Inside the Mind off Real Estate Mogul Arthur Becker

According to The Real Deal, when you become a success story as big as Arthur Becker there is one question that people will keep asking: how did you do it? Arthur Becker got his start in the tech industry back in the early ’00s where he worked as a stockbroker, buying and trading within the ever growing tech industry. Becker managed to parlay his work as a stockbroker before turning into one of the real estate magnates that is making New York such an interesting place to live. However, for Arthur Becker the career trajectory has not always been a straight and narrow path. Don’t know what we mean? Let’s find out.

Arthur Becker labors under the pretense of passion. His work is always pointed directly toward the things that make him happy in life: artwork, real estate, and technology. Over the years Becker has invested in several areas that other folks might have been hesitant to touch — and the results have been better because of it. Becker’s famously invested in ancient currency, collected from Nigeria and Cameroon in South Africa, as well as his own origami artwork. Becker’s love of all things currency, history, and art has made for an interesting combination that he has managed to make work.

Eventually Becker found himself in New York. Specifically, Becker landed in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. For years, Becker has worked as a silent partner in the real estate world backing the big money makers in the industry. Becker has played a part in Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s developments — Billionaires’ Row. Becker has also worked with Madison Equities, also run by Maloney and his partner Robert Gladstone. Now Becker is looking to make a bigger splash — with his name on the front of the building. That brings us to Becker’s latest investment choice: a condo unit located in Tribeca — 465 Washington Street to be specific.

In an article on Bloomberg, Arthur Becker’s purchase of 465 Washington Street shows that Becker is pushing his new limits. The building is going to be developed as an 8 unit condo with a focus on luxury and art. The building is estimated to be worth $53 million when all is said and done.

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