Success story of Seattle Genetics founder Clay Siegall

Seattle Genetics has for a long time been known as a giant biotechnology company. The company focuses on commercialization and development of cancer treatment procedures. Dr. Clay B. Siegall has been the CEO of the company since 2004. He co-founded the company in 1998 where he worked as the company director. Under his leadership as Chairman of Board and more so as CEO, Seattle genetics has grown to build a huge range of antibodies for cancer treatment.

Adcetris is the main pipeline product sold by the company. The product was approved in August 2011. It today sells in several parts of the world such as the United States, the EU, Canada and Japan. For many years now, the company has played a lead role in research of cancer treatment products. This has seen the company join with several strategic licenses such as ADC technology.

Seattle Genetics has received huge funding since it was started. The first public company offering made by the company was done in 2001. Dr. Clay Siegall has since engaged in multiple fundraising activities for the company. Today, he has secured close to $675 million in terms of funding for the company. He runs a team of highly trained professionals in the cancer research and treatment area.

The huge success experienced by the company has seen Seattle Genetics go on an ambitious program to develop more drugs. The company has a plan to develop 12 additional drugs. One of its current drugs labelled 33A is on its third stage of multiple clinical trials. The drug is going to be used in the treatment of myeloid leukemia if successful. Other drugs that are on the verge of success will be used for breast cancer and bladder cancer treatment.

Apart from simply developing drugs, Seattle Genetics plans to hire multiple employees in the United States and Switzerland. The employees are going to be absorbed in the company where they will play a huge role in development of cancer treatment procedures.

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