best artists to present this year. The group consisted of diverse designers from all around the planet, including one from mainland China and another from Maine. The article includes a video and several pictures presenting some of the best looks on the runway that evening. Many of the designers used industrial fabrics and some even experimented with PVC in their designs for a rather interesting appearance.

About the Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by a husband and wife team in San Francisco. They started out with around 45 students, and that number grew substantially by 1985 when the school taught 5,000 students. At that time the school became accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

It has always remained under the guidance of the same family, and now the school is led by the granddaughter of the founders. She has brought in more programs and training for artists of diverse backgrounds, and she has expanded the network of students to over 14,000, according to their website.

The Academy of Art University offers a wide array of courses for all types of students. They offer pre-college courses, undergraduate programs, graduate programs, and plenty of other types of degree and non-degree offerings. Their course catalog is available online along with plenty of other information for interested applicants.


OSI Food Solutions — The International Chicken Choice

OSI Food Solutions has increased their food production capacity by nearly double! They achieved this miraculous feat by adding a high capacity production line to their center of operations. Their production line in Toledo, Spain has increased their capacity thanks to the addition. The total amount for the investment equaled 17 million euros and has improved the production capacity and quality of production of their staple chicken products from 12,000 tons to an amazing 24,000 tons per annum. This amazing increase in production can only be called a feat of great management. The board members and plant supervisors were responsible for overseeing the improvements made. Thanks to the concerted efforts it was pulled off without a hitch and the investment is paying for itself.

Thanks to the latest expansion, the Toledo plant has improved its total production capacity to more than 45,000 tons of chicken, beef, and pork products. Such a large outlay of meat can meet the market expectations of quality food. They have improved their market share thanks to the increases and can supply the world with environmentally friendly meat. The entire project included the investment of production lines, 20 new jobs, and the addition of a new development manager. The dedicated ;leadership will continue to excel in the chicken, beef, and pork industry and set the standard for efficient and safe food production. With such an ability to improve their operations and increase their production potential, OSI Food Solutions has become the world leader in household and enterprise meat products.

The main reason for the expansion was the spike in demand from Spain and Portugal. The market demanded meat products that were safe for consumption and they wanted something that was environmentally friendly. The manager of OSI Spain made a professional observation and relayed it to the rest of his corporate team for them to act on the data. The market was ready for something greater and they were able to capitalize on the opportunity. The demand for chicken products rose more than 6 percent in Portugal and Spain over the last ten years and has increased over 8 percent in the last 3 years.

OSI Food Solutions is excited about the new possibilities thanks to the increase. They are able to accommodate a growing interest in a thriving market. The ability of other companies will have to keep up the pace with OSI Food Solutions if they want to compete in the growing market.

Pop-out for The RealReal’s Pop-ups

Ordering online can be convenient, but it can also take away from the marvelous experience of shopping. You can miss out of the exciting feeling of luxury consignment fabric between your fingers, dressing up with your girlfriends for a day out on the town, well now you don’t have to! The RealReal has an exciting and adventurous plan in store for 2018.. literally! Motivated by their success with a pop-up in New York City in 2016, they are planning on opening even more stores, including in the wild spread of Las Vegas (which is already open!) and other locations yet to be announced.

Not intrigued by the luxury consignment clothing alone? No problem, there is plenty of beautiful second-hand jewelry available in-stores. To ease your mind about the authenticity of these previously loved jewels, they have gemologists on-hand to assist you! As if that’s not enough to get you running out the door with one shoe on, The RealReal offers classes such as the “History of Chanel” and “How to Value a Diamond” for VIP customers. These stores are so much more than the mundane shopping mall experience.

Now to address the oh-so-important consignors! The contributions made by consignors are absolutely crucial to the RealReal. Many people just throw out their old clothes not remembering the cleverly true cliche, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The RealReal has in-store offices separate just for consignors to secure specific quotes on the items brought in and to be able to commit time and staff to this great task that is the foundation of luxury consignment. It has been revolutionary to the business of consignment to put the time and effort into pop-ups. It is much more difficult to spread the word and urge people to send in their precious items, without the experience of speaking with a specialist in person. In time, the RealReal is hoping that the fever and excitement associated with this specific experience they are providing becomes a necessity throughout the nation.

A Review of Dr. Jennifer Walden, Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top plastic surgeons in the country. She grew up in Austin, Texas and after attending medical school and doing a fellowship, she built an extremely successful practice in Manhattan. She soon decided that she wanted to return to her hometown and start her practice there.

In Austin she has been practicing plastic surgery for nearly ten years. At her practice, she focuses completely on performing cosmetic surgery procedures. Women from all over Texas and beyond come to her for plastic surgery procedures. Whether it is a breast augmentation, face lift, nose job or a more simple procedure like cool sculpting, Dr. Jennifer Walden is renowned for her sills in cosmetic surgery.

She noted in a recent article how rare it is for a female to go into the field of plastic surgery. She stated that there are just over eight thousand plastic surgeons in the country that are board certified. Of that already relatively small number, there are only around 800 of those surgeons that are women. She is just one of twelve female plastic surgeons in Texas.

Dr. Walden spoke to the fact that plastic surgery is a field mostly domination by men. She believes that the length of training you need to go to in order to become a board-certified plastic surgeon ensures that women will need to put off having children, which often causes them to choose a surgery specialty with less training time before they are able to practice.

She noted that she consistently has to prove herself as a female in the field. However, she is also known as an incredible surgeon and powerful woman and said she has no problem with proving herself. She is an incredible surgeon that has been recognized nationally for her skills in plastic surgery and her pioneering of new technologies. His facebook page

Malcolm CasSelle Invigorates the Virtual Market

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur who has been involved in several inventive companies in the video game industry. Some of his former companies include SeaChange International, NetNoir, Xfire, Mediapass, Timeline Labs, and tronc Inc. CasSelle is currently the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX) and the CIO of OpSkins. Aside from these hands-on ventures he has also invested his money into tech giants such a Facebook and Zynga.

The people behind OpSkins have now launched a new blockchain platform for video game currency and item trading. The platform, WAX, offers its users a safe and secure channel to conduct their virtual asset trading. Gamers who choose to trade directly with one another run the risk of being a victim of scammers and con-artists: they could lose everything they worked for.

Wax itself is a widget that has the capability of running over the game you are running. With the widget you will be able to buy and sell virtual goods without ever leaving your game screen. The streamlined service brings great innovation to the alternative video game asset trading community.

About Malcolm CasSelle

Mr. CasSelle holds two degrees, one from MIT and one from Stanford, both in computer science. Soon after graduating he became an entrepreneur; in 1995 he co-founded Netnoir, a media production company. In 2012 he was named CEO of Xfire, an innovative program that combined social networking with video games. In 2016, Mr. CasSelle was named CTO of new ventures at Tronc, a newspaper print and online publishing company in Chicago.

Malcolm CasSelle’s biggest business is done in the world of virtual asset trading. OpSkins are one of the leading names in Skin Trading in games like CS: GO. His new company intends to expand further into the virtual goods trading business.

Malcolm CasSelle‘s newest project, WAX, is a platform that provides security for those wishing to enter into the virtual market place. Trader will make use of if its own blockchain cryptocurrency, WAX Tokens, and offer them to traders who then exchange them for other currencies. With WAX, CasSelle is offering individuals a chance to start their own virtual trade stores

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