Advice from Expert O2pur For New eCig Users

There has been a seismic shift as many people who once enjoyed cigarettes are switching to eCigs. eCigs have become so popular that a huge industry has already sprung up with a myriad of eCig options and accessories. O2pur is taking some of the confusion out of using eCigs. They have a list of reasons you may want to try eCigs out, as well as the basic products needed if you are interested in using eCigs.

Price is a big consideration when it comes to using eCig’s versus traditional cigarettes. A pack of decent cigarettes can cost upwards of $5 nowadays. While there is more of an upfront cost to using eCigs, the cost is more than covered by how inexpensive eJuice and eCigs are. While you may have many reasons to want to try vaping, saving money is always a benefit. You can use that extra cash to splurge and try out some new flavors!

To get started with eCigs, O2pur recommends purchasing a simple starter kit. These premade kits have everything you need to start vaping! This saves you a lot of guesswork when it comes to what exactly you need to vape with but do cost a little more than buying all the parts separately. Using a kit also takes away the ability to customize. If you are just getting started, a kit will be the easiest way to go though. Customizing can always come later.

O2pur also points out the need to pick a suitable eCig. You can recharge an eCig, so you will want to pay attention to charging times when purchasing your eCig. How long they hold a charge is important as well. eCigs with short battery lives will grow annoying to keep up with. Tank compatibility is also important when choosing an eCig. Tanks are what you store the eJuice in. Some tanks are more expensive than others, and of varying quality, so make sure you get an eCig that is compatible with a tank you will be happy with. eCigs can be used over and over, so you won’t need to constantly repurchase.

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