Easy ways to cover up tattoos


Many people love tattoos, but they’re still frowned upon in the workplace, and many people have unwanted tattoos as leftover 18 birthday ideas they shouldn’t have carried out. That leaves many people searching for ways to cover them up and hide them. It’s hard to know exactly how to do that, so here are some great ideas of how you can hide your tattoos:


* Cover the tattoo with makeup. This one is hard to do and not recommended for long periods of time.


* Get a tattoo where you can cover it with clothing. Do not get a tattoo on visible spots on your forehead, where it can’t be covered up. Tattoos are great, but sometimes they aren’t acceptable by the general public, so be mindful of where you get one.


* Wear clothing that is conservative and covers the tattoo fully. Make sure that the clothing is not see through. You can search for things like “44 genius ideas to cover up tattoos” that give you more examples of how to properly cover up tattoos.

* If you’re curious to try out if your idea works, have an 18th birthday party or similar and give prizes to see who can find your hidden tattoo. If nobody can, then your idea worked. You can also give prizes for whoever tried to conceal their tattoos the best or had the best ideas for concealing tattoos.




There are many great ideas for how to cover up tattoos as long as you aren’t afraid to be creative. Don’t continue to look like a victim of frat hazing, find a way to cover up those tattoos so you don’t have to live in shame any longer.