Sheldon Lavin: A Big Fish in a Big Pond

Sheldon Lavin, a warm yet firm man, is the ever-present CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, a supplier of foods that extends all the way around the world, specifically brokering meat from our corner of the globe and beyond. Mr. Lavin himself, however, can not be wrapped up so concisely in as few words and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Sheldon Lavin started is meager career in meats over forty years ago, starting off financing a small burger supplier in West Chicago, Illinois called Otto and Sons, which was named after Otto Kolschowsky, the businesses’ owner and founder. The name soon evolved into OSI Industries. Mr. Lavin worked closely with the company and, after years of dedication and hard work with the company he helped gain it’s wings, he became the owner of OSI. He stated in a recent interview that he had had his eyes set on OSI becoming a multinational food supplier, success literally ingrained in his DNA, and he accomplished just that. OSI Group currently supplies meat to over 17 countries the world over and

But success is not all Sheldon Lavin was passionate about. With the growth of his company came a ladder-step up into the wealthy world of the CEO elite, but he knew he had to give back. It was his duty, and as head of a meat supplier, it came natural that other’s needs were valuable to him, and that is why OSI is a major partner with the Ronald MacDonald House Charities, giving back to the community that he holds so dear and read full article.

The OSI Group did not reach this world class success overnight though. When asked how the group became such an important key character in food politics multi nationally, Sheldon Lavin stated that the company is an entrepreneurial one; they operate under a standard set of rules and regulations that all respectable businesses follow, but OSI is not nearly as cold. Rather, the OSI Group works like a family; everyone knows everyone, and this positive outlook boosts the morale of it’s over 20000 workers, and keeps this tight knit circle of people working hard towards the success they have garnered today and Sheldon Lavin on Facebook.

Sheldon Lavin continues to serve as CEO and Chairman of his life-blood company, and is a well-known face in the food community. His works and deeds in Chicago shine loud and proud as an example to other striving businesses, making Sheldon Lavin a big fish in a rather big pond and what Sheldon Lavin knows.

Sam Adrangi: Chief Investment Officer at Kerrisdale

SahmAdrangi is both the founder and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Yale University. Initially, Sam worked at Deutsche Bank financial group. Later, Sam worked as an analyst at Longacre Fund Management. While at Longacre, Sam Adrangi conducted both credit fund and equity fund analysis. Adrangi has shown that he is not afraid to go against New York’s top dogs in the investment sector. He has grown his Kerrisdale Capital firm to up to three times its original size just within three years. Kerrisdale has made a staggering 200 percent increase from its startup revenue. Sam Adrangi can hold his head high and speak of leading the anti-corruption battle in America by wiping off various corrupt companies while making almost huge investment returns in the process.

Sam Adrangi got his inspiration from John Hempton who just like him seeks to expose fraud as a means of earning income. Initially, Sam Adrangi targeted the Chinese reverse mergers when he started his career as a hedge fund investor. Adrangi states that the moment he realized that most of the companies were scams that is when he got the motivation to expose them to earn money from them. Initially, he would expose them by the use of anonymous websites. Later, he would observe other gurus such as Hempton and Muddy Waters expose fraud companies openly. He would later start publishing in Kerrisdale Capital and become quite successful. The success of Kerrisdale and other firms in China made them wipe off all frauds until they were no more. This threatened their status as people had started regarding them as a one-trick pony. However, to prove them wrong, Kerrisdale Capital returned 30 percent income maintaining the premium spot at Barclays Hedge Fund rankings. Recently, Kerrisdale management raised up to $100 million from its trusted investors to bet against a single stock. The firm has plans to take a company of estimated worth of $10 billion. The company taken is to be revealed later in Mid-May as its status is to be concealed for the meantime.

Helping Other Women Thrive Whilst Growing Her Business – Julia Jackson

Working with wines is very competitive and difficult. People have learned the hard way that this market is driven by the economic conditions as wines are a luxurious commodity. One individual that knows this all-too-well is Julia Jackson. She is a proprietor of Jackson Family Wines, a brand that was found in 1982 by Jess Jackson.

This entrepreneur graduated from Scripps College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts. That same year, she obtained a Certification in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She then pursued a career in the winery industry that was embedded in her by her parents. Solid education intertwined with experience from a young age facilitated a fruitful career. Her main role is to promote the brand both domestically and internationally, and thus far she was able to help the company reach out to thousands of people worldwide and what Julia Jackson knows.

The Jackson Family Wines has grown to be present in six different countries over five continents. These include, but are not limited to, Europe, North America, Africa and more. The company offers dozens of high-quality wines, and an example of a prominent one is Champ de Rêve. This brand has achieved quite a momentum since its foundation in 2010.

Jackson also aims to empower women through her foundation “Cambria Seeds of Empowerment”. The reason behind this is her perspective on the industry that seems to be male-dominant. Thus, her foundation donates a $100,000 every year to non-profit organizations which help those who meet the criteria of being the so-called “Women Warriors”.

Jackson accredits most of her success to her parents who founded the company 35 years ago. By working as a team, they showed her how to turn an idea into profit. Furthermore, she states that her mother is the one who created the majority of the brilliant ideas and resume her.

At Nine9, Aspiring Models And Actresses Find Representation With A Firm That Cares

Breaking into the acting or modeling industry is challenging; it takes a great deal of perseverance. Even overnight sensations have spent years going to auditions and taking bit parts before landing the role that made them famous.Networking skills are essential; get close to the right people by working as an extra or taking unpaid parts. You never know who might have a connection that will benefit you. By taking the smaller roles, you gain experience, build your resume, and pay your bills. Taking acting classes or attending workshops is essential; plus, you may meet new people to add to your networking circle.To work as an actor, you will need professional headshots; aspiring models should have photos of themselves posing as well. Since photographers have varied skill levels, ask the firm that represents you for recommendations.

Anthony Toma, CEO of the Nine9 Unagency, wants aspiring actors and models to know that they do not take a percentage of their client’s earnings. Instead, they show actors unpaid parts and parts as extras that allow them to network, along with major parts. The Nine9 Unagency is concerned about grooming their clients for stardom, not making money off them for life. They also help aspiring models and actors find the best photographer.

Clients of the Nine9 Unagency utilize software that shows clients castings and auditions in their area and gives them a composite card for casting agents to review. By automating the process, clients of the Nine9 Unagency receive alerts when there are auditions that match their requirements. For determined aspiring actors and models, Nine9 Unagency provides assistance with beginning a career in modeling or acting.

Samuel Strauch: The Future of Real Estate in Miami

The real estate business in Florida has become a hub for investors. Real estate sector caters to the growing housing needs of the residents and visitors in various parts of Miami. One of the famous regions where the real estate is business is booming is Palm Beach County. Research shows that this area has lots of empty properties and is attracting a large pool of buyers.

The majority of Miami residents are financiers and the rest work in the health care sector. Most of these people are not homeowners but rent a variety of flats. For this reason, there is a niche for investors looking to buy properties to rent. Most entrepreneurs are opting to buy single-family houses, which are then split into single rental units. The mortgage business has also picked up in the recent years, with most people choosing to acquire their properties. Additionally, the increasing population along the Miami coastal line is expected to boost the real estate business. The housing needs in Palm Beach County are expected to increase by 10 percent by 2010.

About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the executive principal of Metrik Real Estate, a real estate company based in Miami. Strauch joined the prestigious Hofstra University where he studied bachelor’s in BA. Strauch is also a former student of globally respected universities, including Erasmus University Rotterdam and Harvard University. Strauch’s expertise lies in investment property, real estate, and asset management.

Before investing in the real estate business, Strauch worked in the banking sector. He later joined the family business in South Florida. Upon gaining sufficient work experience, Strauch launched his private practice in 2002, which has continued to grow up to today. His company deals in equity sourcing, development, acquisition, brokerage, and management. Strauch’s real estate firm has operations in Latin America and South Florida. He has heavily invested in the restaurant and Internet business.

The Meriwether Group and the Best of the Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt and his father’s company, The Meriwether Group, seek to help all businesses grow in numerous areas such as through offering funds, exit strategies, acceleration and overall support.

The 12-person group was founded by David Howitt and continues to help entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to fully realize their potential and to act upon it in a timely manner, offering numerous resources and proven methods for realized success throughout the process. According to The Meriwether Group, entrepreneurs are society’s modern-day heroes because they risk all to win all, and they’re more than willing to go where few have ever dared. In fact, each member of the team is an entrepreneur and knows the process both inside and out. Visit This Page.

Each Member – A Breakdown of This 12-Member Team

Apart from Founder and Chief Executive Officer David Howitt, each member must consistently perform according to standards in order for the operation to flow smoothly and efficiently. What do the other 11 members do? First of all, Sawyer Howitt-son of David Howitt-acts as Project Manager. It’s a team effort with a family spirit. Next in line, the team has numerous principals, family office assistants and managing directors.

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Sawyer? No Ordinary Young Man?

Sawyer Howitt is exceptionally special for his young age. A skilled racquetball player on the weekends, he devotes both his athletic and academic talents to helping businesses thrive. Sawyer Howitt also regularly take photographs and contributes to philanthropy.

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