All About the Fagali Airport and Island

The Fagali Airport was once owned and operated by the local government. It was used primarily for military purposes, but was closed soon after due to noise and environmental violations. The airport is found on the gorgeous Somoa island, and is one of the only features of the island to date. Other than the airport, there is a small community of homes and shops, but the airport is the primary attraction of the island. After being abandoned for several years, Polynesian Airlines reopened the airport and called it Fagali Airport. The airport now boasts international and local travel with multiple airlines within its facility.

The Fagali Airport airlines include Somoa Air, South Pacific Airways and Pogo Pogo Air. International flights can go to America, Africa and Europe and local travels are specific to Pogo Pogo and other areas of the Somoa Islands. The airport has been reported to be one of the safest flying facilities in the world due to the immense security measures that they take. They also extensively search bags and other carry-on packages to ensure that the flight will be safe while it is in the air. In fact, the Fagali Airport has received multiple rewards and awards for its work within the flight industry.

The airport has a wide range of amenities, including a full-service restaurant, cafeteria and gift shop. Multiple restrooms and vending machines are available throughout the airport to make it convenient for you to refresh between flights. The security to go through the airport and onto the flight is convenient, non-invasive and yet incredibly thorough. Millions of people travel through the Fagali Airport each year, with most than 30,000 flights leaving the airport annually. Despite being a smaller airport, it is no stranger to crowds and continues to be toted as one of the busiest airports in the world.

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