Jeff Aronin famously Jeff is the CEO, Premier and the initiator of Paragon analgesics as 2010. Jeff Aronin graduated from the University of DePaul with Masters of Business Administration. He is also a degree holder in Bachelor of Science from the University of Northern Illinois. Jeff Aronin is a lifetime science financier, Business trailblazer, humanitarian and an Industrialist. At Merrick Schemes he obliged as the special guide.

In 2000 Jeff Aronin established Lundbeck Inc., and he has been helping as the Head, Chief Functional Officer and CEO, then since 2009 has been its special Consultant. At American Fitness Products Firm, he served more than one position including being Business developmentā€™s vice president and Publicizing vice president. Before joining American Health, Jeff Aronin was at Carter-Wallace where he performed auctions and advertising duties including spots with the Specialty Pharmaceutical transactions division. He was involved in Pharmaceutical specialty deals team since its inauguration and hurled one of the auspicious merchandises at Carter-Wallace ( He has been in numerous panels with Chairperson of Paragon Pharmaceuticals, Epilepsy Substance and young chief association.

Paragon Biosciences is a venture situated in Chicago. It builds and cultivates foremost biotechnology corporations. The company exclusively emphases on patient necessities, the knowledge behind the illness and structure great enterprises to rapidly bring innovative medications to patients. At Paragon the patient wants are considered the first thing. After the disease with no treatment has been recognized, Jeff Aronin together with his workmates move swiftly to discourse the requirement. Understanding the genesis of the disease and its probable treatment has always been the desire and the driving force for the workers in the company. This, in turn, gets the finest treatment towards the patients.

To aid in research and to create a cure, Paragon bioscience has given birth to several assortments like Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Therapeutic which is approved by Jeff Aronin. Harmony Biosciences deals with recognizing, developing, attaining regulatory endorsement, inventive drugs to report unmet prerequisites for siesta and central nervous system illnesses patients. Inventive therapies for Patients with rare meticulousness BP and devastating dermatologic are dealt with at Castle Creek Pharmaceutical. Paragon is dedicated to decreasing the figure of diseases with no cure from 6000 as its mission has been improving lives by use of Biomedical Innovations.