Alex Pall From Chainsmokers Searches For An Identity

The new Interview with The Chainsmokers by Mathias Rosenzweig, for Andy Warhol’s INTERVIEW magazine, features Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall reflecting on their past success and the future of their brand and electronic dance duo “The Chainsmokers”.

Through the course of the interview, the artists share what separates them from their contemporaries such as Deadmau5, by instead of remaining hidden behind complex production and flashy lights the duo aims to bring a vulnerable and intimate edge to their music and their public personas.

Though both produce the music within The Chainsmoker’s soundscape, Alex shares he began his career in music as a DJ, working at an art gallery before deciding to commit to music full time. Andrew, the other half of the duo had just finished College in Syracuse and decided upon meeting Alex’s manager to travel up from Maine to New York City where the two immediately hit it off. Alex had already started The Chainsmokers but the other original member left leaving a spot that Andrew quickly and happily filled.

Using self-discovery and “constantly checking yourself” as a guide, Alex recalls the duo dedicated themselves to respecting that the music, although a way to pay the bills, was also something they deeply cared about noting, “people relate to our music on such a deeper level, and we want that to be the case more and more.” thus began their continued pursuit to make music as a way to create something unique and expressive to them as artists eventually carrying them to chart-topping success.

Mathias also does a great job of capturing Alex and Andrew’s desire to stay on the cutting edge of music closing with a quote from Alex where he remarks on Chainsmokers need to stay relevant as well as “push new boundaries and give people new experiences.” in every aspect of their art.