Rick Smith Sends Securus To New Heights

Rick Smith is an experienced member of the corrections industry. After proving himself to be a vital asset at every place he has worked, Securus Technology hired him as their Chief Executive Officer in 2008. He has been able to lead the company forward and lead to improvements in their entire system. Rick Smith is most well known for his role in leadership positions. He is able to run a successful business without being overbearing and he treats his employees like family. He has been able to push Securus forward and improve the quality of the products that they are producing. Mr. Rick Smith always aims for the best.

Securus is based in Dallas, Texas and has grown exponentially since Rick Smith became the CEO. They now provide telecommunications services with over 2,500 public safety, police, and corrections facilities all over the United States. They also serve over a million inmates and provide them with the ability to call their loved ones on safe lines. Rick Smith has made Securus into the most competitive and successful telecommunications company in the industry. He has been able to do this because he always has his eye on new technological advances. He worked to make sure the Securus stays up to date on all new software and tech that is released. He believes that technology is the future of the corrections industry and he is leading Securus on the road to victory. In addition to helping the inmates, Rick Smith continues to release new services to the corrections and law enforcement facilities that they work with. They provide them with the technology that allows quick communication, easy management for concerned incidents, biometric opportunities, and assistance with the investigation.

Rick Smith backed his impressive career in the corrections industry with an impressive foundation in education. This educational foundation gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to make the right steps forward in his business and it is what has guided him toward such great success as the CEO of Securus. He attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned his associate’s degree there. He did so well as that school that he was able to get into the State University of New York at Buffalo and get a degree in engineering. This spurred his interest in technology and staying up to date on that sector of the market. He also got his MBA from the Simon School at the University of Rochester.He previously worked with the Global Crossing North America Inc. for a number of years. During which time he worked as their Chief Information Officer as well as Controller. He was then promoted to the Frontier Information Technologies President and also served as the director of Business Development.