Choosing you Ideal Lip Balm Flavor from the Wide Selection of EOS Lip Balm Flavors

The evolution of smooth, EOS, is a company which has taken the world of lip care products by storm. The company was the brain child of Sanjiv Mehra and Charles Dubitsky. They dared to dream that they would bring a revolution in a business that was monopolized by industry veterans such as chapstick and Blistex. Currently, the delightful orbs of the lip balm, which comes in a variety of pastel colors and flavors, have gained a very huge following among the millenials.

The thing which sets apart EOS products is that the makers of the product re-imagined the lip balm industry completely, products are available here at  While it was close to impossible to think about lip balm in another packaging besides the tubes, EOS scrapped the tube idea and adopted the orbs out rightly. The products were so good that they started getting organic endorsements from stars such as Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift. Immediately, the following become like a movement.

The quality of the lip balm flavors provided by EOS surpasses the expectations of many, especially at the cost of roughly $3.50, available here at The manufacturers always make use of natural ingredient such as vitamin E and jojoba oil. Some of the common flavors include the pomegranate and raspberry flavor, tropical passion, sweet mint and several others. All the products are gluten and paraben free. Their products are usually tested and they have been proven to be free of any paraben and artificial ingredients that could be harmful to your lips.

There is no doubt that EOS has clanged the lip care industry from a necessity to a statement of fashion. It is possible to buy these products through the website set up by the company. EOS has come a long way, and they will go even further in providing quality lip care products.

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