James Dondero – A Well-Known, Successful and Influential Businessman in the United States

James Dondero is one of the most influential businessmen in the United States and is well-known in the finance industry for being the co-founder as well as the President of Highland Capital Management. James Dondero has been active in the finance industry for over three decades, which has helped him gain considerable experience in the industry. He has in the past also served as the Chief Investment Officer of the GIC Subsidiary of Protective Life Company and helped the firm achieve a turnover of over $2 Billion.


James Dondero has managed to make Highland Capital Management one of the leading financial services providers in the country, which offers a wide array of financial products and services, including mutual funds, ETFs, CLOs, hedge funds, distressed investment advisory, credit investment, and more.


The primary clientele of Highland Capital Management consists of middle market companies, retail investors, financial institutions, and institutional buyers. The product portfolio of the enterprise continues to expand with the passing time as Highland Capital Management rolls out new and innovative products that help its clients achieve their long term financial goals. James Dondero has also received specialised training in asset management from JP Morgan. James Dondero has graduated with BS in Commerce degree from the reputed University of Virginia. Apart from heading Highland Capital Management as the company’s President, James Dondero is also the chairman of Nexbank, CCS Capital, and Cornerstone Healthcare.


James Dondero is a certified chartered financial analyst as well. James Dondero is on the board of directors of many other large corporations, including the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios and American Banknote Corporation. James Dondero has ensured that Highland Capital Management is SEC Registered, which has helped the firm get the credibility it requires to function in a comprehensive manner across the country as well as in the overseas. Highland Capital Management is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and the firm has regional offices across the globe in Singapore, New York, Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong.


James Dondero also serves as the President of NexPoint Advisors L.P, which is a firm affiliated to Nexbank, where James serves as the Chairman. James Dondero has a unique working style, and even after being associated with so many companies, he can manage his time efficiently. It is particularly due to his habit of staying disciplined professionally and ensuring that he can make the most of his time every single day.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Collaborates with Allscripts and NantHealth To Create Clinical Pathways, Making The Fight Against Cancer More Efficient

Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s partnership with Allscripts and Nathealth is a step in the right direction towards treating cancer patients quickly and effectively. Clinical Pathways is the collaboration with Nathealth’s Clinical Operating system (NantOS) along with the Allscript Sunrise electronic Health Record (EHR).

NantOS was created with the input of countless oncologists throughout the United States, and is a database containing extensive ever changing cancer care data. Nathealth also provides eviti, which is a solution program that gives oncologists access to well researched treatment regimens. The Allscripts Sunrise EHR is a record of clinical workflows, aiding eviti in offering precise solutions.

Using Clinical Pathways oncologists with Cancer Treatment of America (CTCA) are able to provide patients with top of the line care. Clinical Pathways allows doctors to expedite treatment plans and pick the best for any given patient. Their five hospitals across the nation provide effective treatments such as surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, and chemotherapy.

CTCA works closely with patients and their families to ensure they are well informed, in control and entirely satisfied with the care that is provided. Their hospitals are well accredited, earning Full Standards Compliance from the Joint Commission, the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures, and three accreditations from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers at four CTCA hospitals.

Cancer Treatment of America’s four centers also offer therapy for patients to help curb issues including side effects such as malnutrition, nausea, exhaustion, lymphedema, pain, and mental fatigue.

For more information about Cancer Treatment of America, visit their website at http://www.cancercenter.com/


Cassio Audi Credits his Early Music Career to his Current Success

He might look focused and commanding a sense of respect sitting on his desk across the room. For those who are familiar with his history, they know that the calm and collected character was once a wild and fan favorite individual.

Cassio Audi has managed to conquer the business world and the music world. He was once a member of the legendary hard metal rock band known as the Viper. He was indeed a founding member alongside his four other friends.
The Viper was founded in the early 80’s through the influence of the popular British hard metal bands. It quickly took the center stage and was among the most popular bands in Brazil. Cassio Audi played the drum and his skills with the instrument were second to none. He helped the band record its first two successful albums; Killera Sword and Soldiers of Sunrise.
Cassio Audi got a chance of touring and performing at popular cities. The Viper had a huge fan following and was nicknamed the Iron Maiden of Brazil as a comparison to the actual Iron Maiden of Britain.
Cassio Audi joined the band as a teenager and after nine years, he decided it was time to leave. In 1989, he joined the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo and pursued a degree in Business Administration. He, later on, earned an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo.
Casssio Audi’s passion in music has never died. He occasionally finds time to play with his friends and has credited music to his success.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Their Golden Rule Of Success

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Inc. (CTCA) is a nationwide network of five hospitals which focus on treating patients fighting complicated or advanced-stage cancer. CTCA provides an approach to cancer therapy that combines radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy to minimize side effects and use mind-body treatment medicine, counseling, and aid to boost wellbeing.
CTCA has recently decided to enter an advanced partnership with Allscripts and NantHealth, which will observe the 3 organizations and execute a solution that is considered very technical. This support alternative will consist of eviti, a NantHealth Clinical alternative, to get information on workflows about the health record of Allscripts Sunrise.

They have announced their new beginnings with the Clinical Pathways system, a NantHealth Clinical decision that is based on technology. The platform which will organize this new and innovative cancer treatment information will help and be available to oncologists. Curated from oncologists institutions, government agencies and much more, the information will be offered by the program to assist all in need. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a pioneer in cancer treatment. It’s welcoming, state-of-the-art technology successfully hospitalizes each individual by utilizing the newest kinds of treatments. The Center is affiliated with four hospitals and started its network between 2012 and 2005. CTCA has maintained patient satisfaction for many of years and is continuing to do an amazing job.

The company has a series of facilities that accompany top-notch specialists who have a mission to take care of cancer patients like they were part of their family. Their staff speaks of their clinics in a very exciting tone because they know that the organization has a rule that they follow. The rule goes as follows: If a staff member’s mother had been in this clinic, is this the way they’d want their mom handled? It is their Golden Rule, and it appears to direct a great deal of smaller and large decisions.

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Avaaz Fights for the Issue and the Cause

Avaaz is a civic organization that is constructed in the United States. Avaaz was formed in 2007. Avaaz is an advocate in promoting international activism on issues such as human rights, animal rights, climate change, conflict, poverty, and corruption. Avaaz is a Persian word that means voice or song. The organizations was co-founded by several agencies such as Res Public, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International Union. Avaaz does not live by any ideology but believes the world can come together and make a change. Avaaz founding president and executive director is Ricken Patel. Avaaz has more cofounders that are connected with Avaaz that include Tom Perriello, Eli Pariser, David Madden, Jeremy Heimans and Andrea Woodhouse. Over 30 counties manage the campaigns by Avaaz. Avaaz has not accepted any donation from any foundations or businesses since 2009. Avaaz has supported a lot of events that happen throughout the world globally. Recently, they took a stand with the 2016 Presidential election by encouraging voters to vote for who they believe was the right candidate. Previously Avaaz supported the no-fly zone over Libya. This event had military involvement in 2011, and as of 2016 the organization still supports the no-fly zones in Syria as well as Aleppo. The group also supported the civil revolution before the Syrian Civil War. Avaaz had sent of $1.5 million dollars’ worth of Internet communication equipment to their protesters and activists. Avaaz is an organization that believes in the fight for the rights of people and protecting the rights of people in the world.

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The Innovative Accomplishments of Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is a renowned entrepreneur who has gained a lot of success in business over the years. He is acknowledged for the creation of the most inventive short-term asset management. He has also created cash related solutions for retail markets, broker-dealers, qualified plan, and banks. His entrepreneurial drive and vision have contributed to the development of the most relevant and influential products in the development of FDIC-insured and cash sweep programs. Bruce Bent II holds more than sixty own patents. His innovations have transformed The FDIC Insured cash management system from a relatively small size to more than $1 trillion business it is today.

Mr. Bruce is a proven CEO and manager who has led the spectacular growth of The Reserve for seventeen years. Bent initiated the orderly sale and liquidation of FDIC affiliates and subsidiaries during the 2008 financial crisis. Mr. Bruce also serves as the Senior Executive of Double Rock’s subsidiary companies as well as Access Control Advantage LLC. Bent has made significant contributions to those two companies thus enabling them to get global recognition as innovators in their area of specialization. Bruce has also taken part in other entrepreneurial ventures such as financial technologies, healthcare financing, pharmaceuticals, asset management, business consulting, and financial technologies among others.

As stated in this article, Double Rock was an idea that Harry Brown and his father had since 1970. Bent says that with his computer and cell phone, he can work from anywhere. Bent also says that he brings together smart people to work on new business ideas. He values real world and practical experiences. The relative affordability and ease of communication among people excites Bent a lot. He adds that even though communication is not as productive as before, people communicate more frequently nowadays. What makes bent successful is his firm belief that everything is possible. Bruce also notes that meeting new people creates new business opportunities. Networking helps to identify potential business partners. According to Bruce Bent II, college education is not necessary to attain success. Bruce encourages entrepreneurs to believe in their dreams, to be innovative and flexible.

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Custom Oncology Treatments Offered by Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently announced the details of their collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to create Clinical Pathways. The technology involved in the Clinical Pathways program will allow doctors to provide seamless care and to be fully aware of their patients’ current health needs. The partnership is very exciting to the field of oncology and shows how much progress can be made when various companies will work together to create a solution. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America will now be able to provide a fully comprehensive treatment program that is individualized to meet each patient’s unique needs. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, NantHealth and Allscripts are all very excited to treat their patients through Clinical Pathways and continue to improve their level of care.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America are known for their forward-thinking and comprehensive care. The facilities provide top of the line equipment that utilizes the most recent technological advancements and care. The instance of cancer in America are far too high, and the care available to patients has in many cases stalled. Many hospitals are offering the same care techniques as they have for the past decade without any innovation or adaptation of the newest strategies.

It is imperative to provide care that is custom built for every patient’s needs and at the Cancer Centers of America that is exactly what is provided. Individualized care can be more effective in battling cancer and it is important that the patient’s suffering is minimized during treatment. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America approach every patient with an individualized viewpoint that addresses their unique health needs. Cancer treatment can be a very difficult road to travel but there are always new advancements. The treatment centers that offer the newest technology are often the best.

Where Do We Find Cassio Audi

The Brazilian investment management industry has evolved in the last couple of years. This market revolves around management of Brazilian hedge, fixed income, and equity investment funds. One of the top investment management company is BTG Pactual.

Top investment management firm in Brazil

BTG Pactual is committed to providing administrative services as well as managing portfolios and investment funds. BTG Pactual has a consolidated track record that dates back three decades ago. BTG Pactual prides itself of its organized asset management division that deals in Latin America and Global Asset Management. It also specializes in merchant banking and fiduciary administration. This firm works with independent managers and provides fund management services to them. BTG Pactual manages about R$ 135.6 billion assets and is considered one of the largest companies in Brazil. Additionally, this enterprise deals in risk management and internal control.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a financial executive from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Audi is action oriented, open, hands-on, and straightforward when it comes to executing his duties. Cassio Audi is fluent English and Spanish. Audi has worked in the U.S. and Brazil. He has more than two decades of professional experience working for private and public companies. Audi is skilled in:

• Modeling, business planning, and Analysis

• Financial and accounting management

• Decision and controllership support

• Resource management

• Strategy development

Audi is a proud alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo. He was the managing director of GVMI, a private equity firm with operations in the U.S. and Brazil. Audi also worked for Rossi Commercial Properties as an investment officer and later as the company’s CFO. Some of the other companies that he has worked for include JP Morgan Chase, Dow Chemical Company, Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., and Gillette.

Magnises And Overcoming The Nightclub Hassle

Nightclubs, they are very fun to visit as it depends on the club. However, there is a lot of hassle when it comes to getting in, refer to this site. For one thing, many nightclubs have bouncers at the entrance. They are the types that decide who gets in and who stays out. For people that are going to a nightclub for the first time, chances are that they are not going to be able to get in. There are a lot of reasons why a bouncer would not let someone in. One of the major reasons is that they don’t have a special pass.


Fortunately, Magnises has that special pass for people to go anywhere they want. Among the different advantages they get with these passes are the ability to not only to walk into the club with no hassle, but to also be able to sit at the VIP station and get special treatment. This is one attractive reason to join Magnises and get a membership. Members are often made to feel more important as they experience some of their favorite events. Therefore, they will not regret going to the membership in order to have access to many of the special events that they are excluded from.


One good thing about Magnises is that all of these benefits come with only a yearly fee of $257. When one thinks about it, that is a very small fee to pay when one takes advantage of all that the membership has to offer. If nothing else, membership does grant access to some of the best nightclubs. Therefore, people will be able to listen to some of the best music and enjoy some other benefits that come with membership. All that is needed is to sign up online on the website. Once the membership is gained, then one has access to the events.

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White Shark Media Takes Digital Marketing to a New Level

If you are looking for a leader in the digital marketing world then White Shark Media is the place to go. The company began not too long ago back in the year 2011, and it has grown by leaps and bounds since then. After working with this company it is no shock to find out that they have been listed as one of the 10 fastest growing companies in Miami by Inc. 5000 and is listed here: http://www.inc.com/anna-hensel/2015-inc5000-the-10-fastest-growing-companies-in-miami.html.

When they decided to start the business White Shark Media’s goal was to deliver world-class marketing for their clients. This goal has been realized, and they go above and beyond those expectations.

When new marketing hits the scene and problems arise White Shark Media does not run and hide. They are there every step of the way. They are constantly working to keep up with new marketing tools in the digital world. The professionals at White Shark Media Review team never skip a beat when it comes to helping clients update AdWords Interface to helping those just starting a business learn to use the tools of the trade.

The fee for the services provided by White Shark Media is cost-effective, and worth it in the long run. Marketing is an essential part of running any successful business, and the digital world is no different.

With the professional help of White Shark Media a starting business can become a booming business in just a short time, and that really is the goal. They are there to help take the confusion out of marketing as new technology and search engines pop up every day.

Some of the services that White Shark Media provides to customers in pay per click management include a free evaluation of the risk in AdWords. They also help with a new local website and help to set up AdWords. The professionals at White Shark Media use click-to-call and call tracking to help manage the local AdWords for the client.


The help and services do not stop there as they also help with Google Shopping campaigns and Google Analytics. Any business owner knows that search engines are the key to potential customers and White Shark Media has them covered.

The proof really is in the customer satisfaction. To read how other client’s feel about the services provided by White Shark Media take a look at some of customers testimonials here: https://experts.shopify.com/white-shark-media-inc