Brian Bonar Stands Out as a Voice for Business Administration

When it comes to management and financial investing, Brian Bonar is a growing name in such a field.

The San Diego resident has gradually built up his names by associating with numerous of companies over the years. Though his education came from the engineering field, Bonar has developed strong business acumen in his dealings and employment with a variety of companies. He has been employed with such companies as IBM, QMS, and Adaetec over the years before striking out on his own.

Currently, he leads the professional employment firm Trucept Inc. Bonar also is serving as the CEO and chairman for Dalrada Financial. His specialty in the business field are business acquisitions and mergers.

Trucept Inc. has emerged as a strong professional employer organization (PEO) for the nation. As a PEO, Trucept helps businesses deal with management costs, human services, and payroll administration.

Trucept tends to tailor their aims toward certain target businesses such as those in the financial services field and technology companies. Their experience are particularly helpful to start-up firms who need some expertise to get their business goals rolling at the outset.

The company has three offices across the U.S. in Tampa, Houston, and the San Diego area. This allows the company to help businesses in Florida, the Midwest, and the West Coast. Since 2011, Bonar has helped run and grow the PEO.

Dalrada Financial focuses on a number of business management areas such as employee benefits, insurance, and financial services. In working with mostly small to medium-sized businesses, Dalrada offers help in a number of areas such as tax strategy and deferred payments.

In handling such administrative duties, Dalrada allows businesses to focus on their products and services while letting the company handle the worries of managing payroll and employee benefits. Dalrada has steadily grown since Bonar arrived at the firm in 1999.

Aside from the business world, Bonar also dabbles in the world of high-end restaurants. He has helped develop some of the top restaurants in the San Diego such as Bellamy’s.

According to Whitepages, In his spare time, Brian Bonar also enjoys several hobbies including boating and golf.