Silky, Soft, and Totally Smooch-able Lips!

Evolution of Smooth lip balms seem to be everywhere these days! It’s no surprise; Evolution of Smooth (EOS) produces lots of kinds of lip balms that are tailored to fit everyone’s needs. To top it off, they come in adorable egg shaped containers, making them not only beneficial, but super fun to use! See,

Some of EOS lip balm are organic, meaning that they only contain the simplest organic ingredients, such as Shea butter, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. You can feel 100% safe when using these products.

Another type of lip balm that EOS lip balm produces is the Visibly Smooth line. These lip balms are made with Vitamin C, an ingredient that helps to soften and smooth the lips. In contrast to the organic lip balms (which come in a solid colored egg shaped container), the Visibly Smooth balms come in pastel colored egg shapes with horizontal white stripes down the sides. This helps the customer to know exactly which type of lip balm they are using. These Visibly Smooth lip balms also come in various flavors. Two very popular ones are Vanilla Mint (in a container that is pastel green with white stripes) and Coconut Milk (in a container that is pastel pink with white stripes).

These two types of lip balms are just a part of the vast array of lip balms that are manufactured and produced by Evolution of Smooth. They are all wonderful products, though each one is tailored to the user’s specific needs. If you happen to have rough, chapped, or overall dry lips, do not hesitate to try their products! For more information on these and other products produced by EOS, check out their website: today! Check out their Facebook page as well.