Classdojo – Highly Efficient Classroom App for Students, Teachers, and Parents

Technology is playing a major role in our educational system these days, and it is essential that new technologies are introduced to make it easier for the students to learn easily and efficiently. One of the recently added Classroom applications named Classdojo helps in keeping the teachers, students, and parents well-connected. It would ensure that the teachers can showcase to parents what is going on in the classroom and how the students are doing. It would also help the parents to share their ideas on what can be done to improve the classroom environment. Most of all, it would allow the parents who are anxious to know how their kids are doing at the school and what they have been up to.

Parents can interact with other parents as well as teacher and know more about the progress that is being made by them. It ensures that the corrective measure in their studies or preparation can be taken beforehand. As per the reports, Classdojo helps in the personality development of the students and inculcates the growth mindset, which is essential. The virtual classroom environment presented by Classdojo makes it easier to bring transparency in the real classroom. It helps the parents to know the teacher of their kids and how they are teaching in the classroom. Keeping track of what is happening in the classroom becomes easier to understand for the parents so that they can follow-up accordingly at home.

The overall progress of the students is greatly enhanced with the help of Classdojo. The application also has a feature called stories that allow the users to stream stories through photo and video to their followers in the application. It makes it easier to broadcast to other users and let them know what you are up to.

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