Robert Ivy: Receiving An Award For Being A Role Architect

Robert Ivy is the current chief executive officer and the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects. He was appointed to the position by the organization’s elder bodies since 2011, and he has been doing a great job. He was recently recognized in the field of arts and was handed a Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was given by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, and they stated that the contribution of Robert Ivy in the field of arts is exceptional, and it deserves to be noticed. The institute also confirmed that he is the first architect to receive the prestigious recognition.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is given to living people from Mississippi who has contributed a lot in the field of arts. Artists highly covet the award, and only a few have received it. Some of those who were proud recipients of the award are Morgan Freeman in the field of acting, Eudora Welty and Shelby Foote in the field of writing, Leontyne Price in the field of singing, and Walter Anderson in the field of painting. Robert Ivy thanked the institution who gave him the award for recognizing his works in field of architecture. He stated that the award would give more credence to the organization, and it would benefit the professionals living in the United States.

The judges chose the head of the American Institute of Architects because of the information revolution that he contributed to the field of architecture. Because of the efforts of Robert Ivy, more people are now aware that architecture is a profession that is helping to build the country, and he also made it more accessible to the public, creating more architecture students over time. They also considered his character as being resilient and facing every challenge that comes along the way. They also noted that his hard work in leading organization had created successful professionals who are now being hired in the United States to contribute to the field.

Robert Ivy has two degrees, one is a BA Major in English, and another one is a Master of Architecture. He worked with the McGraw Hill Publishing company, serving as the editor in chief for a widely popular architectural journal called the Architectural Record. He had been a member of the American Institute of Architects for several years, and after the leaders have stepped down from the position, he was considered to be their successor because the organization found leadership skills in him.

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