The Chainsmokers Keep the Good Music Trend with Their New Single “Sick Boy”

EDM is now more popular than ever before and among those leading on this platform is The Chainsmokers. This DJ duo entered the international scene back in 2015 thanks to their hit single “Roses”. Over the two years, they have managed to release others including the dance tune “Don’t Let Me Down” with Daya which won a Grammy award. Their hit single with Halsey “Closer” took the No.1 spot in American music charts for over 12 weeks. Their new single “Sick Boy” seems to be sharing the DNA of their previously successful tunes as it has got a lot of good reception so far.

Dark themed music

Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the (Electronic Dance Music) EDM DJ duo are also famously known for producing dark themed music. The new tune “Sick Boy” seems to be taking this dark-themed music trend to a new level. The Chainsmokers say that the darkness in the song is a recount of their struggles through their musical journey. Drew Taggart mentioned that the current world with social media is challenging not just for them but even for the kids growing through this era. The social pressure to live up to society’s standards and make people happy is what builds up this music. The DJ duo went on to say the nine-month break they had taken prior to the release of “Sick Boy” was a mind opening experience for them. This new single will mark a new chapter in their new realism centered music, which they will be focusing on from this point onwards.

About The Chainsmokers

This is an EDM DJ duo from New York City signed under Sony, Columbia, and Disruptor Labels. The Chainsmokers was initially made of three members, but currently, it has two members, Alex Pall and Drew Taggart. Though they were music lovers from a young age, they started their professional music career in 2012. They have won a Best Dance Recording Grammy Award with their single “Don’t Let Me Down.” They have also bagged a total of five iHeartRadio Music Awards. In April 2017, they released “Memories…Do Not Open,” their first studio album.

Alex Pall From Chainsmokers Searches For An Identity

The new Interview with The Chainsmokers by Mathias Rosenzweig, for Andy Warhol’s INTERVIEW magazine, features Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall reflecting on their past success and the future of their brand and electronic dance duo “The Chainsmokers”.

Through the course of the interview, the artists share what separates them from their contemporaries such as Deadmau5, by instead of remaining hidden behind complex production and flashy lights the duo aims to bring a vulnerable and intimate edge to their music and their public personas.

Though both produce the music within The Chainsmoker’s soundscape, Alex shares he began his career in music as a DJ, working at an art gallery before deciding to commit to music full time. Andrew, the other half of the duo had just finished College in Syracuse and decided upon meeting Alex’s manager to travel up from Maine to New York City where the two immediately hit it off. Alex had already started The Chainsmokers but the other original member left leaving a spot that Andrew quickly and happily filled.

Using self-discovery and “constantly checking yourself” as a guide, Alex recalls the duo dedicated themselves to respecting that the music, although a way to pay the bills, was also something they deeply cared about noting, “people relate to our music on such a deeper level, and we want that to be the case more and more.” thus began their continued pursuit to make music as a way to create something unique and expressive to them as artists eventually carrying them to chart-topping success.

Mathias also does a great job of capturing Alex and Andrew’s desire to stay on the cutting edge of music closing with a quote from Alex where he remarks on Chainsmokers need to stay relevant as well as “push new boundaries and give people new experiences.” in every aspect of their art.

Interview with Alex Pall from The Chainsmokers

The DJ duo Chainsmokers have taken to slowly revealing themselves more within their music. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make up the Chainsmokers duo. They released new tracks just last year featured them more prominently. The new track closer pictures posting and Andrew Hoggart actually singing on the track. It’s uncommon for DJs to sing on their own tracks. This move by the Chainsmokers separates them from other teachers or DJ groups.


Alex Pall was a DJ while he was growing up. He moved to New York City and started booking shows now and then as his side job. Once he realized that his life is consumed by teaching an electronic music he decided to make it a full-time career.


Andrew Taggart started to DJ when he was in college. But he was starting college she was obsessed with electronic music and wore V-neck shirts all the time. The other college students on his campus thought he was weird, but it was really ahead of the game when I came to what would be popular in a few years in the music industry. When he was finishing up at college his classmates started to listen to electronic music. (See: Pall on Interview Magazine: The Chainsmokers)


Alex how said he started to work with Andrew after being introduced by his manager to him. He had already established the Chainsmokers and the guy that he worked with before was moving on to a different project. He was on the lookout for someone else to work with. Andrew at the time was interning at Interscope records when one of the people that worked with Alex’s manager told him that Alex is looking for someone else to fill in the place left open by the other dj in his group. Right after meeting each other they started making music and working together. Andrew was a natural fit with the Chainsmokers. The continued playing shows across New York City. From there they gained more attention to their collaborations. Find Additional Information Here.


Andrew and Alex decided to sing on their tracks, because I literally write their own songs unlike many other DJs. Alex pointed out that a lot of TVs work with songwriters more they just focus on creating beats and tracks. Alex and Andrew sometimes work with songwriters, but they are always in the room. They make a point to always be involved in the song writing process. They want their music to be part of their story and to be connected to them. Their song Closer is the first step to them making their appearances more prominent within their music. The next step they make will continue to cement them as different from other DJ groups. Fans of electronic and pop music will just have to see what comes next from the Chainsmokers to find out.


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The Latino Music Scene Produces Superstars Like Norka Luque

Latino music doesn’t come from just one country. Mexico, the Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Portugal and Spain produce a Latino sound that is irresistible as well as diverse. Latinos identify with their music because the music tells stories about the culture, the backgrounds, and traditions that are rooted in Latino DNA. The diversity that exists in the Latino culture is heard in every measure and each Latino artist brings their personal style as well as their Latino ancestry to the melodies, lyrics and the beat of their music.

Famous Latino music artists like Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Carlos Santana, Juan Gabriel, Selena and many others introduced their own musical personality to the world, and there’s not a person on the planet that hasn’t heard the beat of this cultural extravaganza unless they live on a remote island, or they are still throwing spears in a tropical rainforest. One of the names that is being added to that list of superstars is Norka Luque, the Venezuelan singer that took the Latino music scene by surprise in 2011 when her first single was released.

Norka Luque always wanted to be a famous singer. Norka loved to listen to Shakira, Juan Gabriel, Gloria Estefan and Ricky Martin growing up. Norka was inspired by all those artists, but after attending a Ricky Martin concert in France, she got the urge to follow her dream of becoming a full-time musician. Norka studied and worked in France, but she knew she had to pull up those roots, and moved back to the states. She had to dive head first into the melting pot of Latino music, Miami. Miami was the city where Latino music is alive and growing. It is the city where Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine got its start.

Singing on South Beach is a good job. The Latino music community is always looking for new talent, and they look in the clubs on South Beach. Emilio Estefan, the music producer extraordinaire, heard about Norka, and he asked her to audition for him. It only took one audition for Estefan to sign Norka to a recording contract. Estefan produced Norka’s first Latino hit in 2011, and her second hit in 2012. Her new single, Tomorrowland, is another Estefan and Luque hit. Norka Luque is on her way to the top of the music charts again, and she is dancing to the beat of her own music.