James Dondero and Hid Venture Capitalism Foundation

AS the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Jim Dondero has mastered the fine art of investing in charitable giving. having a philanthropic goal for his business, Dondero has taken his Dallas business model to the height of financial success.

All of this began in the heart of Jim Dondero, who wanted to create a place for philanthropic work to flourish. He decided that Dallas, Texas was the perfect location. He worked for years on this project, this year he brought another person with that spirit of non-profit fund raising into the company. Linda Owen joined contributing her extensive years of fundraising in the North Texas area. Her work is renowned in the area.

He then hired Mary Jalonick to serve as his partner to build the organization even larger than it was then. The goal of effective donations to make North Texas a better place for everyone has become the call of the business, bringing it into the status of foundation. This growth is due in part to the group effort to gain better investments to raise better capital for use in grants to those in need in the Dallas area.

The partnerships of these people together with the local investors has led the foundation to begin the future of even grater expansion. It is truly a delight to see such innovation in the future. Non-profits have their place in the financial sector of any location. This area is certainly not immune to the need to raise money. So much can happen when everyone gives.

What the future does actually hold for Jim is hard to say, but one can only imagine that it is going to be great. The community can benefit from the experience of the group when it comes to grants and assistance to those people whom the foundation serves.

Say Goodbye To Dry Crappy Skin With EOS Lip Balm Products

Beautiful full soft lips are the envy of most women and EOS lip balm products have made it possible for countless women around the world. If you’re looking for an organic lip care therapy system, their unique line of lip balm products are completely hypoallergenic. Their customers say using their products everyday is safe and convenient. They have never had a logo, but have still sold millions of their cool containers. Customers can easily spot their trendy pastel circular packaging anywhere, even at the bottom of a cluttered purse. Say goodbye to dry crappy skin with EOS lip balm products. Click usmagazine.com to read more awesome news.

No one thought their packaging could get any cuter, but the new Crystal line comes amazingly packaged with a the same familiar brand with a twist. Enjoy the comforts of eleven essential vitamins along with the wonderful healing agents of vitamin C and E. Experience the goodness of shea and jojoba extracts for the delicate skin tissue on your lips. They fortify your skin and gives you maximum protection against UV rays and harsh seasonal conditions. Employees who work outside will enjoy having the superior protection in extreme hot or cold temperatures. EOS products also protects your lips against dry temperatures and wind.

Are you interested in what’s popular in EOS products? Evolution of Smooth is making remarkable strides in the beauty care industry by exceeding customer expectations and preferred over once leading brands like Chapstick. More importantly, EOS products come in wonderful flavors with amazing scents, your lips will love. Find great aromatherapy fragrances like Almond Milk and Mint Kisser with detailed ingredients and free shipping offers. Select retailers also have their products available on the beauty care aisle including Costco and Rite Aid, see also target.com. Their 2-pack EOS selection will always ensure wearers will have a spare when they need it.

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EOS Lip Balm Offers New Crystal Like Balm

The new EOS Crystal lip balms have changed their look and their formula. They are packed with 5 essential oils that create the smoothest lips ever. They glide on smooth to create lips that are soft and chic. Their packaged lip balm is unique from their original formula and is now crystal clear. They first introduced the new blend of lip balm a few days ago on Instagram and now offer fans of the lip balm the chance to purchase at $5.49 based on usmagazine.com. The traditional spherical shape has been slightly tweaked for a triangular shape that gives the lip balm collection a new jewel-like effect. The newest formula will be just as moisturizing as the original but now offers a vegan formula that is wax free. It’s infused with avocado, shea and coconut oil for non greasy lips that are full of hydration. EOS Crystal lip balms currently have two flavors that they offer. They have Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Pear but will soon be offering more flavors. If you want to try the new crystal lip balm, you can visit Walmart, target.com, Walgreens and CVS.

EOS lip balms are organic lip care that is packed with antioxidant-rich ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. All of their products are hypoallergenic and dermatology tested to ensure the best possible formula for your lips. They are also paraben free and have no petroleum products in them. Their super rich formula helps chapped lips heal and keeps them hydrated for many hours. EOS offer a wide variety of flavors making it hard to choose from. Their elegant shape as well as their new jewel like shape will ensure that it will be easy to find in your purse and will enhance the overall health of your pout. Choose from shimmer, crystal and and soft lip balms offered by EOS.

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Tracing Mathew Autterson’s Humble Journey to Success

Presently the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience, Mathew Autterson is an exciting business person. Having spent over 25 years as a leader in the financial community, there is a lot to learn from this established business figure. His good qualities stretch beyond the business heights. He is known to have philanthropic interest following the many years he spent serving people.




Mr. Matthew Autterson attended Michigan State University and graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance. Besides this, Mathew took a tax program at the University of Denver. His excellent academic background contributes towards his impressive business portfolio and years of business leadership. His educational credentials are said to be remarkable, no wonder his successive business career.


Professional Journey


Mr. Autterson began his professional journey early, immediately after school. He began his proficient career at First Trust Corporation. Here he was able to grow both as a person and as a leader. In 1982, he decided to seek further career test. He left First Trust and joined a chartered corporation in Colorado. The New York based Integrated Resources Inc. supplied Mathew with an opportunity to enhance his business leadership expertise. Due to hard work and determination, he was promoted to be the president in 1986.


In 1989, Integrated Resource Inc.’s assets were acquired by a company known as Broad Inc., which later changed to Sun America Inc. Mr. Autterson was also an active leader and board member of Denver Zoological Foundation and the Denver Hospice. Here he was able to fully engage with the zoo world and develop qualities different from the norm. His philanthropic nature is believed to have been engineered here. Currently, he is the president and CEO of Falci Adaptive Bio-systems (FAB). His major qualities include leadership, corporate mentorship, and philanthropy. He is also the CEO and president of CNS Bioscience.




Mathew is an active member of the board of directors of the Colorado based FAB. Here, he is able to express his philanthropic qualities. Besides FAB, he is also an active board member, CEO, and President of CNS Bioscience. The company is known to develop Neuropathy management drugs primarily at the clinical stage.

America Continues to Shine in Mathematics through Great People like Michael Lacey

Some people associate America with material wealth, great architectural designs in different cities across the states while others associate America’s greatness with the many talented citizens that have made the country stand out. It is true, all the above mentioned items have made America great, combined with other things that at times go unmentioned such as the great scientists. Read more: Mike Lacey | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Facebook

Professor Michael Thoreau Lacey is one such great American citizens. Through his dedication and great effort in the field of mathematics, he has accomplished many things. His knowledge has been appreciated by the students that he has taught and the people that he has mentored.

Michael Lacey has been a hardworking person just like the rest of the Americans. He followed his passion and put in a lot of effort and focus to achieve his dreams. Born in 1959, Michael attended University of Illinois in 1987 where he got his PhD in mathematics.

His research, which was directed by Walter Phillip, was in the area of probability and specifically the Banach Spaces. As part of his doctoral work, he solved some problems in the area of law of iterated algorithm.

Doctor Michael then set out to work at the Louisiana State University. He later moved to the University of North Carolina. From1989 to 1996, Lacey worked at Indiana University. He currently works as a professor of mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology.

He is a recognized mathematician by the American Mathematical Society. He has been a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996.

Professor Lacey was for sure not born a professor. His accomplishments, dedication and great work with colleagues in the department of mathematics have made him the man he is today. He has received several awards and recognition.

Mike has published several publications together with his colleagues. Michael, who got his Bachelors of Science in 1981 from University of Texas, has been a true asset to the mathematics fraternity.

Some of the accomplishments that have made Lacey an outstanding figure in the field of mathematics include his work on Bilinear Hilbert Transform, a subject that was a topic of conjecture by Albert Calderon. However, Lacey and Christoph Thiele solved it and got themselves a Salem Prize.

Prof. Lacey has worked in the areas of harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, probability and the central limit theorem. He also earned a Guggenheim Fellowship together with Xiachuon Li in the year 2004.

End Citizens United Amps Up For Huge 2017 Fundraising Year

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working for the past year or so to undo all of the damage done by the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 in relation to the conservative hit group, Citizens United. End Citizens United is led by Tiffany Muller and they’ve spent the past year trying to raise money in order to financially back politicians who have promised to make campaign finance a key part of their political platform. In order to understand why what End Citizens United is so important we need to really understand the damage that Citizens United has done.

In 2008 a lawyer by the name of James Bopp wanted to air a hit piece aimed at Hillary Clinton during the Democratic debates between Clinton and Obama. His goal, obviously and ultimately, was to undermine Clinton’s character with absurd claims wrapped up in the title of a ‘documentary’. The FEC literally laughed at James Bopp and sent him away, declining to allow him to air the slanderous material. Bopp didn’t let this stop him and soon he was appearing before the Supreme Court, only this time things would be very different.

Read more on theatlantic.com

What Citizens United managed to accomplish during their 2010 hearing was simple: they took off the thin veneer of regulation that helped to keep our democracies beholden to the people and out of the hands of special interests and corporate lobbyists. In doing so this gave conservative media giants like the Koch Brothers the chance to actually put all of their chips on the table and literally buy off politicians. You can see how this is a problem. This decision can draw a direct line to the election of Donald Trump and THAT is also a huge red flag.

So, Muller brought about End Citizens United and utilized the very real anguish over Donald Trump’s election in order to get more fuel to make a change. In order to get rid of the Citizens United decision Muller and her team would need massive funding, support from huge politicians, and a way to get their message out to the general public. So, that is exactly what Muller managed to do.

After the election of Trump many people were furious and looking for anyway to help out and resist and this paid huge dividends with the End Citizens United political action committee. As a result, End Citizens United raised nearly $4 million in the first quarter of 2017. Their goal is to raise a total of $45 million in advance of the 2018 congressional elections. If End Citizens United is successful they will stand a real chance at making some definitive progress toward undoing the damage done by James Bopp.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

The New Lime Crime Shade Of Purple Is Designed To Inspire Creative Looks

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has become known for its innovative and adventurous colors. This company recently added a new shade to its classic line of lip colors known as Matte Velvetines. Like all of the other products offered through this company, this new shade comes with a name designed to inspire creativity. Available in a deep shade of violet-plum, this new lip color is called Scandal. As with all of the other enterprising shades found in Lime Crime’s line of Matte Velvetines, Scandal is designed to glide across lips smoothly to dry to a beautiful matte finish. This gives lips a soft, sensual look that could be used to enhance any type of look.

The new rich lip color is categorized as being cruelty-free and vegan. This is because the company never participates in animal testing with any of their products. They are also made without animal byproducts and can be easily removed using any type of waterproof makeup remover. The deep plum shade of Scandal is just one of several lip colors found in their line of Matte Velvetines. This company also offers colors in various hues of purple under the names of Fetish, Raven and Jinx. The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has commented on her personal preference for wearing the new color, which is under one of the company’s dazzling shades of Diamond Crushers. She states that this highlights Scandal’s beautiful shade of purple.

All of the products available from LimeCrime help stimulate the imagination into creating new and intriguing looks. The rich shade of Scandal could be used to create an edgy or outrageous look. It could also be used to create a dramatic look with overtones of sensuality. The soft, matte finish of the Velvetine line was created to reflect the delicate look of rose petals. In addition to the various shades of purple available in this line, people could also choose to use any number of other bold shades including the line’s yellow-orange shade of Squash, its breathtaking lilac shade of Utopia or its head-turning vibrant green shade of Alien.

Reliably Growing People’s Wealth – Agora Financial

As people achieve their professional goals and accumulate wealth, new questions about the best investment opportunities will arise. Those who have achieved wellness in their area of expertise may not necessarily know how to do the same in the world of business. Without the proper knowledge of markets, finance, and investing, those who try to increase their wealth will often fail. This happens because they have been specializing in other areas such as medicine, sports, or many others that have little to do with business.

So, how does one resolve this issue and accumulate more money? A solution that people have been using for over a decade now is Agora Financial. This company offers a team of professionals that will work to manage one’s money. By being educated and certified in the worlds of business, they hold the necessary skills to provide successful investment.

Furthermore, the employees working for the company are hands-on individuals who go out in the market to find the best options. Traveling anywhere from North Dakota to Africa, they look for new ideas that will be very profitable in the near future. That is why over $1 million of dollars is spent on travel annually.

Some of the notable members of this team include a Harvard graduate, Pulitzer-winning journalist, New York Times best selling writer, Bond expert, and dozens more. By allocating millions of dollars to their independent and unbiased research, Agora Financial provides the most bang for one’s buck.

People interested in the services can sign up for promotional newsletters, custom-made investment strategies, and many more tools that are put in place to help customers make more money. By using Agora Financial, one can earn the money he invests into the company back. The efficiency with which this business has operated in the past and correctly predicted market condition makes it a very reliable platform.

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Expert Igor Cornelsen Speaks About Brazilian Economy

There are few voices in the world of investing as trusted as that of Igor Cornelsen. He is someone who has earned his respect right along with his money. In particular, he tends to focus on international investing. Anywhere that there is an opportunity, you can expect that Igor Cornelsen will find a way to work it to his advantage. These days, he is advising people about how to properly investing Brazil.

Understanding The Locals

There is nothing quite like a good understanding of local culture and customs. The best way to serve people in an area that is not native to you is to learn as much as you possibly can about them ahead of time. The more you know, the better you can serve their needs and interests. The Brazilian people are a diverse bunch with around two-hundred million people calling that country home. It is the fifth largest on Earth by both population and land mass.

Regulations Are Bountiful

There are numerous regulations in Brazil that one might not have to worry about in other regions of the world. The country does its best to protect its people economically from the intrusion of outsiders. Therefore, one might easily expect to pay extra attention to all of the red tape that is involved with doing business in Brazil.

Dealing In Foreign Currency

Making deals in foreign currencies is always a bit of a challenge. There are minute to minute fluctuations in the value of any given currency. This means what one pays for a good today in one currency may be valued very different in the next minute or even the next day.

The last thing to look out for in Brazil is a bank that can actually process foreign currency transactions in the first place. Not every bank is permitted to do this. It is mission one to find one that can work with you on this vital task.

Alexandre Gama – A Creative Entrepreneur

     Mr. Alexandre Gama is a creative entrepreneur in the advertising and communication industry. He has more than 30 years of experience in the advertising sector. Gama is one of the individuals in Brazil who try to put his hand in the business of global communication and networking agency. Mr. Gama was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Neogama, one of the best advertising firm in Brazil. Before he established his advertising agency, Mr. Alexandre worked as the Head Creative Officer of BBH. He also served as the Chairman of the board of the Brazilian Global Creative Community.

Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999. It is because of his leadership skills that the advertising performance of Neogama grew exponentially. It became the first agency to receive the Lions Award. In 2002, Neogama partnered with BBH, and Mr. Alexandre took over as the executive managing partner. As the Managing Director, Alexandre led Neogama/BBH to win the 2002 agency award. However, Neogama/BBH was bought by the Publicis Groupe in 2012 and four years down the line, the business entities decided to go their separate directions.

Alexandre Gama attended FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado), from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Communication and Advertising. He started his communication and advertising career in 1982. He worked with Standard Ogilvy & Mather as the creative copywriter. He also served as both the Creative Director and Copywriter at DM9 for four years. This is the period in which Alexandre was recognized as the best copywriter amongst his peers.