Oncotarget: Helping Oncologists Get Access To Important Research From Around The World

Oncotarget is a company that is invested in the field of oncological research. Since the company was formed, it has been working towards making innovations in the field through the research and analysis of the different methodology that is currently being used to treat those who need oncological treatments. Oncotarget works on the basis on peer to peer review, where by people from all over the world can contribute, thereby sharing their knowledge and discoveries in the field.Oncotarget functions as an online newsletter and gives doctors from all corners of the world a platform to showcase their research and hopefully make a difference. By doing this, the journal is in a way connecting doctors, so that they can collectively share knowledge and work together to making a difference to all those people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Oncotarget published their first newsletter in 2010 and since then has gained an incredibly large readership from all parts of the world. One of the reasons why Oncotarget has become such a huge success for Mikhail because it is a newsletter that is by doctors, for doctors. The people who run the newsletter are experienced in the field and have been treating patients and researching for an extremely extended period. Because of this experience, they know exactly what oncologists in the field need and what they would like to read about. Oncotarget is mainly run by Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov.

Both of them are extremely prominent oncological researchers who have made incredible progress in the field. They have made amazing discoveries which have impacted how doctors treat their patients. Under their guidance, the newsletter has grown to be a significant literary contribution in the field of oncology.The newsletter comes out every week and is open to anyone who wishes to indulge in the insight that it has to offer. The main aim of the newsletter is so that the word of oncology can be spread among doctors, without any restrictions. The newsletter was formed not for profit, but mainly for the purpose of spreading knowledge to other like minded individuals.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association

Austin, Texas is the home of Capitol Anesthesiology Association that has been around since 1973. The group consists of those certified through or actively pursuing certification through the American Board of Anesthesiology. Being able to provide improving quality anesthesia is important to CAA and they are able to move forward towards that goal by being a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute.


This independent practice consists of over 80 physicians and 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists, who provide anesthesiology services to over 20 different facilities in Austin. The services they provide range from general, regional, pediatric, obstetric, and monitored anesthesia care to help alleviate anxiety and pain before and after procedures.


CAA also helps various outreach programs by donating their time or services to such groups as Operation Smile and Austin Smiles, where they provide surgeries for low-income children with cleft palates and cleft lips. The group also provides needed services to the elderly through Family Eldercare and give resources to abused or neglected children through Partnerships for Children and sees that children in other countries have the opportunity for surgical care through the Dell Children’s Surgical Global Outreach.

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Markus Rothkranz: The Best Way To Cleanse

In his recent video, Markus Rothkranz explains how the human body reacts so negatively to foods that are not healthy. Because of this, it is important to cleanse and heal the body from toxins that cause the body stress. When you are healing, it is best to eat uncooked, raw plant foods. Otherwise, the body goes into attack mode and will not be able to cleanse itself.

When cleansing and sticking to raw plants foods or a juicing cleanse, it is important to note that the body will be releasing built up toxins all at once, and it is likely to cause a back up in the system. In order to prohibit this from happening, use enemas to help the toxins move out of the body faster so they do not build up.

Enemas are natural and made of water, so they are just helping the body open itself up and release toxins. This is better than taking a stool softener, because those work from the top, when the problem is likely to be at the base of the colon.

It is also important to not cheat when trying to cleanse the body of toxins. While you may think that one bite of a cookie or bread may not cause any harm, it actually causes inflammation that circulates throughout the body and undoes any progress that has been made with the cleanse.

The first few days of fasting may be hard and cause headaches and fatigue, but if toxins are able to escape the body quickly, these symptoms will not last.

One great snack to have when hunger hits is some dates. These are great for the body and easy to carry around and snack on throughout the day. In addition to this, it is important to drink a gallon of water each day in order to stay hydrated.