Fine Wine And Champagne Services At UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a small London based team that offers wine consulting services to provide their customers with the best fitting fine wine or champagne for any occasion or purpose. They do this by having personalized discussions with clients, and at times can even arrange face-to-face consultations on which beverage to chose for a specific purpose.

UKV PLC also coordinates with numerous brokers, traders, and merchants to provide highly sought-after or unusual wines and champagnes to customers for individual sale or for trade investments. UKV PLC do their best to provide everything in their capacity that their client needs.

UKV PLC carries Spanish, Italian, Burgundy, and Bordeaux fine wines as well as Champagnes. For each of these categories, they provide numerous quality bottles that can be from hard to find vineyards or otherwise unique years. UKV PLC features different amounts of stock during different times of they year as certain bottles are sold and new ones are available.

UKV PLC has a twitter following of almost 100, and a very active Facebook page where they share tips and articles on wine and champagne. Their social media presence boasts an air of hospitality and utility, proving that they really do their best to offer whatever it is that their client needs.

By purchasing wine or champagne from UKV PLC, customers are guaranteed a good experience as well as a good beverage. Everything they have on sale has been picked out as a quality product capable of heightening a clients occasion to a luxurious state or providing financial gain for a future sale.

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Want to Buy Great Wine? UK Vintners lists the Best Wines this Holiday Season

As the holiday season is upon us, there is nothing that marks the season as well as a bottle of fine wine. UK Vintners, a team of leading fine wine experts and consultants, have the best advice for prospective buyers.

In their list of best wines of 2016, UK Vintners has selectively chosen the top fine wines for this season that include five spectacular wines from the Bordeaux region in Southwestern France. UK Vintners specialize in purchasing and selling only the best of the best, this list is highly recommended.

  1. The first is a 2008 Beychevelle, which has a Robert Parker Score of 89 out of 100 points. Coming from the Saint Julien Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC), or appellation, for short, this wine boasts an aromatic flavor of a combination of fruits including cranberries and raspberries among many others. Appellations are designated regions in France for which cheeses, wines, and butter are grown. Made in 2008, this medium-bodied wine is a great choice for wine lovers looking for good purity and soft tannins; however, to attain the best flavor, it is recommended that this wine should be consumed within the fifteen years from when it was made.
  1. Another great option that has made a list this year is the 2009 D’Yquem; enriched with flavors like that of honey, spices, sweet and spiced pears as well as apricots, this fine English wine will pair well with sweets. Originated from Graves, France in the Bordeaux region, the D’Yquem is a product from its proud winery, the Chateau d’Yqeum Winery. This winery, which has been running for over 400 years, is known for creating sweet, concentrated and complex flavors.
  1. Next on our list is the 1998 Montrose from another appellation in the St. -Estephe region, known for its red wine. Recognized since 1936, Chateau Montrose scored a 90 out of 100 in the Parker System, offering great deep tannin flavors made from Merlot grapes. The grapes from the Saint-Estephe region also boast flavors that resemble black cherry, plum, and earthy tones that are wonderful choices for holiday parties this season, whether it be during Christmas or to ring in the New Year.
  1. Also on the list is the Ducru Beaucaillou. This fine wine made in 2005 comes from one of the earliest wineries built in the Saint-Julien appellation, again from the Bordeaux region. With a long maturation rate, the bottle is perfect for consumption this holiday season, providing flavorful and a dark purple hue. Though the wine is high in alcohol (13.6%), sweet flavors accompany the palette, offering a variety of different notes like white flowers, crushed rocks, sweet cassis, plums, and licorice. Made from both Cabernet Sauvignon (67%) and Merlot (33%) grapes, the Ducru is medium to full-bodied.
  1. Finally, we are at the end of our list with the Pichon Baron 1996, scoring a spectacular 91/100. Having matured for a while already, this medium-bodied wine low in acidity is ready to be consumed and savored this season, offering hints of sweet and toasty oak, charcoal, and black currants. Originating in the Pauillac appellation of Bordeaux, the Pichon Baron is made from a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Dark purple/ruby in color, this fine wine yields quite a long finish, and if you would rather wait to savor this great bottle, it can be kept for at least another 10-12 years.

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