Securus Technologies Builds Drone Detection and Prevention System

American inmates are starting to contact outsiders to help deliver various contraband by the use of drones. There were many sightings of these drones flying around prison zones and reports made by U.S. corrections officials that had actual evidence of drones being used to smuggle in drugs, paraphernalia, weapons and cellphones. Using drones as a delivery system is now a becoming a consideration for some major retailers in the U.S., but the idea of dangerous individuals using it to help bring weapons inside our prisons is daunting. All of this will hopefully come to an end because a new technology is now available for officers to help counter drone smuggling.


The Texas-based Securus Technologies had recently created a drone detection system that uses a powerful digital antennae structure that is extremely effective. The company has worked side by side with their technology partners for over 18 months to test and develop this technology. They have already launched active pilot programs that utilize drone detection technology across many U.S. prisons. This will help bring to light new methods and tactics for the drone detection so the Securus team can perfect this new technology as soon as possible.


On February 23, 2018, the annual Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service took place at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada and Securus Technologies took home a total of three highly coveted awards at this year’s event. The tech solutions company won a Gold for “Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year” and Ms. Zelperita Jackson won a Silver for “Customer Service Professional of the Year.” The Stevie Awards honor and recognize thousands of organizations of every industry from around the world. The senior vice president of operations at Securus, Danny de Hoyos, congratulated his customer service team for their recent winnings.


Staying Connected With Securus

Securus is a company that is used by many jails and prisons in the country as a way for inmates to make phone calls. The company was founded in 1986 and has offices in the south and southeast areas of the United States. Many people benefit from the services that are offered as they are able to talk to their family members and friends who are incarcerated at a low rate.


Securus offers video calling in some locations. The person receiving the call must have access to a computer and an internet connection. When the call is made, each person is able to see the other. This is a positive step for Securus as it allows parents who are in jail or prison to see children, especially for special events in life that include holidays and birthdays. Customers enjoy this feature because it makes living apart a bit easier than simply talking on a phone.


The company is one of the larger phone providers for the prison industry. There are over 2,500 facilities that use the services offered by Securus in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. CEO Rick Smith wants to provide a way for inmates to be able to have positive relationships with family members and friends as a way to reduce the rate of inmates getting arrested again when they are released.


Securus Technologies – Showcasing the Positive Letters of Appreciation by Law Enforcement Officials

Securus Technologies is a technology company offering its products and services to the inmate communication, law enforcement, criminal justice, and crime prevention world. The company has an array of goods and services that help in making communities safer and brings the crime rate down. The services of the company are also very helpful for the inmates to stay in contact with their loved ones outside the jail.

Securus Technologies is a firm that continues to innovate, research, and develop new products and services. The company has more than 600 patents on its name, and it is all because the company’s commitment to get ahead in its field and provide superior technology to its customers. The company recently showed the comments from the letters it received from the public, police and law enforcement officials in a press release. The comments from the officials demonstrated how the Securus Technologies is helping keep the communities safe and maintain the crime rate low. It is also helping with arresting the culprit easily and getting enough evidence to convict them in the court of law.

As an official myself, I know for a fact that Securus Technologies help tremendously in keeping the crime rate low. Moreover, it helps with keeping the jail environment safer and free from problems like guns and drug peddling. It helps with providing the information necessary to arrest the people who get involved in such activities. I have been able to arrest offenders many times when they were planning to commit a crime because LBS and Investigation PRO services helped me get the information much earlier. It assisted in preventing crime while also getting the recording of the culprits’ call that enabled me to convict them in the court of law. Securus Technologies is doing a great job of keeping inmate-on-inmate crime low as well.


Careful Criminals, Securus Technologies Is Listening

I think we all had a shared experience growing up. Anybody who grew up in the days before cell phones understands the frustration when somebody listens in on your phone calls. In the days of land lines, anybody who picked up the phone in the house while another person was making a call in a separate part of the house could listen in on the phone call. This inspired many cross-house screams. It is uncomfortable knowing somebody is listening to you without your consent, to say the least.


That’s why I don’t mind that Securus Technologies and law enforcement officers listen to every phone call made by every prisoner in every jail across this country. Securus Technologies is the company that provides the telephone services that prisoners must use to make their telephone calls. And just like the old days in a house with a landline, every single one of those phones hanging on the wall in the prison can be listened in on remotely.


But what Securus Technologies does with these telephone recordings will really blow your mind. Not only do they make criminals feel uncomfortable by listening to their telephone calls, which serves as a deterrent to committing crime, they also logged all of these telephone calls onto a hard drive. Proprietary software can then search this entire hard drive for certain phrases or one individual’s voice.


Just imagine all the information police officers can get using this software. This can keep the case from going cold, lead to an arrest or guarantee a conviction. Plus, it makes criminals feel incredibly uncomfortable whenever they make a telephone call. After all, jail should not be very comfortable. Not only does this company help punish criminals by making them feel uncomfortable, but they also help law enforcement keep the streets safer.


Choosing to Begin Using Securus Services

Being able to utilize a great quality Prison Communication Service can be exactly what you need if you have a loved one behind bars. Your loved one definitely needs better communication from you and your family because of the fact that they can often lose hope when no one is visiting them on a regular basis. The problem that a lot of families often face is the fact that it is just too inconvenient for them to make a trip to the prison where it may not even be located near their home. This is why it is a good idea for you to utilize a video visitation service like Securus because of the different technology that has been put into this amazing option.


I have been using Securus for a long time and have recommended it to so many different families that I can’t even keep count anymore. This is a great company to utilize because of the fact that they are a video visitation service that you can make you so right from the Comforts of home if you own a laptop or computer. Securus has also recently launched a multi-state campaign to Simply raise the awareness of the use of video visitation services for prison families all across the country.


Being a prison family can be a difficult option and choice for a lot of people and this is why it is important for you to consider using a video visitation service like Securus to completely transform your life. You want to be able to keep in touch with your loved one regularly, but you also do not have the time or money to make lengthy trips to the prison where they are currently located. This is why Securus can come in handy and why so many prison families like myself have been using the services each and every day.

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