The Thoughts of Graham Edwards on the Company’s Restructuring Process

Leadership is a continuity process. It has everything to do with seeing the other leader doing better than you did for the benefit of other people. Leadership is a selfless task where the leader puts the interest of others ahead of theirs. This is what Graham Edwards has proved in his executive leadership position at Telereal Trillium. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of this company since 2009 when it was formed. However, it is important to note that this company was founded in 2001. The amazing thing is that Graham is the newly appointed Executive Chairman and the office he will occupy is being set up in Nottingham.

The CEO position that Graham held will now be taken up by Russell Gurnhill who served as a former joint managing director. Russell used to jointly play the role of the managing director together with Adam Dakin. Adam now takes a new responsibility as the managing director of new business and services. Graeme Hunter will still be in charge of all property matters associated with Telereal Trillium. Michael Hackenbroch will still be the group finance director to oversee all financial matters in the company. The head offices of Telereal are based in London, the UK and the company partners with other companies like Royal Mail, DVLA, Aviva and BT among others.

According to Graham Edwards, the restructuring process was planned some time ago and this was the best time to implement it. He says this is the only way to ensure that Telereal Trillium has responded to the changing demands in a more coordinated manner. Graham says that the response is appropriate for the priorities and demands the business has today. He continues to note that the company has a team that is highly experienced when it comes to identifying and creating value for their stakeholders.

Graham Edwards Telereal emphasizes that the company’s main agenda is to ensure great services have been delivered to its property partners. He insists that the executive leadership together with the other workers will ensure the company makes a great contribution to the house building targets of the government especially in the areas of residential and strategic land development. As Telereal Trillium continues to do this, it will also ensure it owns and manages one of the property portfolios known to be the largest in the UK.