New Lips Care for a New Generation

EOS is a brand that speaks to the fashion of a generation. With the slick well-integrated marketing shining a light on the generation’s most influential figures with the product in hand it isn’t hard to see why this cute little product began its domination of the market from the well established lip care giants. And honestly who wouldn’t love this little beauty ball?

From the spherical design to the outstanding Facebook buzz flavors there is little doubt the goal was not to create buzz around this industry changing the design, I mean look at them their eye-catching in the field of bland tubes that surround it. Throw it in the hands of celebrates and you have nothing but success written out for the product. But the success cannot be completely given over to the celebrity endorsement. On its own, the EOS lip balm product stands out as unique and different enough to appeal to a generation that desires to stand out and be an individual. In the stagnant lip care world, there was little difference between company x and company y other than “active ingredients” or maybe the word “new”. EOS gave a new option to the standard tube that would not be ignored.

But the desire to appeal to the female millennial looking to stand out and stand apart cannot be dismissed. It is a large and growing industry that craves something new something fresh which was the niche space the creators needed to slip the product into the pockets of lip care enthusiasts everywhere.

It is not hard to see why this product not only blew up but continues to sell unit after unit to this lip chapped world. With an ever-expanding catalog of favors and sphere design, there is little chance of slowing this products momentum down anytime soon. For more info, visit