The digital marketing king of Florida

With its headquarters in Miami, White Shark Media is a digital marketing company that provides its online marketing services to a variety of firms. However, the company targets small and medium-sized business enterprises. Often cited among the fastest growing digital marketing firms in North America, the company was founded by three Danish marketers in 2011. They looked to conquer the online marketing sphere in the Americas. Each of the three founders had accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in online and offline marketing. This vast experience played a key role in influencing the company’s marketing strategies and objectives. In 2012, Google Inc. invited White Shark Media to their headquarters in California, where a team was assigned to them to leverage their growth needs more effectively. This was just the beginning. In 2014, the company’s meteoric rise was illustrated further when Google invited them to join the Google AdWordsTM Premier SMB Partnership -a privilege reserved for few agencies who meet Google’s eligibility standards. Shortly after, Microsoft recognized White Shark’s immeasurable potential and enrolled them at their Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program.

Upon its inception, White Shark Media sought to provide groundbreaking digital marketing services among the small and medium-sized enterprises in the US and Latin America. Beyond building a local presence, the company’s growth has also been highlighted by their growing offshore presence. With several offices outside the US, the company’s client base has grown exponentially. To foster their Hispanic marketing both in the US and Latin America, White Shark Media has favored a bilingual employee base to carry out their digital marketing operations. Home to hundreds of dedicated employees in over three countries, White Shark Media, is set to be a force to be reckoned with in digital advertising on the global stage.