The Oxford Club: Investing And Trading Advice

The Oxford Club is a prestigious club that has been around for decades. This club is dedicated to assisting members with investment and portfolio management. The club’s mission is to help the 157,000 members across 131 countries to protect their wealth with specialized market analysis and investment ideas. The Oxford Club provides information on equities, bonds, options, funds, real estates, precious metals, and currencies. The Oxford Club delivers different products and services to its members. The club offers three newsletters, 12 trading services, and Investment U Plus.


The three newsletters provided are as following:


The Oxford Communique features advice from Chef Investment Strategist Alexander Green. The Oxford Communique informs members on trading, market trends, and different opportunities for investment. This newsletter, also, provides an essay series from Alexander Green about more than just investment like politics and healthy living.


The Oxford Income Letter is the second newsletter from The Oxford Club. Chef Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld leads this newsletter. Each edition delivers advice and insight on different income-producing strategies for an investment portfolio. The newsletter is accompanied weekly by the Oxford Income Weekly, which gives updates on the four portfolio’s of The Oxford Income Letter.


The Oxford Resource Explorer newsletter gives expert insight on the oil and energy markets along with metals and minerals. Emerging Trends Strategist Matthew Carr provides information on growing trends and developments in these industries.


The Oxford Club offers 12 trading services. Each of the services is developed to help guide investments based on strategic research. The multiple trading services represent different investment options.


Investment U Plus is the education aspect of The Oxford Club. This service includes a daily email. The premium version contains recommendations for individuals to take action on stocks and investments.


There are three different membership levels:


  • Premier Membership


  • Director’s Circle Membership


  • Chairman’s Circle Membership



Each membership has different payment requirements and access to specific benefits for each level.

Jeffry Schneider – The Mind of Ascendant Capital

Jeffry Schneider is Ascendant Capital LLC’s creator and founder. He is a native of Manhattan, New York. He studied finance at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. After college, Jeffry Schneider worked for financial firms around his hometown. During this time he learned how to cultivate and maintain healthy and deep relationships with his clients. He also took an interest in learning knowledge on alternative investments strategies. In 2002, he got a chance to work with the Paradigm global advisors where he topped up his knowledge particularly on analyzing managers. He later used this knowledge in starting Ascendant Capital LLC.

As the CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider has contributed greatly as the company has raised over a billion dollars under his leadership. He has also increased the number of employees to thirty. Jeffry Schneider has worked with known personalities like Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch and others. Jeffry Schneider is working hard to achieve his goals in life which include financial success and personal success.

As the CEO he has created a culture of hard work, communication and trust in the organization. He is dedicated to endeavoring his employees and the company at large. Jeffry Schneider is also productive in his daily activities and demands preeminence from himself.

Jeffry Schneider is also kind and compassionate and has been involved in helping the less fortunate continuously. Some of this charity homes are Gazelle Foundation, wonders and worries, Cherokee children’s home and many others. His acts of kindness show how caring he is towards the community.

Global Lender Equities First Holdings Sees a Growing Trend Among Borrowers Who Use Stock as Loan Collateral to Secure Working Capital

Equities First Holdings is a global leader and alternative shareholder financial solution. For the company, nothing gives him more power than to become a better working capability in this industry. Equities First Holdings is an alternative source of finance to the fast turnover. For the company, nothing gives them more honor than to become part of the solution to your problems. For this reason, Equities First Holdings issues capital using stocks as collateral. Therefore, you will always endeavor to become a receiving end in this structure. During the harsh economic crisis, Equities First Holdings has noted that the intake of the fast working capital using the stock-based loans is paramount. For this reason, people end up working for better business through an inmate facility development campaign.

Equities First Holdings has seen more traction in the use of socks as collateral to secure fast working capital at the company. During the harsh financial crisis, the market fluctuation is always inevitable. However, the company issues the stock-based loans in a manner that depicts the industry leadership. For this reason, stock-based loans are characterized by the low-interest rates to provide a hedge between the loan and the intended use. Therefore, getting the money back as repayment will never be an issue. As a matter of fact, it will be a thing of the past. Stock-based loans are better because they allow you to create a financial solution to your problem in an extended period. Therefore, working with Equities First Holdings will give you enough success in your business and projects.

While there are many other options out there for securing capital, banks and credit companies have their lending capabilities cut down. For this reason, you might consider selecting better business capabilities in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. The non-recourse feature characterizes Stock-based loans.

Analyzing Investment Banking

Investment banking is defined as a particular division of banking associated with capital creation for other governments, companies, and entities. Investment banks are responsible for endorsing new equity and debt securities for all forms of the corporation, assisting in securities sale, and assisting in facilitating reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and broker trades for private and institutional investors. Investment banks offer guidance to issuers when it comes to placement of stock. The majority of big investment banks are associated with subsidiaries of larger banking institutions. The majority of them are now household names including JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley. Investment banks offer help to significant financial transactions that are complicated.


Investment banks offer advice about the worth of a company and the best way of structuring a deal in case the client of the investment bank considers a merger, acquisition, or sale. They also issue securities as a way of coming up with money for the consumer groups. Investment banks acquire investment bankers who offer their help in governments, corporations, and other groups to manage and plan big projects. This saves the client’s time and money by identifying risks linked with the project before any transaction takes place. Investment bankers are skilled in their field and have experience in the current investing climate. Investment banks act as middlemen between investors and a company when the company wants to offer bonds or stocks.


Martin Lustgarten is an investment expert. Martin is a citizen of Venezuela and Austria. He can watch the market for upcoming trends. This has enabled him to acquire the best results for his clients. Martin firmly believes in international investments and is known for spreading his wealth between numerous countries. This helps him to limit his risks and in making sure that he profits from local growth. Martin says that the economy is currently recovering at a fast rate and it is time for many individuals to see into the future. Martin has been a role model for potential investors who look up to his investment advice and assistance.

Martin Lustgarten, an Ideal Investment Banker

In the continuously evolving world of finance, investment banking has become a popular segment of banking operation. Investment banking is a banking operation that assist organizations and individuals raise capital as well as provide financial consultancy services. Investment banks function like intermediaries between investors and shares issuers. The bank can either buy all the shares at a price estimated by the professionals and then resell them to the public or sell the securities on behalf of the issuer taking a commission on each share. They also assist new firms to go public.

Investment banking is one of the most complex financial operations available. They offer several financial services such as mergers and acquisition advisory (M&As), proprietary trading, leveraged finance which deals with lending money to organizations to settle acquisitions and purchase assets. Another thing is valuation and restructuring which deals with upgrading the structures of a firm to make business more competent and help it maximize profits. Investment banks play a major role in the leveraged buyouts, LBOs. They act as a strategic M&A advisor as well as a financial provider. Organizations and individuals rely heavily on these banks to help them create and market an ideal financial structure.

Over the decades, Martin has leveraged his citizenship to assist his esteemed clients. His fortune is spread in several countries to enable him to limit the risks as well as benefit from local development. As a dedicated investment banker, Martin scrutinizes oncoming market trends carefully, and this enables him to act promptly when a market is about to make a downturn. This skill has helped him acquire the best outcomes for his customers.

Martin has worked incredibly hard for his title. He is always on the move to get the best investments. His intelligence is also applied to identify trends before they commence. This means that for an investor to grow his wealth quickly, he/she has to be wise and hardworking, not forgetting to hang onto a diverse, comprehensive portfolio.Martin was born on July 9, 1959. He lives in Florida. According to his Instagram account, he loves vintage.


Investment Banking Institution-Laidlaw & Company

Relmada Therapeutics, we have to serve as a company that is involved in the development as well as manufacture of clinical-stage drugs that are mainly used for the purpose of chronic illness treatment. Recently our management team made an announcement that was purposely meant to make amendments of the complaints we had previously made. The motion that our organization filed was against Laidlaw& Company for the breach of fiduciary duty as well as the disclosure of confidential information that it owned our firm when it was acting as our investment bank.
Our management team learned that the Nevada Court had previously issued an injunction associated as well as a temporary restraining order to the Laidlaw & Company management team that included Mathew Eitner and James Ahern.  Our management team wishes to be compensated by Laidlaw for the costs it made us suffer and also the investment firm must be prevented from harming to our organization in the future.
Laidlaw &Company (UK Ltd) is one of the leading investment companies that has been operating in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. The firm can be described as a fully serviced as well as a brokerage firm that has a primary mandate of providing personalized advice as well as skillful execution to both private and institutions and high-net-worth individuals’ investors. Laidlaw offers a broad range of services and products that include acquisition financing, initial public offering, placement of debt, placement of equity, mezzanine capital with institution investors, and the arrangement of national exchange listing. Mathew Eitner is the Chief Executive Officer while his co-leader James Ahern serves as the Partner and Head of Capital Markets.