Lawrence Bender: Executive Producer of Scorsese’s Film “Silence”

“Silence” is a 2016 film from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese. Scorsese has stated many time that this is a film that took him many years to bring to the screen. When the director first read the novel by Endo on which the film is based, he knew that he wanted to bring it to the big screen. However, he wanted to do it in just the right way, and that it is why Scorsese worked on the film for so many years.

Helping to bring “Silence” to the big screen was long-time Hollywood producer Lawrence Bender. Mr. Bender is well-known for his work on a number of Academy Award winning films. Some of the more well-known movies that Lawrence Bender has been associated with include, “Good Will Hunting”, “Pulp Fiction”, “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Hacksaw Ridge”.

The movie “Silence” tells the story of two Roman Catholic priests from the nation of Portugal who go on a mission to Japan to find out what happened to their friend and mentor who is also a priest. There were rumors that he had apostatized, and the two priests that go to Japan in search of him want to find out exactly what has happened.

While in Japan, the two priests find that the few Christians in the nation are being severely persecuted for their faith. Many of them are facing martyrdom.

One of the priests is eventually captured. The Japanese authorities tell him that they will kill Christians until he denies his faith. The priest agonizes with his decision, but he receives no answer from God. This is the silence to which the film’s title refers.

“Silence” did not do well at the box office. However, the film was critically acclaimed. The American Film Institute made “Silence” one of its selections for Top Ten Films of the Year.

This movie was just one more critically successful film in a long line of successes for executive producer Lawrence Bender. Since his first success with the film “Reservoir Dogs”, Lawrence Bender has continued to be associated with major directors who respect his knowledge of movies and the movie industry.

Ryan Seacrest is Making Television For Children By Children

Ryan Seacrest is a mega-star. The man has appeared on television screens across the world and his silky voice booms out of radios in cars from America to China. But, how did he get here? Where is he going? Here is a look at the story and future of Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest got his first gig in the entertainment industry when he was at a tender age of 16. He was still in high school. After scoring an internship at the Atlanta radio station WSTR(FM) he was given a slot as a night host. He then went to college and left soon thereafter to move to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being a host. A dream that he accomplished in spades. His first gigs were relatively small, at least for Seacrest, and they included hosting an ESPN outdoor game show and 3 children’s game shows.

He hit the international stage when, in 2001, American Idol hired him to be their host. His smile charmed America, and the rest is history, well sort of. Seacrest has leveraged his fame to score himself a clothing line (Ryan Seacrest Distinction) and a skincare line (Polished). He is also a major producer who runs his studio RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) and is responsible for shows such as Keeping Up with the Kardashians. He is also slotted into the radio on his show On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which is a mega-popular syndicated radio show.

Ryan’s future, however, may be more directed towards charity. Ryan started his own charity that puts entertainment hubs in pediatric hospitals across America, and so far, it has been a hit. Ryan Seacrest’s charity puts what they call Seacrest Studios into hospitals. These hubs allow children to create their own shows using a greenscreen and camera equipment and then play it on a closed-circuit television for other children at the hospital to watch.

It doesn’t stop there. Ryan has used his Hollywood connections to get celebrities and musicians to play live concerts on the closed-circuit networks and even perform shows live for the children to watch. Ryan Seacrest has created a charity that he has the expertise and knowledge in and uses his fame to leverage himself entertainment for his charity as well. Maybe Ryan Seacrest’s future is Seacrest Studios the world’s first for children by children television channel. Only time will tell.

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Ryan Seacrest Hosts Success and Philanthropy

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known radio host, television personality, and producer. His main claim to fame is hosting American Idol, which he has done since 2004. He also hosts American Top 40, a syndicated countdown program created by Casey Kasem. His latest gig is hosting daily talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Live with Kelly and Ryan is the successor to Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. Seacrest is the second male co-host to take up the reigns created by Regis Philbin in a landmark 28 year run on the show. Seacrest also is taking a management position in the show as its executive producer.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia Seacrest was an entertainer from birth. According to his mother, Constance Marie, Seacrest would put on make believe shows as a boy. Seacrest got his first taste of radio when he was 16, winning an internship with WSTR. Trained by Tom Sullivan, Seacrest became a DJ for the weekend overnight shift. At age 19 Seacrest travelled to Hollywood to venture a career in broadcasting. He has been a success ever. since.

Seacrest, as stated in his Forbes profile, has hosted a wide variety of shows in his illustrious career. A true personality Seacrest is an excellent choice to carry a show. He hosted ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge in 1993, Gladiators 2000 in 1994, and the NBC Saturday Night Movie in 2000. Seacrest is even a TV host for actual T.V. shows, appearing as a fictional T.V. host in Beverly Hills 90210. The Top 40 and Live are not the only mantles he has inherited. Seacrest is also the co-host for ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve which he took from legend Dick Clark. He also wears his other hat as executive producer for that show as well.

Seacrest is best known for hosting American Idol. At present he is one of the highest paid television hosts around. Seacrest is also a philanthropist. In 2010 he created the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which serves nine centers in various cities. The foundation works with sick children by offering them entertainment-based incentives.

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Alex Pall From Chainsmokers Searches For An Identity

The new Interview with The Chainsmokers by Mathias Rosenzweig, for Andy Warhol’s INTERVIEW magazine, features Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall reflecting on their past success and the future of their brand and electronic dance duo “The Chainsmokers”.

Through the course of the interview, the artists share what separates them from their contemporaries such as Deadmau5, by instead of remaining hidden behind complex production and flashy lights the duo aims to bring a vulnerable and intimate edge to their music and their public personas.

Though both produce the music within The Chainsmoker’s soundscape, Alex shares he began his career in music as a DJ, working at an art gallery before deciding to commit to music full time. Andrew, the other half of the duo had just finished College in Syracuse and decided upon meeting Alex’s manager to travel up from Maine to New York City where the two immediately hit it off. Alex had already started The Chainsmokers but the other original member left leaving a spot that Andrew quickly and happily filled.

Using self-discovery and “constantly checking yourself” as a guide, Alex recalls the duo dedicated themselves to respecting that the music, although a way to pay the bills, was also something they deeply cared about noting, “people relate to our music on such a deeper level, and we want that to be the case more and more.” thus began their continued pursuit to make music as a way to create something unique and expressive to them as artists eventually carrying them to chart-topping success.

Mathias also does a great job of capturing Alex and Andrew’s desire to stay on the cutting edge of music closing with a quote from Alex where he remarks on Chainsmokers need to stay relevant as well as “push new boundaries and give people new experiences.” in every aspect of their art.