Understanding White Shark Media



Keywords are significant elements when it comes to your SEO strategy and the entire marketing campaign of the search engine according to White Shark Media. Keywords are used in classifying your business, targeting the desired audience, and also in dictating your website content. The way that SEOs used to acquire a bigger position in SERPs has significantly changed since search engines have gone through evolution to give the final user best results over the years. The following are the rules to be followed when placing the keywords in your page according to White Shark Media:


  • Mention your keyword in the title of the page. This makes it easier for search engines and searchers to understand what your page is all about.
  • Place the keyword in the major headline. Your users will be able to find a matching topic in the search snippet and landing page.
  • Avoid going overboard. Ensure that you do repeat your keyword very many times. Read through your text and eliminate the unwanted keywords.
  • Remember your meta description. An excellent description will help your rate of click-through.
  • Ensure you repeat it a minimum of 2 or 3 times in the content of the page. This will make your content to have more meaning.


White Shark Media is a top digital marketing agency that provides online marketing solutions designed for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark Media is known as one of the digital agencies that are growing fast in North America. The growth of the company comes from its reputation of campaigns in engineering affordable search marketing while offering a world-class customer experience. White Shark Media has been able to assist numerous enterprises in the entire US in growing their businesses through its marketing tactics and marketing tools. The company ensures that it is fully accountable to each of their clients each month through Google Analytics Integration, Proprietary Reporting Software, Keyword-level call tracking, and Competitive Intelligence.


White Shark Media was established in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs who have an extensive experience in online and offline marketing. The ultimate goal of the company is to conquer the expanding SMB market in Latin America and the US by providing unique, excellent products, and services. White Shark Media has employed an outstanding team of professionals who are experienced and skilled in their work. The company has served in the marketing industry for many years.