People Use Waiakea Water to Help Balance pH

When the creators of Waiakea Water bottle their water at the source, they know it’s a great option for people to enjoy. The company always tries helping their customers see the positive options they get from the water and the things that come from drinking the water. Even though they know their water doesn’t actually heal or cure any diseases, they trust in the healing powers that come from the water. The company works on making sure they only bottle at the source and find the purest sources possible so people can get more from the water. When customers purchase Waiakea Water, they know they’re getting a great brand that will continue giving them the options they need to feel better. The company makes a point of helping people get the right kind of water and getting something that is truly good for their bodies.

Drinking water that doesn’t come from a tap helps people feel better. It gives them a better chance to connect with nature and get back to their roots. The right kind of water helps people stay grounded and gives them a chance to truly feel as though they’re getting something that is good for them. Health isn’t about lowering fat or staying away from carbs. It’s about eating the way that nature intended for bodies to eat. Waiakea Water supports that mission and helps people feel as though they make good choices with the water options they have.

For Waiakea Water to keep doing things that are good for them, they know that people are getting more from all the options they have. They also know everyone can get a better experience with their own lives if they choose the right kind of water. Waiakea Water continues looking at all the water options they have and that’s an important part of the opportunities they provide. Waiakea Water knows what people need and they aren’t afraid to keep selling their water so the customers can get a better experience when they want to be as healthy as they can during different things that they’re doing for their bodies.

Waiakea Water

Waiakea bottled water company in Hawaii stands out from the other bottled water companies. Waiakea Water uses the Hawaiian language while giving the product a name.In 2012, Waiakea water Company started its operations. Through creativity, Waiakea Water has made headway in the industry.



Source and composition of Waiakea Water.


Waiakea Water Company uses volcano water. Volcano water undergoes through filtration, through Loa Mauna volcano by running it through over 14,000 porous volcanic rock feet. This filtering process makes Waiakea bottled Water Company stand out. Waiakea Water is sourced from a single source on Hawaii Big Island. Due to the filtering process, there is boosting the excellent mineral composition and its pH. It’s rich in calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. (See more info about Waiakea Water on Organic Authority: Waiakea Water: Redefines Sustainable)



Sustainability and packaging of Waiakea Water.


The packaging style makes Waiakea sustainable. It is renewable since it is bottled at a facility using 33 percent renewable energy.Waiakea Water is a viable and a renewable resource. Its packaging is of recyclable polyethylene terephthalate of high grade.



The manufacturing process of Waiakea Water.


The production process emits less carbon as compared to other water companies. The company has won countless state awards due to its reservation nature of the polyethylene terephthalate. Carbon neutral qualified the Waiakea Water Company, which guarantees its approval. It is as a result of the company using renewable energy and minimizing emission during the production process.



Partnership with Pump Aid.


Waiakea Water Company has contributed too many charitable works, showing a spirit of positivity. It has partnered with Pump Aid. Their services extend to all places in need of healthy and clean water.

Awards received by Waiakea water. Get More Information Here.


The company has won Good Morning America since it’s a top ten most innovative food company. Being the most socially responsible company of the year, it received best in Biz Award.



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