Glen Wakeman Emerges as Top Executive

Glen Wakeman has had a very successful career as a top executive and an entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he has established himself as a valuable mentor to other executives as well as being a business revolutionary. During his career he has been responsible for the development of M&As as well as creating performance methods and providing guidance to a number of startup companies. In 2015, Glen founded a company known as LaunchPad Holdings LLC. Before he started up LaunchPad Holdings, Glen worked for a number of renowned companies such as General Electric. He also founded another company known as Nova Four. When he was working at these companies, Wakeman served as the chief executive officer, president and was also a member of the Board of Directors. He holds a MBA in finance and a bachelor’s degree in Economics.

What made Glen want to start up his company LaunchPad Holdings was his enjoyment of matching business ideas with money. He has said that a number of great business ideas come from a number of talented entrepreneurs who put together promising startup companies. In order to best accommodate these entrepreneurs, Wakeman would design a software platform which would help businesses make more effective plans to ensure their business succeeds.

On a typical day, (Glenwakeman) goes over numerical data from the previous day. During this process, he goes over things such as service performance, daily sales, and also the total amount of cash accumulated. After finishing up these tasks, Glen attends a conference with his partners. He then assigns duties such as sales meetings, management and administrative tasks, and designing any necessary revisions. Glen will then begin researching the latest customer trends, respond to contacts and also analyzing the competition. In order to maximize productivity during the day, Glen believes that it is best to trust others, not double cross anyone and to also divide duties.

Curiosity is the one trait that Glen claims allows him to be more productive. He says that he has a very high curiosity and it enables him to preserve when looking to solve a number of business problems. This trait also allows Glen to engage in innovative thinking and look to develop complete customer satisfaction. Wakeman often wants to know why things are the way they are so that he can be in better position to make changes whenever necessary.


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