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The summer of 2012 saw the release of a futuristic anime called Sword Art Online (SAO). SAO amassed a gigantic following in very little time after the premiere of the anime adaptation. The story follows a young teenager, Kazuto Kirigaya, better known under the pseudonym Kirito in online games. He is an adept gamer after having spent most of his time distancing himself from his adoptive family. When the first Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, the titular “Sword Art Online”, is released his desire to barricade himself from the real world are met beyond expectation as he becomes trapped in the game.

Over the course of the series, he meets various players that challenge his wall and befriend him. He is quick to put himself in danger for those he’s grown to care about despite never having met in the real world. It soon becomes clear that friendships become his most invaluable strength in game.


Fans of SAO frequently state an immediate attachment to Kirito. A shared will to escape the mundane world yet bond deeper with someone who makes life fulfilling. In our modern world where we’re more connected than ever although being miles apart, we’re quite literally so close yet so far. Kirito reminds us that regardless of the distance we create or are imposed upon us it is crucial to welcome relationships. Whether it is in person or online, try to strike up a conversation with someone. Make a connection. Link start!

Thor Halvorssen’s is a Revered Human Rights Activist

Thor Halvorssen is a major player in the world’s human rights community. The Venezuelan human rights activist was born in 1979. His family has been involved in promoting human rights. Some of them have been imprisoned because of investigating or protesting against the violation of people’s rights. Thor Halvorssen has contributed significantly to the fields of pro- democracy advocacy, public policy, civil liberties, and public interest advocacy. He is the brain behind the Oslo Freedom Forum. Moreover, he is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. The organization advocates for both human rights and freedom. Halvorssen owns Ny Tid. He purchased the leftist Norwegian news Magazine in 2010. He also serves as the patron of On Own Feet and Children’s Peace Movement.

Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation in 2005 of website. Its head office is based in New York . The Foundation’s goal is to unite people in the cause of promoting and defending liberal democracy with a primary focus on closed societies. Over the years, Thor has continued to advocate for the liberties of the people.

Thor Halvorssen is known in many countries because of his advocacy work regarding freedom. He has inspired different human rights activists across the globe. These individuals have played a crucial role of transforming the governance system of their respective countries. His foundation has made immense contributions in different nations, including Bolivia, Haiti, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, China, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and South Korea. In addition, his advocacy campaigns have had a positive impact in Panama, Kazakhstan, Russia, Pakistan, Uganda, Swaziland, and Venezuela. Thor and the Human Rights Foundation adhere to the International Covenant and Political Rights definition of human rights as passed in 1976. They believe that individuals should speak, worship, and associate freely as they choose.

Thor of facebook, Thor has been involved in the production of different films, including “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” and “Freedom’s Fury.” The former is based on a science fiction novel written by Robert Heinlein. Bryan Singer directed the film. Thor is also respected opinion writer. His work has appeared on The Washington Post, Time Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2010, he appeared as a speaker at the renowned TEDx, which was held at the University of Pennsylvania, his Alma mater read full article.

Case Study Of Comparative Constitutional Law

What is comparative constitutional law? According to many case studies that have been done in the world have quite a vast information about the comparative constitutional law. The most simple case study explains the comparative law as studies carried out in different countries to establish the differences and similarities in the laws governing those countries. To be precise, comparative law mainly involves the study of different families or systems that exist in the world. The law, therefore, finds a lot of interests in areas such as civil law, common law, socialist law, Jewish and Islamic law. The comparative constitutional law has a lot of importance in the democracy, economic globalization and internationalism that we experience in the world day.  Check this on


Sujit Choudhry, a globally recognized specialist in comparative constitutional law and a lecturer, describes the constitution as a tool that can manage the changeover of violent conflict to peaceful democratic states. He further includes the illusion of hatred among the federalism and ethically divided societies. Due to his tireless dedication to eradicating hatred among people, Professor Sujit Choudhry has edited a collection of written materials. The work edited include The Migration of Constitutional Ideas, Constitutional Design for Divided Societies among others. Choudhry is a member of the Board of the Constitution Court Review, and the Editorial Advisory Board of the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law. The above are just a few achievement that Professor Choudhry has achieved due to his devotion to the comparative law.


According to, Professor Choudhry, being a Dean in the Faculty of Berkeley law in University of California between the year 2014 and 2016, launched a series of initiatives to implement the agenda of Innovation, Service, and Globalization. The Berkeley Law Opportunity Scholarship played a significant role in social mobility and specialized recruitment that increased the ration of African, Latino and American students. During his tenure in Berkeley, Dean Choudhry was the founder director of Center for Constitutional Transitions. He is a member of United Nation Mediation Roster was a consultant in World Bank Institute that has worked for foreign constitution expert that facilitated the constitutional transition in Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt. Amazon has even carried the weight to market the books that Professor Sujit Choudhry has written.


It is a fact that has been retrieved from the sentiments that have clearly shown that Professor Sujit Choudhry is dedicated to ensuring that comparative constitutional law is achieved. He has given full effort to enhance that social injustice come to an end in the world.

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Jeffry Schneider – The Mind of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is Ascendant Capital LLC’s creator and founder. He is a native of Manhattan, New York. He studied finance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After college, Jeffry Schneider worked for financial firms around his hometown. During this time he learned how to cultivate and maintain healthy and deep relationships with his clients. He also took an interest in learning knowledge on alternative investments strategies. In 2002, he got a chance to work with the Paradigm global advisors where he topped up his knowledge particularly on analyzing managers. He later used this knowledge in starting Ascendant Capital LLC.

As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has contributed greatly as the company has raised over a billion dollars under his leadership. He has also increased the number of employees to thirty. Jeffry Schneider has worked with known personalities like Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and others. Jeffry Schneider is working hard to achieve his goals in life which include financial success and personal success.

As the CEO he has created a culture of hard work, communication and trust in the organization. He is dedicated to endeavoring his employees and the company at large. Jeffry Schneider is also productive in his daily activities and demands preeminence from himself.

Jeffry Schneider is also kind and compassionate and has been involved in helping the less fortunate continuously. Some of this charity homes are Gazelle Foundation, wonders and worries, Cherokee children’s home and many others. His acts of kindness show how caring he is towards the community.

How Classdojo Connects Teachers, Parents, And Students

Classdojo is a smartphone app, available for both iPhones and Android, that provides a communications platform that connects teachers, parents, and students into a class community. The app allows teachers and students the ability to send text messages, photos, and videos of their work and classroom activities to parents who can then respond. The goal of the application is to create a positive classroom culture where parents are far more involved in the classroom than just going to a parent/teacher conference once or twice a year.

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The Classdojo includes many features that facilitate communication, which is one of the reasons it’s being used by teachers in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. The app has also gone international and is presently used in schools in over 180 countries around the world. One of the niftiest features is that parents can tap a message from the teacher and it can be translated into any language. This feature is of great use for any parent that hasn’t had the opportunity to learn English yet. Another useful feature is that the app gives parents and teachers the ability to privately message each other, and as the communication is directly through the app they don’t have to exchange phone numbers.

The app is offered completely free of charge. The developers of the app have decided that rather than charging for the app they will include premium features that would have a charge associated with them. Based on,  one of the ideas they are looking into is having payments for such things as field trips, lunches, and other school activities paid directly through the app. Another idea is to include lessons in the app for those students who need additional help in a certain subject.

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José Borghi Has An Outstanding Reputation In The Advertising Industry

There are many ways that companies can advertise. The best option for companies mainly depends on the advertising goals for the particular companies. One of the most effective ways for many companies to advertise is through an advertising agency. While companies can maintain advertising staff in-house, there are many reasons why some companies prefer to hire an advertising agency.

One of the primary reasons why some companies prefer to hire an advertising agency is because advertising agencies specialize in advertising. All day every day, advertising agencies focus on advertising. This is totally different than in-house advertising personnel who typically have other responsibilities. As a result, advertising agencies tend to have expertise in advertising that most in-house advertising personnel do not have at their disposal.

An advertising agency that is considered one of the best agencies in the advertising industry is Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency has built an excellent reputation over the years for creating outstanding advertising promotions for its clients. With a client list that contains numerous high profile clients, Mullen Lowe Brasil understands what it takes to deliver great advertising results for its clients.

Known throughout the advertising industry for its innovative advertising ideas and concepts, Mullen Lowe Brasil has established several popular advertising trends. One of the main people behind the success at Mullen Lowe Brasil is Jose Broghi. In the advertising industry, Jose Broghi is a highly respected advertising executive. He is the current President of Mullen Lowe Brasil, and he has made a name for himself in all corners of the advertising industry.Jose Broghi has created many advertising campaigns that have become very well known. With a creative mind that understands the fundamentals of the advertising industry, Jose Broghi is able to take the best of a client’s company and bring it to the public in a unique and fresh way.

Cotemar Planning for Future Production Growth

A lot of people today are excited about the oil industry. Not only is the level of production increasing, but so is the overall level of technology. If you want to work for a great company in this industry, Cotemar is the option for you. A lot of people today are excited about the changes that are taking place in this area. Not only are you able to invest in a great company, but you can also benefit humanity as well. Many industry experts think that Cotemar is well positioned for growth in the future. Mexico is becoming a solid oil producing nation, and this trend is only going to continue in the future.


From the time the company was started, Cotemar has always been about the customer. Many people today look up to the hard work that has been put in to get Cotemar to the level that it is today. The workers in the company are motivated to work hard because the pay is above the industry average. Cotemar has always taken the approach to help customers as much as possible, with this change, they can now retain and attract the best talent in the industry. Although there is an expense in the short term, over the long term, this expense is offset by lower turnover within the business.

Oil Production

Cotemar does well when oil drilling companies are producing more. That is exactly what is going on right now in the industry. Many OPEC countries are starting to back off of production in order to raise the price of oil. However, North American countries are seeing a massive increase in the production of oil. This is a trend that is expected to continue for several reasons. Not only is it a great business opportunity, but demand around the world is going to continue to increase as well.

Next Steps

Cotemar knows that the company has to act now in order to take advantage of strong economic growth. The company has been investing in new capital and technology for many years. Now is a great time for the company to start investing in the future. Many people are excited about the changes that are coming, and workers are continuing to flock to the company to start working with them on a plan for growth and development. Cotemar is committed to investing in its employees.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a global leader and alternative shareholder financial solution. For the company, nothing gives him more power than to become a better working capability in this industry. Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of finance to the fast turnover. For the company, nothing gives them more honor than to become part of the solution to your problems. For this reason, Equities First Holdings issues capital using stocks as collateral. Therefore, you will always endeavor to become a receiving end in this structure. During the harsh economic crisis, Equities First Holdings has noted that the intake of the fast working capital using the stock-based loans is paramount. For this reason, people end up working for better business through an inmate facility development campaign.

Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the use of socks as collateral to secure fast working capital at the company. During the harsh financial crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable. However, the company issues the stock-based loans in a manner that depicts the industry leadership. For this reason, stock-based loans are characterized by the low-interest rates to provide a hedge between the loan and the intended use. Therefore, getting the money back as repayment will never be an issue. As a matter of fact, it will be a thing of the past. Stock-based loans are better because they allow you to create a financial solution to your problem in an extended period. Therefore, working with Equities First Holdings will give you enough success in your business and projects.

While there are many other options out there for securing capital, banks and credit companies have their lending capabilities cut down. For this reason, you might consider selecting better business capabilities in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. The non-recourse feature characterizes Stock-based loans.

Fine Wine And Champagne Services At UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a small London based team that offers wine consulting services to provide their customers with the best fitting fine wine or champagne for any occasion or purpose. They do this by having personalized discussions with clients, and at times can even arrange face-to-face consultations on which beverage to chose for a specific purpose.

UKV PLC also coordinates with numerous brokers, traders, and merchants to provide highly sought-after or unusual wines and champagnes to customers for individual sale or for trade investments. UKV PLC do their best to provide everything in their capacity that their client needs.

UKV PLC carries Spanish, Italian, Burgundy, and Bordeaux fine wines as well as Champagnes. For each of these categories, they provide numerous quality bottles that can be from hard to find vineyards or otherwise unique years. UKV PLC features different amounts of stock during different times of they year as certain bottles are sold and new ones are available.

UKV PLC has a twitter following of almost 100, and a very active Facebook page where they share tips and articles on wine and champagne. Their social media presence boasts an air of hospitality and utility, proving that they really do their best to offer whatever it is that their client needs.

By purchasing wine or champagne from UKV PLC, customers are guaranteed a good experience as well as a good beverage. Everything they have on sale has been picked out as a quality product capable of heightening a clients occasion to a luxurious state or providing financial gain for a future sale.

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The Importance of Being Bold For Online Reputation

One thing that is important in competitive businesses and industries like music and entertainment. For one thing, if one person is not bold, he will not be taken seriously. As a matter of fact, the music industry prays on the weak. The entertainment industry is also someone that prays on the weak and the isolated. Therefore, it is important for people to take the time to build up a strong resolve in the industry. For one thing, if an artist wants to stay relevant, he has to be bold in everything he does. He has to stand his ground because if he doesn’t he will get eaten.

Now, being bold does not mean that one goes around getting into fights with everyone. One of the best ways as suggests that one could be bold is that he could be honest about the controversy that he is part of. Often times, rumors are made to get people talking. There are things such as a publicity stunt. People often participate in those in order to gain attention from the public. Often times, it is to bring some attention to the next project. While it is often a genius idea, it can backfire in some cases. That is why it is important to be careful in everything that is done to the public.

One of the advantages to being bold is that it often brings out trust from others. When one takes the time to be honest about what he has done and the mistakes he has made, it not only makes him more accessible, but more respectable. People begin to see the celebrity or successful figure as a human being. Therefore, they look at him as such. One of the best things for one to do is to stand by his business practices and own up to them.