Sheldon Lavin and The History Behind OSI Group

OSI Group is known for being one of the world’s largest supplier of food globally. OSI employs over 20,000 employees and has 65 facilities internationally. OSI started out as a small ,family run, butcher shop, but is now a multi-billion dollar corporation. The ancestry of OSI is deeply rooted in the American immigration history.

German immigrants settled in Chicago, Illinois and this made up a quarter of the city’s consensus. A man by the name of Kolschowsky, opened a small butcher shop within 2 years of residing in Chicago. His shop served the community well and within a decade Kolschowsky decided it was time to expand his business into the wholesale sector.

Years of success caused a small revamping of Kolschowsky’s business and Otto and Sons was born. But with the changing of times, modern suburbs was popping up everywhere. With the demands of the world that pushed businesses to seek ways to upscale and keep up with the demands of society, a rare business collaboration was formed, 2 family businesses, Otto and Sons and McDonald’s.

Otto and Sons moved from the position of regional supplier to international supplier; but as the demands of the world increased, so did the need of food preservation as it went from the warehouse to its destination. Flash freezing became the answer, In 1875, the company shifted the leadership and name of the company as they welcomed Sheldon Lavin. That is when Otto and Sons became OSI Group.

The Growth of McDonald’s is what broke the barrier into international territory. Sheldon Lavin became the CEO and Sheldon Lavin chairman of OSI Group in the 1980’s. The growth of the company has led the company to make Forbes 2016 list of the biggest private owned businesses. Sheldon Lavin is no stranger to the investment world and worked with Otto and Sons on the investment end until their retirement.

OSI history dates back over a century ago. The history is important as it shows the relevance of economic growth and technological advances from then until now. First a butcher shop,then Otto and Sons, currently OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin helped lead the company and break barriers that no other company had yet ventured into during the economic growth that started from the birth of the first McDonald’s and on as both companies evolved.

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U.S. Money Reserve Is The Exclusive Distributor Of Perth Mint’s Coronation Set

Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation occurred on 2nd June 1953. The event was broadcasted to approximately three hundred million people worldwide. Six decades and a half later, Australia’s Perth Mint and U.S. Reserve have partnered to honor that day in our history.

One of the items designed to celebrate the coronation is a Proof Coin Set. It includes a 1 ounce silver proof coin, a ¼ ounce gold proof coin and a 2 ounces gold proof coin. The coins are made by The Perth Mint using 99.99% pure silver and gold. These coins, under the 1965 Currency Act of Australia, are issued as legal tender.

The U.S. Reserve was solely selected by The Perth Mint to sell the 2 ounce coin in the United States. The privilege becomes more significant considering the coin has extremely low mintage. 203 coins out of 250 coins are exclusively available to U.S. residents only from the reserve.

Britain’s longest reigning monarch has previously received tribute from the U.S. Money Reserve with a number of coin releases (sold-out) from the Australian mint. For example, there was a 2016 Proof Coin Set for Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday.

U.S. Money Reserve was the exclusive distributor in the United States for the release. Take note that the reserve will be the exclusive international distributor of The Perth Mint produced Pearl Harbor coin series for the 75th Anniversary.

Why People Do Business With U.S. Money Reserve

Since it is one of the country’s renowned and largest distributors of government-issued coins, people are more confident buying gold from the U.S. Money Reserve. It has been known to do everything possible to offer clients the most exceptional gold coins available, as well as the highest level of service.

Over the years potential and current clients have placed their trust on the reserve’s ability to help them select the most appropriate and highest quality precious metals for various uses. A good number of these clients are making profits due to their wise purchases. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Researve | Instagram

The reserve’s team has a collective purpose of ensuring they maintain the highest trust and professional levels in the business. They have helped hundreds of thousands of individual make crucial decisions about platinum, silver and gold over the years.

This has been achieved by earning a client’s trust before doing business. To date, thanks to the relationships built with their clients and their team of professionals, U.S. Money Reserve has served more than 400,000 people.

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Fortress Investment Group: Getting Stronger After the Recession

The United States and other developed countries experienced a great economic recession that lasted for two years, from 2008 to 2009. Companies in the United States are the most affected because their value decreased and they lost a lot of investments. However, one company stood out during the recession because they managed to get through it, and their assets even increased during the times when most of the companies are experiencing losses. The Fortress Investment Group managed to receive excessive attention after the company stated that they never felt anything negative during the economic recession of the year 2008 to 2009. They even claimed that they are prepared whenever a recession strikes, and when the real problem began, they knew what to do because they have already readied themselves. The Fortress Investment Group was conceived by three entrepreneurs – Wesley Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. These three gentlemen had the idea of creating an investment firm during the late 1990s because they wanted to earn more money. They have seen how the BlackRock Financial Management Inc. earned so much money in only a short period, and they wanted to emulate the success of the company they have worked for in the past.

The investment firm opened its doors for investors in 1998, and nine years later, they offered the company to the public, allowing them to buy corporate shares and trade them off whenever they please. The Fortress Investment Group back in the year 2007 is considered as the largest private equity firm to be traded publicly, and they stated that it is an honor that many people wanted to buy their stocks because they see the company’s potential. Almost 8% of the company, or around $600 million in value, was given to the public for trading. Today, the decision of the founders to offer the company at the stock market is considered as one of the best decisions that they have ever made because they are earning a lot of money from the fluctuation of the market and many clients are looking out for them with the goal of investing using their platform.

The company has proven so many times that they are one of the best investment companies in the world. They are ready to help those who have encountered financial challenges, like the organizers of the Winter Olympic Games which was held in Vancouver in 2010. The Fortress Investment Group is one of the financial donors of the Olympic Village, and they helped the organizers build the place where most of the athletes would stay because they wanted the Olympic Village to become one of the company’s legacies. After the original financier of the project backed out, the organizers of the games looked for a firm that could help them with the funding in the least amount of time possible. The Fortress Investment Group is one of those who volunteered to build the Olympic Village, and after the games, the structures were donated to them as a token of gratitude. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

Sheldon Lavin; the Business Guru Leading OSI To Greater Heights

When talking about top companies that supply meat to retailers, restaurants and fast food chains, it is almost impossible to skip past OSI Group. OSI Group is led by Sheldon Lavin, the Chief Executive Officer. With branches in over 17 countries; it is very difficult for one not have to come across this company and their products. With Sheldon Lavin as the CEO, the company grows and expands each and every day.

With all the success, Mr. Lavin does not intend to stop just yet. In fact, he plans to use strategic market-focused methods so that the company continues to scale higher. Recently, OSI Group has been steadily expanding through acquisitions. Some of them include; the acquisition of Tyson Production plant in Chicago and Baho Foods in 2016. In 2016, OSI acquired the UK Flagship Europe and the German Hynek Schalchthof GmBH. Although he does many purchases, Sheldon usually calculates and comes up with well-informed decisions before making the purchases. Other than spearheading acquisitions, Sheldon Lavin is also known for his enthusiasm in making green innovations. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

As the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is tasked with the mandate of overseeing and coordinating all the activities encompassing OSI Group. His career started in the early 1970s when he was a consultant to the company when it as known as Otto & Sons. In 1975, Sheldon became a partner at OSI and was able to expand the operations of the firm immensely. In the 1980s he bought a controlling share in the company and the firm has been experiencing great results. Such a success comes with recognition and getting numerous awards. Sheldon has bagged himself a lot of awards as the CEO of OSI. The Globe of Honour awarded to the firm in 2016 is a good example of the awards he has won.

Servicing food and retail industries, OSI Group is a privately owned meat processing holding firm headquartered in Austin, Illinois, United States. The company was opened in 1909 to buy Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany. It started off as a family meat market but later on, it grew to become Otto & Sons. The company gained reputation by supplying quality meat to its clients. The company grew and even started supplying to McDonald’s, the renowned fast food chain.

Today, OSI Group has numerous plants all over the United States. Some of them are located in Chicago, Riverside, California and even Utah.OSI also has other plants outside the USA. Other than supplying meat to McDonald’s, OSI also supplies to Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and Subway among others popular outlets.

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Milan Kordestani And How Passion Helps Him To Manage His Busy Life

Milan Kordestani is a man who can do it all.

He is able to balance a 9 to 5, a business, sports, and college classes.

How does he do it?

He excels in each of these areas by being passionate about every one of them.

He has been riding horses since the age of 10. However, horses didn’t always agree with Milan.

When he was 10 years old, he was thrown off of a horse that went wild and ran away.

Instead of crying or letting the situation scar him and inflict lasting fear into him, Milan went after the horse, climbed back on, and begin to ride it.

This was impressive behavior for a 10 year old. However, that encounter with the wild horse only serves to give us a preview of who Milan is: a person who goes after what he wants.

As an equestrian, Milan has his sights set on winning blue ribbons. Although he hasn’t yet won one, his horse riding has consistently been improving, and he has been getting closer and closer to that first place ribbon.

The first award that Milan ever won was 4th place in the year 2015.

Later that year, he won 3rd place.

In 2016, Milan won 2nd place, a pretty impressive ranking.

Milan’s business, Milan Farms, is 100% organic and grows mint, saffron, and eggs.

Milan’s eggs are shipped all over the west coast. His mint and saffron, however, are shipped all over the world.

The entrepreneur feels that community is family and he has great respect for his community. Some of the members in his community are customers of his.

Milan does the best he can to be an exceptional business owner. He believes that to be a great businessman, one has to be honest with his customers.

The young CEO is very transparent with his customers and is always prepared to answer any questions that they may have.

When Milan isn’t at school, working his business or riding horses, he is pumping out articles for the Huffington Post on the subjects of politics, mental health, and agriculture.

How Talk Fusion Reduces the Stress for Internet Marketers

People have a lot to say about internet marketing. One thing that internet marketers often say is that it is often very stressful. This can come as a surprise to people who are used to the idea of internet marketing being something that is freely done. However, one of the most stressful aspects of internet marketing is finding some kind of way to make money. After all, many marketers try many different techniques only to find that none of them are as effective as they hope. Another thing that stresses them out is the idea that they may have to quit.


Fortunately, Talk Fusion offers something that makes it easier for internet marketers. One of the most stressful forms of internet marketing is email marketing. For one thing, people have to spend a lot of time trying to come up with the words to use for the recipient of the email. If they use the wrong wording, they may confuse the recipient. This can be very stressful for the email marketer. Talk Fusion helps with this in the way that it solves the very problem that people had when it came to email. It gives people the ability to send videos in their email.


One thing that marketers need is a video or an image in order to sell the product. One of the reasons they need this is that people don’t have enough time to spend reading small text. They also do not have the time to try to visualize what is being said. Often times, the words could bring forth the wrong image. At least video will present the product in a way that is clear and representative of what the product really is. This is one of the advantages of using Talk Fusion for marketing a product. Learn more:

OSI Group President David McDonald Expands The Brand In Australia

David G. McDonald is the Chief Operating Officer and President of the OSI Group. The company operates globally, and is best known as a meat and poultry producer and distributor, along with other meat based products, poultry, fruits, vegetables, and condiments.

The company is one of the largest meat producers and distributors in the United States. David McDonald is committed to its continued growth as it works to develop a presence in new territories around the world. During the presidency of David McDonald, OSI Group has acquired several food companies in Europe. The increase in chicken demand and consumption is a major contributing factor. As it continues its expansion into more and more countries around the globe, including the Dutch company Baho Foods some years prior. This has profoundly added to the European customer base in the food service industry within which OSI Group serves. The company also acquired Flagship Europe, a subsidiary to a U.S. company and Tyson Chicken, there by doubling chicken production as was the company’s plan according to David McDonald. The latest acquisition has occurred in Australia. In early May of 2018, it was announced that OSI Australia has merged with the food company, Turi Foods, a distributor of meat and poultry. David is excited and optimistic about the acquisitions undertaken by the company, and he sees them as further steps to the bigger picture of continued global growth of the OSI Group, while also growing and positively impacting the service level to its customers. OSI Group releases sustainability report .

OSI Group was founded in the United States in 1909. It began humbly, and was created by a German businessman in Illinois. The international headquarters of the OSI Group are located in Aurora, Illinois. Its production facilities are located throughout the United States and in more than 18 countries. The number of employees has increased to over 20,000 as the company continues to grow with the efforts of David McDonald and the entire management team. He was born in Iowa, where he was raised. David received his collegiate education at Iowa State University. He has been employed by OSI since 1987, and he has held aeveral positions at the OSI Group. He possesses a vast amounts of executive leadership experience in the food service industry.

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Banker Anil Chaturvedi Professional Experiences

Anil Chaturvedi went to school at FMS, Delhi University in India. That was back then in 1971-1973. He received an M.B.A in Financial Management. At Delhi University, he received a Bachelor of Arts, Economic Honors. He is currently the managing director at Hinduja Bank, a post he has held since November 2011. Before, he worked for Merrill Lynch, ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York and State Bank of India.

He is a banker with a four-decade experience with leading international banks. His area of specialization is corporate and private banking, corporate and investment banking. His corporate advisory business focuses on making cross-border alliances. It also deals in mergers, selling off assets and syndication of credit.

In 1992-1993, Anil Chaturvedi headed ANZ Grindlays Bank’s operations. His other tasks were developing leadership skills and creating a profitable model.

At the State Bank of India, he worked as a manager in charge of development and planning. This he did between 1987-1991. Here, his task was to plan, put in place and market strategies. This was successful, and as a result, a new business worth 500 million dollars was born. This achievement saw Anil Chaturvedi bag the Man of Year Award.

On 26, April, AECAL was part of the panel at Nishith Desai Associates. They discussed investment opportunities for European businesses in India. NDA, a law firm that bases on research, has offices all over the world. The panel consisted of Anil Chaturvedi, Dominik Gyllensvard, and Selva Naik. Here are excerpts from the meeting:

E-commerce Role in India

It is evident that e-commerce will play a big role in India’s ecosystem. This is because of the big sum of money that Amazon has invested in India. It has also been in existence for three years and has over 50 logistic areas. Another fact that makes the statement reasonable is the disorganization in Indian retail.

Startups Should Focus on Pricing and Branding

At most times, AECAL invests in founders who went to study and work in the west and later on decide to go back home; India. This is because of its belief that such individuals are well-educated and data-driven. The only thing found lacking was pricing and branding. That is the field they work at coaching them. By branding, it means talking to the target audience and moving their emotions.

Ryan Seacrest And His Endeavors

Ryan Seacrest has long been one of the most popular personalities in the entertainment business. Although most people believe his first role came from Fox in the form of co-hosting the first season of American Idol, Mr. Seacrest first started his radio career in the early 1990s.

Take a look at what all made Ryan Seacrest famous and just a few of his most major accomplishments.

Ryan Seacrest created a clothing brand

One thing people associate with Ryan Seacrest is his expansion across almost the entirety of the entertainment industry. He’s produced television shows and movies, hosted countless shows, ran his own radio show, and even acted a handful of times. Further, Mr. Seacrest operates his own philanthropic organization and clothing line.

That clothing line is Distinction, which was founded in 2014 by Seacrest without formal assistance from anyone else. However, Ryan does credit the chief creative officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, for showing him the ropes of tailoring clothes on a small scale. Afterward, Seacrest knew he wanted to make Distinction a brand of high-quality, luxury clothing, particularly formal clothing.

Mr. Seacrest is a master of everything radio

Ryan Seacrest started his radio career in the early 1990s after getting an internship with a local radio station in Atlanta, Georgia, where he grew up. The first major show he was a part of was his very own morning show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

The king of hosting entertainment television’s multiple TV appearances

American Idol is the most popular television series Ryan Seacrest has ever been a part of. However, he’s also responsible for his annual involvement with E! News in its coverage of red carpet awards, including the Grammys, Golden Globes, and the Oscars.

Seacrest even – somehow – has time for philanthropy

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded by none other than Ryan Seacrest. It places Seacrest Studios locations throughout big-time children’s hospitals to help them dive into the world of entertainment as a career. (Reference: Facebook)

The face of hollywood:

Businessman Robert Deignan.


It is believed that for someone to become an expert in a field, it takes about 10000 hours. Well, in that case, Robert Deignan has been in the technology industry for nearly 20 years, which amounts to around 40000 hours. A graduate of Purdue University in 1995 with a B.S in Business Management, Robert had a strong passion for business, and that is what he did.

Deignan loved technology and proper customer service. Three years after finishing school, he co-founded his first business, Fanlink. After three successful years with Fanlink, he moved on to iS3 Inc., a software firm that deals with a variety of technology needs as the vice president. The company specialized in optimization of computers, digital security, and technical support. Due to his intense passion and drive, he felt the need of moving his career further.

Currently, Robert is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC. Since he had acquired a lot of experience from the companies he had worked for earlier, all his focus was on making ATS the next big thing from August 2011. In simple terms, ATS can be described as all the time and work Robert Deignan has invested in the world of technology.

At ATS, Robert played a massive role in creating a company that can solve any technical issue you can ever imagine. Whether it is data storage, mobile phones, installation needs, or computer networking. Robert’s years of experience have assisted him to come up with a company culture that mainly focuses on customer service and employees who know how to deliver perfect results without fail.

Many digital companies do not handle clients with the respect and care they deserve. Deignan wants the customers at ATS to receive top-notch services at all times. Since the technology industry is changing fast, Robert has put his focus on getting the best equipment to be able to solve all kinds of issues raised by clients.

During his free time, Robert enjoys spending the day at the Atlantic Ocean. He also loves fishing and boat riding since most of his life has been spent in Florida. He managed to scoop the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby.