Kevin Seawright: Improving Urban Communities In Newark, Baltimore And Philadelphia

Financial and administrative operations specialist Kevin Seawright is a brilliant economic strategist. Currently the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation executive vice president and CFO, Seawright began his career working the city government in Baltimore, Maryland. During his 11 years there, he won numerous awards.

He earned those by helping companies throughout the city develop effective reorganization strategies. Seawright has displayed a level of construction expertise and financial management few people can match. This has enabled him to take advantage of lucrative opportunities in private industry. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

Kevin Seawright has played an important role in Newark’s exponential growth. He has employed an economic model that led to small business development, employment opportunities for thousands of students and infrastructure upgrades to the port, railroad lines and highways.

Kevin Seawright is helping build a brighter future for diverse communities throughout Newark. His vision and enthusiasm are helping to get people throughout Newark to believe almost anything is possible. Seawright says he is honored to be part of the city’s positive changes.

Seawright has devoted much of his life to making it possible for urban communities to grow and improve the quality of live for their residents. He has the ability to transform even the most challenging situations through innovative processes and creative solutions.

Seawright has done such amazing work since completing the Executive Leadership Program at Norte Dame’s widely respected Mendoza College of Business, the school has given him special recognition. Non-Profit organizations throughout the city have enjoyed the benefit of Kevin Seawright’s advanced leadership training.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright credits his early introduction to financial stewardship by his parents when he was a youngster in Philadelphia for his success. He has gone on to improve the lives of both children and adults in Baltimore, Newark and Philadelphia.

Seawright says his parents are his greatest role models. He believes both formal and informal education are important. He also sees the growth of online education as very valuable as well.

Kevin Seawright is uses straight-forward management approach, flexibility and data-driven analysis to empower and strengthen communities and improve people’s lives in Newark. That’s what motivates him every day.