Mighty Fortress Church among the Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

Are you looking for the best church that offers great bible teachings that are beneficial to your daily life? Definitely yes. In Minnesota, there are very many beautiful churches which preach the word of God with the aim of benefiting Christians. The churches are well built with rich history attached to them. They offer different worship styles, different preachers and the way they handle Christians is very different. Mighty Fortress Church, Assumption Chapel, and St Mary’s Catholic Church are the most famous and beautiful churches in Minnesota, and their main aim is to preach the word of God.

Mighty fortress church was founded by Bishop Thomas Williams, and it is one of the beautiful churches in Minnesota. The church offers an enjoyable system of worship, and they provide relevant messages which are very beneficial in modern life. Through practical bible teachings, Mighty Fortress Church helps Christians know, appreciate and be thankful to Almighty God. The church provides a friendly atmosphere that helps Christians build a perfect relationship with God and fellow Christians. The atmosphere is for all people as we are all equal before God.

Mighty Fortress Church offers excellent worship services. A choir, band and worship team brings God presence in the church through vibrant songs of worship. The worship ensures that people present receive blessings, spiritual nourishment, and inspiration from God. Christians receive the word of God that aims at promoting faith and give hope to every individual. This leads to victorious life as the word is well preached, and each preaching has a practical biblical teaching.

Mighty Fortress Church has achieved all these with the help and support of their senior pastor; Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas has over 30 years’ experience in preaching the word of God under different churches. Bishop Thomas believes in preaching the word of God diligently with the aim of empowering and bringing hope to modern Christians. Bishop Thomas is highly educated, and he is determined to ensure the word of God has a Positive impact on people lives.

We can’t forget to mention about St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly. This church is well built with a perfect architecture. The church is beautiful, and its environment is ideal for worship. Lastly, Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring which was built in 1951. It has a Gothic style structure which has a rich history. All these Churches are magnificent, but Mighty Fortress Church combines great structure and perfect worship and preaching practices.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Offers Beauty Inside and Out

Beauty is one of the more fascinating concepts of life. It can be really inspiring for people. At the same time, it can be depressing for people when they are made to believe that they don’t have it, especially when they see the benefits that people who are believed to have that beauty are given. Some people just resign to the fact that they don’t have the type of beauty they want while others take the time to find out what they can do about it. Among the choices they make is going in for cosmetic surgery and fixing whatever part of their body they believe is flawed.

For those who are looking for a cosmetic surgeon that is going to give them the best treatment with the least side effects, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the surgeon that can give people what they need. For one thing, she is very passionate about cosmetic surgery. This passion has led her to not only excel, but actually influence the field of cosmetic surgery. She has done a lot of research on the different methods in order to find methods that are very effective. She has also brought back silicon to cosmetic surgery with her techniques.

Dr. Walden has been so effective at cosmetic surgery that she has been invited to share her insights on the procedures on different media. She has appeared on shows and has been featured on radio programs where she was allowed to talk about her experiences and share her ideas on cosmetic surgery. She has also written part of the textbook on cosmetic surgery for people to read. This is quite a huge achievement for Dr. Jennifer Walden. As of right now, she is back in her hometown in Texas where she has her own office and is raising her children.

James Dondero and Hid Venture Capitalism Foundation

AS the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, Jim Dondero has mastered the fine art of investing in charitable giving. having a philanthropic goal for his business, Dondero has taken his Dallas business model to the height of financial success.

All of this began in the heart of Jim Dondero, who wanted to create a place for philanthropic work to flourish. He decided that Dallas, Texas was the perfect location. He worked for years on this project, this year he brought another person with that spirit of non-profit fund raising into the company. Linda Owen joined contributing her extensive years of fundraising in the North Texas area. Her work is renowned in the area.

He then hired Mary Jalonick to serve as his partner to build the organization even larger than it was then. The goal of effective donations to make North Texas a better place for everyone has become the call of the business, bringing it into the status of foundation. This growth is due in part to the group effort to gain better investments to raise better capital for use in grants to those in need in the Dallas area.

The partnerships of these people together with the local investors has led the foundation to begin the future of even grater expansion. It is truly a delight to see such innovation in the future. Non-profits have their place in the financial sector of any location. This area is certainly not immune to the need to raise money. So much can happen when everyone gives.

What the future does actually hold for Jim is hard to say, but one can only imagine that it is going to be great. The community can benefit from the experience of the group when it comes to grants and assistance to those people whom the foundation serves.

Reliably Growing People’s Wealth – Agora Financial

As people achieve their professional goals and accumulate wealth, new questions about the best investment opportunities will arise. Those who have achieved wellness in their area of expertise may not necessarily know how to do the same in the world of business. Without the proper knowledge of markets, finance, and investing, those who try to increase their wealth will often fail. This happens because they have been specializing in other areas such as medicine, sports, or many others that have little to do with business.

So, how does one resolve this issue and accumulate more money? A solution that people have been using for over a decade now is Agora Financial. This company offers a team of professionals that will work to manage one’s money. By being educated and certified in the worlds of business, they hold the necessary skills to provide successful investment.

Furthermore, the employees working for the company are hands-on individuals who go out in the market to find the best options. Traveling anywhere from North Dakota to Africa, they look for new ideas that will be very profitable in the near future. That is why over $1 million of dollars is spent on travel annually.

Some of the notable members of this team include a Harvard graduate, Pulitzer-winning journalist, New York Times best selling writer, Bond expert, and dozens more. By allocating millions of dollars to their independent and unbiased research, Agora Financial provides the most bang for one’s buck.

People interested in the services can sign up for promotional newsletters, custom-made investment strategies, and many more tools that are put in place to help customers make more money. By using Agora Financial, one can earn the money he invests into the company back. The efficiency with which this business has operated in the past and correctly predicted market condition makes it a very reliable platform.

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Alexandre Gama – A Creative Entrepreneur

     Mr. Alexandre Gama is a creative entrepreneur in the advertising and communication industry. He has more than 30 years of experience in the advertising sector. Gama is one of the individuals in Brazil who try to put his hand in the business of global communication and networking agency. Mr. Gama was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Neogama, one of the best advertising firm in Brazil. Before he established his advertising agency, Mr. Alexandre worked as the Head Creative Officer of BBH. He also served as the Chairman of the board of the Brazilian Global Creative Community.

Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999. It is because of his leadership skills that the advertising performance of Neogama grew exponentially. It became the first agency to receive the Lions Award. In 2002, Neogama partnered with BBH, and Mr. Alexandre took over as the executive managing partner. As the Managing Director, Alexandre led Neogama/BBH to win the 2002 agency award. However, Neogama/BBH was bought by the Publicis Groupe in 2012 and four years down the line, the business entities decided to go their separate directions.

Alexandre Gama attended FAAP (Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado), from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Communication and Advertising. He started his communication and advertising career in 1982. He worked with Standard Ogilvy & Mather as the creative copywriter. He also served as both the Creative Director and Copywriter at DM9 for four years. This is the period in which Alexandre was recognized as the best copywriter amongst his peers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Introducing NantOS

Cancer has claimed the lives millions since the dawn of time. However, more and more treatment options are being introduced as years go by. In our world today, scientists and physicians are working hard 24/7 in order to provide us with the most accurate and the most effective treatment option for cancer. Even if there is still no complete cure from the disease, options are available where in the cancer cells are prevented from growing and spreading. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in partnership with Nanthealth and Allscripts, has introduced a new operating system called the NantOS that has the primary objective of collecting data from oncologists around the world and putting them into one place. The information contained in this operating system can be accessed by anyone, and it will help oncologists to work together in order to fight cancer.


With the introduction of NantOS, oncologists are hoping that more treatment options will be available, and that oncologists from developed nations would share their knowledge about the disease and how to fight it. The new operating system has given oncologists around the world a tiny glimpse of hope that one day, the threatening disease can be cured and that no one has to suffer from it. Also, oncologists are encouraging their colleagues to post the condition of their patients in order for them to monitor what is going on with their bodies. Those who are already using the system have pointed out some important information about the operating system that will help other oncologists. According to them, the features included inside NantOS are:


• Information about the available treatment options and the price for each procedure


• Up to date guidelines and references


• Clinical data support


• Customized treatment patterned after the patient’s schedule


• Order entry through the use of the touch screen technology


• Real time processes


• The use of networks to ensure that oncologists will be notified with newer updates

James Dondero: Helping Victims of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence affects a lot of families in the United States. Some are unreported, but some are brave enough to speak with the police about their condition. James Dondero, the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, one of the largest financial institutions in Texas, have stated that he is willing to help the victims of domestic violence. According to James Dondero, they are going to donate an amount totaling to $1 million. This will be in the form of a challenge grant, and his company is willing to provide this sum of money to help rehabilitate the victims of domestic violence. The organization which is helping these victims, called The Family Place, have thanked James Dondero for his generosity. The Family Place has launched a campaign called the Legacy Campaign, which aims to raise money in order for them to create a center that will help the victims of domestic abuse. However, their campaign ended up being short of $2.8 million. Now, they are seeking the help of private corporations and businesses to fund the said facility. For Highland Capital Management, $1 million is just a small amount of money, and they are willing to give it for the sake of those who need help. The said challenge grant will be administered by the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., the firm’s philanthropic arm.

According to James Dondero, after The Family Place pleaded for help, the mayor of Dallas along with the police chief officer has started to talk to businesses in order for them to extend an arm. He stated that he never thought twice, and just decided right then and there that the Highland Capital Management will be helping out. According to The Family Place, the facility that they are trying to building would include a number of facilities that would help rehabilitate domestic abuse victims. These facilities would include 13 emergency shelter rooms, a clinic, a call center, multiple counseling rooms and a multipurpose space that can be used for leisure. Based on their statistics, over two thousand people would benefit once the facility has been constructed. James Dondero is hoping that by the donation that he will be providing, the cases of domestic abuse in the city of Dallas would go down.

Agora Financial Helps All To Invest Well

All are well aware of the importance of investing. But this is not as easy as it sounds. This is because people know only about their own profession. But financial investment requires specific skills which a person may not have.


In addition, these people will not like to rely on a broker. This is because they feel that a broker is only interested in making money for themselves. This leaves people in the same situation. They simply do not know where to invest, when to invest and how to invest.


This is when people turn to the internet, journals, financial guides and such other sources in order to invest in a proper way. Besides, they would like to invest in a way that would help them to save their hard-earned money from the taxman.


Agora Financial understands this very well. Hence they have been helping people for over a decade in making the right kind of investments at the right time in the right place.


There are many ways in which they have been able to achieve this. This includes newsletters, besides online publications, books, seminars as well as documentaries that are created only for this purpose. In this way, they have helped over a million investors in building their wealth in an effective manner.


Agora Financial has over 20 publications. People can subscribe to these based on their individual needs. They can choose ones that tell about the companies that are poised for growth and hence perfect for investing in. There is another which is about the secrets for generating wealth. Another is about strategies that can help to protect wealth.


In this way, Agora Financial has managed to help more than a million investors. It has the expertise as well as skills to help them grow their money.

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Detailing the Career of Alexandre Gama, the Famous Brazilian Publicist

     Alexandre Gama is best known today as one of Brazil’s most influential businesspeople, as well as the founder of Neogama, a highly successful advertising agency hailing from Mr. Gama’s birthplace of Rio de Janeiro. Neogama has found itself on the receiving end of numerous awards, just like its founder Alexandre Gama, among the likes of “Agency of the Year” Caboré award, 2003 winner of 2 Golden Lions in 2 separate fields of voting, and the most rapidly upsizing organization in the entire country of Brazil from its inception in 1999 to 2002.

Not considering his eponymous agency, Mr. Gama has received awards from the Propaganda Professionals Association in Brazil, an individual Caboré award for “Entrepreneur of the Year in Communications,” and being ranked in the top 10 leaders in communications.

Mr. Gama came from humble beginnings, having spent consecutive years studying at the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, earning a basic degree in Advertising and Communications. He found employment as a content creator and copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather in 1982, moving to DM9 more than eight years later, where he maintained the title of creative director. Mr. Gama then served as the CEO and CCO of Y&R for four years, then founded Neogama. The rest is history.

The Compelling Career Story of Alexandre Gama, Formerly of Y&R, Ogilvy & Mather, and BBH

     Many people strive to accomplish lofty goals in their working lives, instead dropping out of school, performing poorly in occupational positions, ad failing to work long enough hours to make something meaningful of one’s self. Alexandre Gama’s compelling career is the polar opposite of this example most people, unfortunately, encounter in their working lives. He’s been the CEO and CCO of worldwide advertising group Young & Rubicam, simultaneously, marking himself as one of the world’s few advertising agents to perform as such. Mr. Gama has even earned in excess of 22 Lions from the Cannes Festival, held in Europe every year, which recognizes the most successful film and media producers from around planet earth.

Gama first gained footing in the world of advertising in 1982, in which he was first employed at Ogilvy & Mather, a global advertising agency located in the heart of NYC. After serving four other agencies, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama, his very own agency, roughly translating to new Gama, or a rebirth of his advertorial career.

The successful advertising guru is currently a member of the Global Creative Award, a sizable shareholder in Briggs Automotive Company, and a recipient of multiple Canoré awards.