Drew Madden

Drew Madden stands behind healthcare companies as they are building a strong reliable team. Reliable with responsibility, reliable in holding good work ethics up at the highest level of excellence. Those are just a few qualities companies are looking for when creating their team, and Drew Madden helps those he partners with do just that. His clients are those who are on the verge of creating companies that will forever have an positive impact on the world. In order for a successful company to thrive they must have a team that works well. Not only a team that knows its stuff in the field, but a team of different skills, backgrounds, and personality traits, all working together to help that company flourish. This is the niche Drew Madden has a passion for. After putting in his time, effort, skills and knowledge into the company Nordic as President, this skill minded entrepreneur went out to venture on his own, creating the company Evergreen Health Care Partners. His company has resources readily available, perfect for helping businesses with their start up. This is an leader who knows how to get a company started on the right foot, down the right path, and flourishing into a magnificent forest of innovated team members with the goal of success as their destination. While working at Nordic, this company became one known as one of the largest Epic consulting practices the world has ever known. Nordic was the only firm ranking at the top of the list of consulting firms world wide in 2012, He had only began working there staring in 2010. That is pretty amazing for any type of company to achieve, and Drew Madden was a part of that team helping them to make other companies great too. Sometimes people are born with special talents and gifts. Mr. Madden gift is to help those he work with flourish into something amazing. Along with building his own successful career for his life, he has helped many partners achieve success with their own business in their lives as well, giving back to help the world become a better place.

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