Desiree Perez: The Exec Behind Tidal’s Success

The music industry has changed substantially over the last decade. Artists have more power than labels and album sales are at an all time low with no sign of recovery in sight. Streaming services seem to have taken the place of labels in this new era. These businesses make millions of dollars yearly and everyone in the industry wants a piece of the action.

Music Mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is no exception. Although his streaming service, Tidal, is an underdog he has all the confident in the world in he and his business team’s ability to turn the startup into a powerhouse that will be around a long time. Knowing he’ll need help to accomplish his long term goal he has put the right people in place to see that it’s done.  For more of this, click on

Among those professionals Jay-Z’s put in place is exec Desiree Perez. Perez has remained loyal to the Tidal brand despite many ups and downs. She has a knack for business and has helped Roc Nation finalize several multi-million dollar contracts. Perez’s strong negotiation skills and business savvy make her a valued member to the Tidal streaming service.  More to read on

To Perez it’s all about the music fans. She works hard at developing strategies that will peak people curiosity, therefore bringing in new customers. No business can thrive with disinterested customers. Something Perez knows well as a business owner herself.

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Perez has been credited for closing many deals that will be profitable for both the Tidal business and artists. Perez really shines when it comes down to finalizing important contracts. Few are better than her at closing deals in the entertainment industry, check this on   Tidal definitely has a shot at becoming on of the largest streaming services in the world with individuals like Desiree Perez helping the business every step of the way.

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