Avaaz Brings New Members To The Activist Community

The Guardian has gone so far as to describe the Avaaz group as the world’s largest and most productive Online activism community with a series of victories won in its first decade of operation across the planet. Ricken Patel, a British-Canadian activist is an individual usually cited as both the leader and founder of Avaaz; the Oxford University graduate became a well-known figure in the activism community after starting his career with the International Crisis Group before bringing his skills as an activist to the formation of Avaaz. Among the ambitious aims of Ricken Patel is the need to restore the faith of the wider community in the global political system the majority see as corrupt, Patel has developed his skills as an activist and looks to expand upon these skills by adding Avaaz members across the planet.

The majority of the work completed by Avaaz is based on the need to develop the world to be a better place for all to live in by pressuring governments to make changes based on Online petitions; the work of Avaaz also sees the group take on big business organizations who often feel they are above the law. Among the victories won by Avaaz has been the development of a movement towards bringing a close to the work of the chemical giant Monsanto across much of the planet.

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