The New Lime Crime Shade Of Purple Is Designed To Inspire Creative Looks

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that has become known for its innovative and adventurous colors. This company recently added a new shade to its classic line of lip colors known as Matte Velvetines. Like all of the other products offered through this company, this new shade comes with a name designed to inspire creativity. Available in a deep shade of violet-plum, this new lip color is called Scandal. As with all of the other enterprising shades found in Lime Crime’s line of Matte Velvetines, Scandal is designed to glide across lips smoothly to dry to a beautiful matte finish. This gives lips a soft, sensual look that could be used to enhance any type of look.

The new rich lip color is categorized as being cruelty-free and vegan. This is because the company never participates in animal testing with any of their products. They are also made without animal byproducts and can be easily removed using any type of waterproof makeup remover. The deep plum shade of Scandal is just one of several lip colors found in their line of Matte Velvetines. This company also offers colors in various hues of purple under the names of Fetish, Raven and Jinx. The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, has commented on her personal preference for wearing the new color, which is under one of the company’s dazzling shades of Diamond Crushers. She states that this highlights Scandal’s beautiful shade of purple.

All of the products available from LimeCrime help stimulate the imagination into creating new and intriguing looks. The rich shade of Scandal could be used to create an edgy or outrageous look. It could also be used to create a dramatic look with overtones of sensuality. The soft, matte finish of the Velvetine line was created to reflect the delicate look of rose petals. In addition to the various shades of purple available in this line, people could also choose to use any number of other bold shades including the line’s yellow-orange shade of Squash, its breathtaking lilac shade of Utopia or its head-turning vibrant green shade of Alien.