End Citizens United Amps Up For Huge 2017 Fundraising Year

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has been working for the past year or so to undo all of the damage done by the Supreme Court’s decision in 2010 in relation to the conservative hit group, Citizens United. End Citizens United is led by Tiffany Muller and they’ve spent the past year trying to raise money in order to financially back politicians who have promised to make campaign finance a key part of their political platform. In order to understand why what End Citizens United is so important we need to really understand the damage that Citizens United has done.

In 2008 a lawyer by the name of James Bopp wanted to air a hit piece aimed at Hillary Clinton during the Democratic debates between Clinton and Obama. His goal, obviously and ultimately, was to undermine Clinton’s character with absurd claims wrapped up in the title of a ‘documentary’. The FEC literally laughed at James Bopp and sent him away, declining to allow him to air the slanderous material. Bopp didn’t let this stop him and soon he was appearing before the Supreme Court, only this time things would be very different.

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What Citizens United managed to accomplish during their 2010 hearing was simple: they took off the thin veneer of regulation that helped to keep our democracies beholden to the people and out of the hands of special interests and corporate lobbyists. In doing so this gave conservative media giants like the Koch Brothers the chance to actually put all of their chips on the table and literally buy off politicians. You can see how this is a problem. This decision can draw a direct line to the election of Donald Trump and THAT is also a huge red flag.

So, Muller brought about End Citizens United and utilized the very real anguish over Donald Trump’s election in order to get more fuel to make a change. In order to get rid of the Citizens United decision Muller and her team would need massive funding, support from huge politicians, and a way to get their message out to the general public. So, that is exactly what Muller managed to do.

After the election of Trump many people were furious and looking for anyway to help out and resist and this paid huge dividends with the End Citizens United political action committee. As a result, End Citizens United raised nearly $4 million in the first quarter of 2017. Their goal is to raise a total of $45 million in advance of the 2018 congressional elections. If End Citizens United is successful they will stand a real chance at making some definitive progress toward undoing the damage done by James Bopp.

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End Citizens United Seeks To Change Washington

In 2008 a white haired and unassuming lawyer named James Bopp appeared before the Federal Exchange Commission. His goal was simple. He wanted to get his film, “Hillary: The Movie”, live and on the air during the 2008 Presidential Democratic Primaries. The film was a 90 minute hit piece on the Democratic nominee and it did not cater to any of the political rules when it comes to campaign attack ads. Bopp did not label the movie an attack ad. He advertised it as unbridled truth. The FEC laughed him out of court. Two years later Bopp would be arguing before the Supreme Court in what is now known as the infamous Citizens United ruling.

When James Bopp and his conservative propaganda group Citizens United succeeded at the highest levels of government their success was at the direct detriment of the American people. The Citizens United decision opened the floodgates to special interests and billionaire corporations essentially ruling Washington D.C. and, as a result, the rest of the country. Bopp knew exactly what he did and it was by design. This decision leads in a straight line directly to the debacle that is the Donald Trump presidency.

For as disastrous as the Citizens United decision ended up being it gave rise to a grassroots campaign that has been working tirelessly for the good of the nation: End Citizens United. End Citizens United is a group that is run by Tiffany Muller. Her goal with the political action committee is simple: to render change upon Washington D.C. and the rest of the country by overturning the Citizens United decision. Of course, this job is not going to be easy — she and her team are going up against billionaires — but it is one that has got to be done.

End Citizens United has been as successful as you could hope for in the wake of Donald Trump’s election to the White House. Through the first three months of Trump’s sham presidency the team earned more than $4 million by way of donations. These donations weren’t just coming from big donors, either. The majority of donations came from regular, every day Americans. In fact, the average donated amount was just $12.

Why is End Citizens United fundraising? Well, in order to get a constitutional amendment in place there needs to be legislators at the highest halls of the government willing to sign it. This means that End Citizens United needs to endorse and help get elected politicians who are in favor of getting rid of Citizens United. That kind of job will take big money. End Citizens United plans to raise nearly $35 million by the time that the 2018 elections roll around.

George Soros warns everyone about Donald Trump and anti-EU movement

George Soros is mostly known as one of the richest US business magnets with a personal fortune of $ 25 billion. George Soros is the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and considered one of the most successful hedge fund managers in US history. However, he is more than a businessman only. He is also a political activist, philanthropist and also an author. He has been writing books and articles on different platforms such as Business Insider and much more. In his two recent articles, he has mentioned his beliefs about the future of international trends and trades under the new Trump Administration and anti-EU movements on opensocietyfoundations.org.

George Soros is considered as one of the leading philanthropists who donated approximately $ 12 billion in last three decades for numerous political and humanitarian causes. He is a real supporter of the Democratic wing and American Liberal movements. With his dynamic political advocacy and activities, he has been helping policy makers in USA and European countries to promote and sustain democracy. George Soros is the Founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations that has been supporting non-violent reform in post-Soviet nations in Europe. In addition to this, Soros is also helping a number of people including but not limiting to black students, African countries as well as hundreds of institutions related to agriculture, education and medical aid. He is a firm believer that through active philanthropy and political advocacy on Forbes, we can ensure a better world with sustainable democracy.

However, he has been quite concerned with the recent trends in international and US political arena on Investopedia. Being a firm supporter of the Democratic wing, he was always against Trump and his ideology. Soros has serious doubts that Trump will be able to lead the country with his approach. In one of his article, Soros mentioned that Trump and his administration with a dictatorship approach would fail against the strong US constitution and institutions. He also marked Trump as a con man and an imposter who is leading a cabinet made with retired generals and ineffectual extremists with no previous experience. According to Soros, it will be a quite difficult time in future as Trump will divert the US from its role to promote democracy in other nations as well as change international trade aspects by providing more supports to China.

He is also worried that, as the USA will become even more occupied with its internal problems, it won’t be able to support democracy in other parts of the world as well. A direct effect of this will go to the European Union as well. With rising economic crisis, BREXIT and worsening refugee situation, EU is about to breakdown. George Soros is a keen supporter of EU, and he is afraid that if we do not take prompt action, it will dissolve very soon.