Careful Criminals, Securus Technologies Is Listening

I think we all had a shared experience growing up. Anybody who grew up in the days before cell phones understands the frustration when somebody listens in on your phone calls. In the days of land lines, anybody who picked up the phone in the house while another person was making a call in a separate part of the house could listen in on the phone call. This inspired many cross-house screams. It is uncomfortable knowing somebody is listening to you without your consent, to say the least.


That’s why I don’t mind that Securus Technologies and law enforcement officers listen to every phone call made by every prisoner in every jail across this country. Securus Technologies is the company that provides the telephone services that prisoners must use to make their telephone calls. And just like the old days in a house with a landline, every single one of those phones hanging on the wall in the prison can be listened in on remotely.


But what Securus Technologies does with these telephone recordings will really blow your mind. Not only do they make criminals feel uncomfortable by listening to their telephone calls, which serves as a deterrent to committing crime, they also logged all of these telephone calls onto a hard drive. Proprietary software can then search this entire hard drive for certain phrases or one individual’s voice.


Just imagine all the information police officers can get using this software. This can keep the case from going cold, lead to an arrest or guarantee a conviction. Plus, it makes criminals feel incredibly uncomfortable whenever they make a telephone call. After all, jail should not be very comfortable. Not only does this company help punish criminals by making them feel uncomfortable, but they also help law enforcement keep the streets safer.


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