Why You Need to Know Who Adam Milstein Is

The name Adam Milstein is indeed very synonymous in the world of property management, financing, disposition, and real estate as a whole. This is because the brilliant Israel native – American transplant and financial acumen has dedicated his entire life to giving his clients, as well as the community in general, the very best services.

After his 1978 graduation from the Technion, Adam Milstein moved to the United States with the intention of attaining his MBA from the prestigious USC – a dream that he finally achieved in just three years after his relocation. And that was the start of his rather incredibly decorated career which has, in the long run, earned him a lot of money and respect, both in equal measure.

His Work, philanthropy, and affiliations

After moving to the US in ’81 and finalized his MBA and by ’83, Adam Milstein amerced himself into the world of real estate and never looked back. And thanks to his vast experience acquired over decades he’s been in business, the real estate mogul, who is now the bona fide managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, is still in the business of making the world a better place.

And that’s why his incredible contributions in the field will always be taken with a pinch of salt. The Times of Israel website has also quoted his interests to include his full support of quite a number of Pro-Israel organizations found in the United States of America.

Some of these Pro-Israel organizations in question include Israel On Campus Coalition (ICC), and The American Israel Education Foundation – the educational wing of AIPAC just to mention a few. He also holds the chairperson position in the Israeli-American Council, popularly known as the IAC.

Adam Milstein, the family-oriented man

Apart from being a forthright community leader and an active philanthropist, Adam Milstein also take pride in being the principled family man that he is. He and his wife Gila, with whom he’s had three children, are currently living in Encino, Calif. The real estate guru is also never shy of his other title “grandpa”, as his three grandchildren fondly call him.


Michael Terpins: Setting the Pace for Other Rally Drivers

To most people, sports are a way to enjoy life and keep reality at bay while to the Terpins’ family it is a lifestyle and source of income. That is proved by his father who was once a successful basketball player and in addition a good community leader while Michael and Rodrigo Terpin are famous rally drivers. Michael, for instance, is quite successful in the sport and the many victories that the forty year driver has taken home are proof of that. Michael hails from Sao Paulo and he together with his brother started the Bull Sertoes rally team which has hosted very many rallies most of which, Michael gets to take top positions. For instance, in the 24th edition, he and his colleague Maykel Justo ranked number five even after they experienced mechanical problems during their third round. The race had seven stages and took place within two states having a rough terrain of 2600 kilometers. Since he started rally racing four seasons ago, Michael Terpin and his navigator always use the powerful T-REX powered by MEM motorsport which enables them to tackle any terrain and emerge on the top positions of any rally they participate in. To enhance its performance, the T-REX had several modifications added. These included a V8 engine.

Michael did not just go straight into car racing; he began as a motorcycle racer and has participated in several competitions in Sao Paulo before making his first debut as a T1 prototype driver in the year 2002. His participation in rally driving makes it look like an easy sport while in reality; it requires a lot of skills. Michael is enough proof to people across the world that determination, hard work, and passion are the only secret ingredients to getting what you want. Apart from sports, his next favorite thing is his family, and most of the times the forty-year-old is seen hanging out with his father Jack brother and other family members. He is also a close relative to the famous Alpine Swift. Michael Terpins is also an environmentalist and him together with Rodrigo Terpins, are the creators of Carbon Seal, a program which seeks to reduce the impact of carbon emissions during races by planting trees.