How Classdojo Connects Teachers, Parents, And Students

Classdojo is a smartphone app, available for both iPhones and Android, that provides a communications platform that connects teachers, parents, and students into a class community. The app allows teachers and students the ability to send text messages, photos, and videos of their work and classroom activities to parents who can then respond. The goal of the application is to create a positive classroom culture where parents are far more involved in the classroom than just going to a parent/teacher conference once or twice a year.

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The Classdojo includes many features that facilitate communication, which is one of the reasons it’s being used by teachers in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States. The app has also gone international and is presently used in schools in over 180 countries around the world. One of the niftiest features is that parents can tap a message from the teacher and it can be translated into any language. This feature is of great use for any parent that hasn’t had the opportunity to learn English yet. Another useful feature is that the app gives parents and teachers the ability to privately message each other, and as the communication is directly through the app they don’t have to exchange phone numbers.

The app is offered completely free of charge. The developers of the app have decided that rather than charging for the app they will include premium features that would have a charge associated with them. Based on,  one of the ideas they are looking into is having payments for such things as field trips, lunches, and other school activities paid directly through the app. Another idea is to include lessons in the app for those students who need additional help in a certain subject.

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