Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Their Golden Rule Of Success

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. (CTCA) is a nationwide network of five hospitals which focus on treating patients fighting complicated or advanced-stage cancer. CTCA provides an approach to cancer therapy that combines radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy to minimize side effects and use mind-body treatment medicine, counseling, and aid to boost wellbeing.
CTCA has recently decided to enter an advanced partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth, which will observe the 3 organizations and execute a solution that is considered very technical. This support alternative will consist of eviti, a NantHealth Clinical alternative, to get information on workflows about the health record of Allscripts Sunrise.

They have announced their new beginnings with the Clinical Pathways system, a NantHealth Clinical decision that is based on technology. The platform which will organize this new and innovative cancer treatment information will help and be available to oncologists. Curated from oncologists institutions, government agencies and much more, the information will be offered by the program to assist all in need. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a pioneer in cancer treatment. It’s welcoming, state-of-the-art technology successfully hospitalizes each individual by utilizing the newest kinds of treatments. The Center is affiliated with four hospitals and started its network between 2012 and 2005. CTCA has maintained patient satisfaction for many of years and is continuing to do an amazing job.

The company has a series of facilities that accompany top-notch specialists who have a mission to take care of cancer patients like they were part of their family. Their staff speaks of their clinics in a very exciting tone because they know that the organization has a rule that they follow. The rule goes as follows: If a staff member’s mother had been in this clinic, is this the way they’d want their mom handled? It is their Golden Rule, and it appears to direct a great deal of smaller and large decisions.

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