Lime Crime’s ’90s Inspired Palletes

Lime Crime is a revolutionary makeup company. The products are favorite in the social and digital space. The company has unique trends that set new standards of what beauty is in regards to makeup. Every line is individual and does not conform to boundaries in the way moods turn into art. Lime crime is cruelty-free and uses all vegan products. The company holds a Leaping Bunny Certification, guaranteeing the animal-free ingredients and that there haven’t been animal-testing done with them. Lime Crime also has a PETA certification for the same criteria.

The founder and CEO of the company, Doe Deere, is an artistic, ever-changing, flexible, self-called Unicorn Queen. Her inspiration is at the base of the production in the company and its actions. The personal values of kindness permeate the brand name and catch the attention of millions of fans with its staggering colors. Doe started Lime Crime in 2008 to find makeup that matched her wardrobe on Halloween. Doe Deere and Lime Crime work on clearing the path to a free, colorful self-expression for everybody.

The latest collection of Lime Crime is the Polly Pocket Toy palettes. The children of the 90s probably remember the portable toys for dolls that children used to carry to school. They are the same cute cases, only inside them now is a palette of eyeshadows. The cases are pastel yellow, blue and pink on the outside, with five shades in each one when opened. The shadows are buttery in texture. The colors are both bright at more pastel inside. One of the palettes is $34, while the whole collection costs $90.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime are enthusiastic about giving back to causes. Doe supports, even before the founding of the company, animal rescue charities, and fights against animal cruelty. Lime Crime has donated over $16,000 to organizations and charities targeting women, children, and animals.