Why Companies And Entrepreneurs Choose Alexandre Gama

Are you wondering how to go about getting more customers so you can make more profits? Ever considered hiring the services of a marketing consultant or advertising specialist? If you want to boost revenue in your business, you need to embark on a marketing promotion or advertising campaign.

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Advertising helps to keep your potential customers informed about your products or services. It helps to spread awareness about your brand or business.

There are many firms and consultants that can help you with that but be sure to hire a trusted one. You will want to go with a professional who has a great reputation in the industry.

In Brazil, Alexandre Gama comes highly recommended. He has been helping entrepreneurs and organizations get maximum exposure and attract more customers to their offers.

Alexandre Gama has great expertise in helping marketers and organizations present their ad message or promotional offers to a huge audience and generate significant returns on investment.

According to economia.estadao.com.br numerous companies, corporations and business owners turn to Alexandre Gama for help in creating high quality advertising materials and attention-getting message. His team of copywriters, researchers and planners is well versed in creating and implementing highly successful advertising campaigns.

Get started by requesting a consultation with Alexandre Gama and his team. They will study your product and your business and come up with the right strategy to get you the response you desire.

Jose Borghi’s thoughts about the current day world of retail and the usefulness of mobile phones

Jose Borghi happens to be the owner of one of the most successful advertising agencies in Brazil, Mullen Lowe. He has been in the world of publicity for the last several years and has been acting as co-CEO and also the management of most of the major operations. He has other companies and business interests which include BorghiErh. This second company he set up together with Erh Ray. One of the topics that have been inspirational for him includes the advent of the smartphone and the manner in which they have taken over the retail market. Below are his thoughts on the centrality of mobile phones in retail.

Jose states that more than 80 percent of the Brazilian population are people who own smartphones. He adds that these devices have become cheap and easy to access and as a result, a large percentage of the population has them. Two of the trends that indicate where retail is heading, according to Borghi are the business model followed by UberabndAirBnB. He states that for instance, Uber is the largest taxi company on the globe, yet they do not own any vehicles, similarly, AirBnB happens to be one of the most competitive holiday travel and accommodation companies, yet they do not own any hotels.

According to Jose, the great thing about the technology is the fact that it offers goods to the customers but does not need them to move from the comfort of the locations to get them. This is what makes the services as attractive as they are. To the business owner, they can offer their goods at a lower price and still make profits because costs such as rentals for business are eliminated. He concludes that anyone who wants to be successful in business should try their hand at digital marketing.

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José Borghi Has An Outstanding Reputation In The Advertising Industry

There are many ways that companies can advertise. The best option for companies mainly depends on the advertising goals for the particular companies. One of the most effective ways for many companies to advertise is through an advertising agency. While companies can maintain advertising staff in-house, there are many reasons why some companies prefer to hire an advertising agency.

One of the primary reasons why some companies prefer to hire an advertising agency is because advertising agencies specialize in advertising. All day every day, advertising agencies focus on advertising. This is totally different than in-house advertising personnel who typically have other responsibilities. As a result, advertising agencies tend to have expertise in advertising that most in-house advertising personnel do not have at their disposal.

An advertising agency that is considered one of the best agencies in the advertising industry is Mullen Lowe Brasil. The agency has built an excellent reputation over the years for creating outstanding advertising promotions for its clients. With a client list that contains numerous high profile clients, Mullen Lowe Brasil understands what it takes to deliver great advertising results for its clients.

Known throughout the advertising industry for its innovative advertising ideas and concepts, Mullen Lowe Brasil has established several popular advertising trends. One of the main people behind the success at Mullen Lowe Brasil is Jose Broghi. In the advertising industry, Jose Broghi is a highly respected advertising executive. He is the current President of Mullen Lowe Brasil, and he has made a name for himself in all corners of the advertising industry.Jose Broghi has created many advertising campaigns that have become very well known. With a creative mind that understands the fundamentals of the advertising industry, Jose Broghi is able to take the best of a client’s company and bring it to the public in a unique and fresh way.

Jose Borghi Works At A Time Of Constant Change In The Advertising Industry

When Jose Borghi left the Brazilian region of President Pudente and took his first job in advertising in 1989 with Standard Ogilvy there is little chance he could understand the many different technological and social changes he would witness over the course of his impressive career. A Golden Lion winner at Cannes and the creator of the legendary “Mammals of Parmalat” campaign now presides over the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency that has grown from the company created by Borghi and Erh Ray that initially had just the two as employees responsible fro every aspect of the business they were looking to form.

Borghi may now act as the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Mullen Lowe, but he still maintains an interest in the everyday campaigns run by the company, including the use of social media where Borghi himself feels the advertising industry will find a natural home in the coming years. In September 2016, Borghi assembled his creative team and set them to work on a new campaign on advertisement that had no official client and a brief of simply having fun with social media.

The social media platform for marketing, he choice was Instagram, where Borghi and his creative team decided they could use video to show the capabilities of the platform for their clients and simply provide some fun images for Instagram users to enjoy. Not only have the created videos proven to be a great success in attracting new followers to the Instagram account of Mullen Lowe Brasil, but they have also achieved something Jose Borghi feels is important for any advertising agency, which is to have fun during the often long hours creatives work to provide the best possible images, sound, and print campaigns they can for an ever growing list of clients across numerous platforms.


Jose Borghi Revolutionized The Advertising Industry In Brazil

Jose Borghi is an alumnus of the PUC-Campinas where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Publicity and Advertising. His lucrative career in advertising began in 1989 at Standard Ogilvy. Jose also worked in other companies including Talent and DM/DDB. While at DDB Agency, he developed some of the most amazing advertising campaigns that hit the Brazilian and International headlines.

In 1999, Jose joined the Leo Burnett as president and creative director. He later ascended to become the president in 2001. He spearheaded the development of successful campaigns for reputable organizations like Bank Boston, Fiat, and Frescarini. The innovative advertising drove the firms into nationally recognized brands. Jose teamed up with his fellow advertising guru Erh Ray in 2006 and founded the Brazilian advertising firm; Borghi Lowe.

The Re-Branding

Borghi Lowe Advertising Company was recently rebranded to Mullen Lowe Brasil. The re-branding aims to migrate the first Lowe network to the new group identity to drive the momentum of the bigger and stronger entity, the Mullen Lowe Group. André Gomes, the currently vice president of the firm based in Rio de Janeiro, will serve as co-CEO of the group, alongside the current CEO Jose Borghi. This change in leadership aims to strengthen the management processes with a keen focus on creativity and innovation.

In addition to the re-branding, the Group has chosen to close the office in Brasilia and put more focus on the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro flagship offices. Jose announced that the move would be carried out in a structured manner upon completion of the current contractual obligations with various clients, among them the Ministry of Health.The re-branded firm is already establishing itself as the most sought for Ad agency in Brazil. The company’s clients include established corporations like the Delta Airlines. Borghi aims to utilize his massive experience in the advertising industry to make the company stamp its authority in the international platform. The firm has already established partnerships with reputable American brands.

Awards And Commendations

Jose Borghi draws his inspiration from marathon runners. He believes in his ability to persist in challenging situations and achieve what he visualizes. He explains his story of consistently working hard to achieve results since he learned that nothing comes on a silver platter. The renowned advertiser has achieved numerous awards and recognitions including 14 lions Cannes Awards, 7 London Festival awards, 10 One Show Awards, 11 New York Festival awards, 15 Advertising Awards, and 10 Clios Awards. He also helped his firm achieve the “Advertiser of the Year-2009” award by the JPA.