Jeff Herman Explains His Job Responsibilities; Gives Advice to Young, Would-be Lawyers

Jeff Herman created Herman law, and it is now a nationally recognized law firm. He represents victims of sexual abuse, rape, and other types of sexual violence. He has the experience that these victims need to receive justice and continue their lives. Herman Law is one the United State’s leading practices that work in the field of childhood sexual exploitation.

Jeff says that research and fact-checking is a very important part of his firm. He likes to know all sides of a story before he presents anything he says as fact. One of his methods include writing out his cases on a whiteboard, creating a timeline of events.

The age of the internet has brought change to Jeff’s firm. He says that the change has brought certain people together, and they are able to empower victims, giving them control of their lives once again.

“Within the scope of my work, I deal with the worst of humanity,” said Jeff Herman in an interview with FiveHundo. He went on to explain that he even considered quitting this division of law and pursuing other things. It wasn’t until he had the help of several doctors, with biometric training, that he began to divert his own emotional attachments from his clients. He says he is still able to be empathetic, but he doesn’t let his own feelings get in the way of his work.

The interviewer concluded their conversation by asking Jeff Herman about any advice he could offer to young people looking to start a career in law. Herman said that they should pursue what they are passionate about, specifically things that don’t involve law. He tells young people to do this because then they can combine their passion with law and have a very enjoyable, lucrative career.

“I would tell young people to find what exactly drive them,” Herman said.

Jeff Herman Talks Law And Life